Some Information On A CT Land Surveyor
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Some Information On A CT Land Surveyor



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Some Information On A CT Land Surveyor Some Information On A CT Land Surveyor Presentation Transcript

  • Some Information On A CT Land Surveyor
  • In the interests of drawing out boundaries for public or private property, a CT Land Surveyor must be consulted. The basic task is the identification of three dimensional coordinates and angle specifications of key points of interest. The heaviest users of their information are civil engineers as they seek to outline areas where projects such as road construction have right of way.
  • Modern day Geomatics have much to do with research conducted by surveying scholars in the past. The military has some of the most advanced equipment for use in landmap generation as a combat tactic in the battle field. The principles applied in ancient surveying projects still find use at present though the professionals may use more advanced tools. View slide
  • For a person to have a successful career, he must display an understanding of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. One is also required to be versed with legal aspects of property ownership and contracts. Lastly is possession of skill to use state of the art equipment to obtain accurate information. View slide
  • Evidence of surveying knowhow in the Egypt and roman empires stands to prove that mankind has used it for a long time. Tools were somewhat crude with chains and compasses applied on linear and angular measurements. In recent times, gadgets such as altimeters have come to be replaced by the more effective theodolites for increased accuracy.
  • Today various sub sectors have developed to identify different areas of specification. Archaeological surveying seeks to map and isolate potential sites of study. Bathymetry is the attempt to map out the sea bed topography for various reasons. Nautical charts are only developed after a hydrographic study of water bodies of interest.
  • If you wish to venture into this career, you must first attend an approved course for close to four years. The next step is enrolling in an in house training to obtain a certificate of practice. A full course has a set limit on the number of contact hours a student must put in for the various units. The ethics of the trade also demand individuals to have a refined personality.
  • It is a basic requirement that an applicant have completed a stipulated number of years in field or office practice. A select board will then subject applicants to a test on which a basis for issuance of the certificate is formed. They interact with other professionals such as engineers, environmentalists, , regional planners and the general public. It has been established that about half of the registered CT Land Surveyor work privately by running firms of their own.