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    Intro slideshow 4 v4 Intro slideshow 4 v4 Presentation Transcript

    • PLAY SLIDESHOWMeet the team & see the work
    • We’ve spent the last year working at TACSI as the radicalredesign team co-designing with families in South Australia
    • Carolyn has a background in social work and had worked withfamilies all across South Australia, and in Africa. She is a singer,a pilates instructor and has a dog named Billie.
    • Sarah’s a Dr in social policy with a background in sociology.She’s worked for governments in the US, UK & NZ to engagepeople in policymaking. She likes airports and Mexican food.
    • Chris is a designer. He’s spent 8 yrs designing new kinds ofpublic services in the UK & before that designed biscuits, crispsrazors & cameras. Chris likes making music & sausages.
    • Working with these families, we built a new kind offamily support program called Family by Family.
    • It’s all about families helping families. It’s going to scale inSouth Australia. See
    • Now Carolyn is going to grow the Family by Family empire.
    • Chris & Sarah are going to develop a new radicalredesign team to take on challenges like ageing
    • That’s why we need you!
    • We’re building a long term team in Adelaide & we’re lookingfor people to come for 12 months, learn a new approach andgo on to share it with others. We secondments.
    • Mandatory 5 stage process diagramThe radical redesign approach builds on Chris and Sarah’swork as InWithFor in the UK. See
    • swagOur approach steals the best bits from design, socialscience, policy, community development, and business.
    • That’s why we’re looking to recruit designers, socialscientists, policy people, community people, & businesspeople to help make the approach better.
    • Because the approach is new and we’re bringing differentkinds of people together, there’ll be time to work & to learn.
    • We’ll work with older people on a live project
    • We’ll learn together through weekly reflection time, regularretreats, & classes taught by you and your new teammates.
    • You’ll be part of a team developing a first of its kindcurriculum for social innovation.
    • This is a special opportunity. You can count the number oforganisations working in this way on less than two hands.
    • You can count the number of places where you can learn towork in this new way on less than one hand.
    • Here are some of our favourite photos from the Familyproject.
    • LOOK PHASEWe found families to work with, and got toknow them by spending time in their homes
    • First we designed offers and materials to getfamilies interested
    • Chris putting flyers into letterboxes
    • Meeting families at a stall in a local shoppingmall
    • Our mobile family recruitment stall
    • We ran a free family festival to meet people livingin the local area
    • Carolyn dressed up as an orange costume toattract kids. As you can see, it worked
    • We had got to know over 15 families over takewaydinners. Honey chicken was the most popular dish.
    • Hungry Jacks was the runner up
    • We used games and activities to get a betterunderstanding of family life and family stress
    • We spent up to two days hanging out with somefamilies doing ethnography
    • To get a different perspective on family life, Chrisspent time with families living in a country town
    • Sarah engaging a young person as a‘family journalist’
    • anthropologistBack at the studio we tried to make sense of whatwe’d learnt from spending time with families
    • We created a sounding board of people from childprotection services, academia, NGO’s & government
    • We shared our analysis with the sounding board
    • Analysis done, we wrote 11 drafts of our first publicpaper - Going for the good life
    • You candownload
    • CREATE PHASEBased on what we learnt in the LOOK phase we developedideas for lots of different ways to enable families to thrive
    • It all started with a brainstorm
    • An inspirational visit to the bookstore with ourdesign intern Raasti
    • An inspirational field trip to analyse the familyexperince of the zoo. With bonus roo petting.
    • Some early ideas for ‘The Family Exchange’ aprecursor to the Family by Family concept
    • Carolyn testing our early ideas with a family
    • Our early ideas were too opportunity focussed forsome families
    • We developed a second version of our ideas
    • ...and tested them with families. They workedslightly better.
    • We developed a third iteration of our concept - tofind & train families to help other families
    • The first “Family by Family” materials & messages
    • The Family by Family concept worked much betterwith families. Finally we were getting somewhere.
    • Practitioners liked the Family by Family conceptbecause it drew on family experience
    • Our sounding board liked Family by Family asit activated new resources to support families
    • PROTOTYPE PHASEWe ran a small version of Family byFamily in order to improve on our ideas
    • To recruit families we tested five different versionsof materials until we got to some that worked
    • We trained 10 ‘sharing families’ at two weekendtraining camps
    • Chris introducing some of the key ideas to familiesat the first training camp
    • Carolyn helped families prepare to help otherfamilies by role playing interactions
    • ‘Active listening’ workshop for adults & kids
    • The families helped us get more families involvedby running pop-up events
    • We connected families through link-ups
    • We supported families through a weekly dinner,and designed learning games for them to play.
    • Carolyn played the role of the coach. It was her jobto support families in a link-up
    • We designed materials to help coaches helpfamilies. They had to be very easy to use.
    • We developed 15 verions of our measurement toolsuntil we got to something that worked well
    • By the end of prototyping we’d tested & improved....Offers like...becoming a sharing familyRoles like...the coachExperiences like...the training campTools like...measurement & coaching aidesCommunications like... flyers, brochures, websites
    • BUILD PHASE s he T ry toFrom what we learnt through prototyping we built aninvestment case, and a project story
    • business analystWe worked with analysts to model the investmentFamily by Family would need to go to scale
    • We developed proposals for potential funders
    • We made a documentary film of the project toshare the story
    • The families gave feedback on the first cut of thefilm and now we’re preparing for a public launch
    • LOOKTHE ENDIf you want to see more, watch the video fromthe LOOK & CREATE stages of Family by Family