Orientational jeopardy


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Ok so this is my 3rd PPT of the series dedicated to the Human Anatomy. The humor is mine. So just change it to fit your needs. Hope this helps.

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Orientational jeopardy

  1. 1. Oh man not ANOTHER Powerpoint!!! ~Oh yes~ Get used to it
  2. 2. Orientation Jeopardy Answers will only be received in question form : Question: Distal from your knee, inferior to your ankle. Example: “What is your foot?” <ul><li>Rules for Bonus Questions: </li></ul><ul><li>Points are Doubled </li></ul><ul><li>If the team answering does NOT get it right, then the next team to answer correctly gets the points. </li></ul><ul><li>*Contestants have 30 seconds to answer* </li></ul>
  3. 3. Lets Begin
  4. 4. A synonym (a word with the same meaning) for Ventral What is Anterior? 1 Point
  5. 5. An antonym (a word that has the opposite meaning) for Lateral What is Medial? 1 Point
  6. 6. The wrist is located ____ from the hand? What is Proximal? 1 Point
  7. 7. The toes are located ____ to the heel What is Anterior or Ventral? 1 Point
  8. 8. Posterior to the throat What is the Spine or Back of the neck? 1 Point
  9. 9. On the Face: Medial to the Eyes, Inferior to the Nose What is the Mouth or Chin? 2 Points
  10. 10. Inferior to the chin, Lateral to the neck What is the Shoulder or Arm? 2 Points
  11. 11. A synonym for Inferior What is Caudal? Bonus point: What does “Caudal” mean? What is Tail? 1 Point
  12. 12. If I were ventral to the palm and medial to the pointer finger, what would I be? What is a Thumb print? 3 Points
  13. 13. Proximal from the elbow but lateral from the neck What is the Shoulder? 2 Points
  14. 14. The antonym of “Superficial” What is Deep? 1 Point
  15. 15. The synonym of “Internal” What is Deep? 1 Point
  16. 16. Distal from the pelvis, more proximal than the foot. Anterior region What is the Knee, Shin or Quadriceps? 3 Points
  17. 17. Superficial to the heart, dorsal region What is the Back, Ribs or Skin? Bonus question: What is CAVITY is Dorsal and Medial to the chest? What is The Spinal Cavity? 2 Points
  18. 18. If I were posterior from abdominal region and inferior to the pelvis, what would I be? What is the back of the leg? 2 Points
  19. 19. Superior to the cranial cavity and superficial What is the Hair, Skin, or Skull? Bonus Question: At what age did Mr. Jackson change hands he uses to write with? What is Ten years old? 2 Points
  20. 20. If I was Proximal than my foot, distal from knee and posterior on the body, what would I be? What is a Calf Muscle? 3 Points
  21. 21. If I were leech attached to the medial, posterior region of the throat where would I be? What is the back of the neck? 2 Points
  22. 22. The Achilles tendon is located____ on the leg. What is Dorsal and Distal? Bonus Question: What Body Cavity is Closest to the Achilles Tendon? What is the Pelvic Cavity? 2 Points
  23. 23. Superficial to the skeleton, caudal, inferior to the back, but superior to the knee What is your Butt? 4 Points
  24. 24. Professor Williams teaches what two classes? What is Human Anatomy and Physiology and AP Environmental Science 5 points