Hoffy’s extra innings


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Hoffy’s extra innings

  1. 1. Business Summary My business is unique because all my products would already be in the state. All my products would be from companies that already delivered to stores in my state. This will be greener than other companies because I will not be bringing more trucks, into the state, therefore not creating anymore green house gases. My company would be good for the community because the sports equipment that I sell will promote kids to be more active and not sit on the couch or computer all day. I will not provide plastic bags, so the customers have to bring or buy reusable bags. The employees that I will hire will be responsible, friendly, and educated. The employees must be or have graduated high school. My company was created by NAME DELETED. It was created because I love sports and I know that the equipment can get expensive. I want to sell relatively inexpensive equipment.
  2. 2. Marketing Plan The target market is athletes. I will advertise on the Internet. The company will have a page on a popular social network. I will put a coupon in the local newspaper that can be redeemed in my store. I will inform a popular news station about the opening of my store, and hopefully they will speak about it on the news. The company will have a nice website on the Internet, and on the website there will be a cool game and a coupon that can be redeemed in my store.
  3. 3. Products and Services The products and services that I will provide is relatively inexpensive sports equipment, health supplements, and clothing. The products that I will sell will be from companies that already ship to stores in the state. I will sell books new and used, supplied by Another Story: Green Books.
  4. 4. Management Plan Each store in my company will be locally owned. Each store will be owned by a manager and the manager has the choice of who to hire and how many employees will be needed. Every employee has to be in or have finished high school. Every employee must be responsible, friendly, and helpful. If the employees are late or the customers complain about the employee there will be consequences.
  5. 5. Financial Plan My financial plan is to buy from companies that are already delivering to the state so it will be less expensive to buy from those companies. My plan is to sell more of less expensive products. That will make more money than selling less of more expensive products.
  6. 6. Environmental Plan My business will be green because I will no supply plastic bags, so the customers will need to bring plastic bags, buy a reusable bag, or bring their own reusable bag. I will have a section of my store devoted to used equipment such as: clothing, shoes, and sports books.