CIYDA Newsletter February 2010


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The latest issue of the CIYDA Newsletter: February 2010

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CIYDA Newsletter February 2010

  1. 1. CIYDA MAIN CIYDA Gazette “Probably the best source for African Youth Information…” SPONSORS & PARTNERS V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 1 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 0 . CIYDA Promoting Sustainable Youth Initiatives Harare, Zw, February 09, the CIYDA Enterprise Foundation for youth volun- 2010 - Following a successful Award 2010. The team also teering, the Zimbabwe Youth yea of building the CIYDA met various stakeholders in Council’s new elected body INSIDE THIS principles, the message re- youth development in Zim- and various university student ISSUE: mains the same, that of pro- babwe that included the Joshua body representatives. With the CIYDA Promoting 1 moting sustainable youth ini- latter, CIYDA sought to estab- Sustainable Youth tiatives. lish areas of common interest Initiatives to help youths as they enter a Last month the Contemporary stage of mapping out their Indigenous Youth Development future. Africa (CIYDA) founding youths CIYDA Launches 1 gathered in Harare to map the On the sidelines of the two Business Enterprise way forward for the organiza- “CIYDA Presentation to Min- week Zimbabwe tour, the CI- Award 2010 tion after what was a fruitful YDA Executive Director, Fun- ister of Youth…” foundation year. gai Alexander Mapondera, met with the Minister of Youth Mr The CIYDA team in Zimbabwe Kasukuwere and Permanent SADC Youth Devel- 2 under the leadership of Shingi- Secretary to the Ministry of opment Festival rayi Chimbodza and Chipo Youth Mr Mupazviriho who 2010 Mataure, was also joined by the acknowledged and support of Founder and Executive Director, the work CIYDA is doing on Fungai Alexander Mapondera “CIYDA Team Zimbabwe the ground in Zimbabwe. CIYDA: Improving 2 who over saw the launching of Full article at: the Communica- 2010…” one of 2010’s project initiatives, tion Network Explore Your Inter- 3 CIYDA Launches Business Enterprise Award 2010 est and Expertise with CIYDA Harare, ZW, February 02, 2010— The CIYDA team has encoura- This award is also running in conjun- Following the awarding of the ged all Zimbabwean youths ction Wight the CIYDA Knowledge first Jobzippers award in 2009, from all walks of life, rural and Center promotion. For more informa- CIYDA launched first of a series urban at home and those in tion on both projects please visit: of 2010 projects. Diaspora, to whom this award Entrepreneurship: 3 is open to, to get on board this Opportunities, Risk The CIYDA Enterprise Award 2010 or contact us: self-sufficiency and knowledge & Responsibilities open to all Zimbabwean youths promoting initiative. The busi- (A presentation) encourages developing ideas in the ness enterprise initiative promi- areas of Art based Enterprise, ses a CIYDA created, fun, inte- Technology based Enterprise and ractive and networking environ- CIYDA Clothing 4 Service Enterprise or General Busi- ment. Apparel Coming to ness. CIYDA will award US$250 to Zimbabwe ideas that can be developed with great benefit to youths. The CIYDA Enterprise Award is open until 30th April 2010. “Putting ideas into practice…”
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Director’s Comment Harare, Zimbabwe, February port the organization at various appreciated. 10, 2010—It’s a shame that I levels, be it the odd email or am writing for this column as I establishing the networking op- For the youths in Zimbabwe make my preparations to leave portunities. whom I spoke with, continue to Harare after what was an strive for sustainable success. exciting and informative two Once again a special thank you to The light at the end of the tunnel weeks in Zimbabwe. The future the all youths, both in Zimbabwe might seem far in the distance for youth development is Zim- and in Diaspora who have been but for sure it is there. Zim- babwe can only be bright. following CIYDA and its activities babwe has great things to offer for the past year. For most of as a country so don’t lose faith. you it was the first time getting So continue, “learning what you Firstly I would like to thank the involved with a Zimbabwean need and sharing what you CIYDA team in Zimbabwe who youth organization at this level, know….” F. A. Mapondera went out of their way to make it while for us we were the first possible for us to meet as well as (Executive Director, amongst many that have tried to their continued effort in spread- CIYDA) seek Zimbabwean youth develop- ing the CIYDA ideas and initia- ment at this level so together we F. A. Mapondera tives. Thanks also to the CIYDA can continue to make a differ- guys around the world who sup- ence. Your support is greatly “Individual SADC Youth Development Festival 2010 commitment to A CIYDA & Zimbabwe Youth Council Initiative a group effort Harare, ZW, February 10, from the region. Having held a as well businesses, individuals that is what 2010—The Sadc Youth De- marginally similar event in and organizations promoting makes a team velopment Festival by CI- 2006, CIYDA together with youth development and advo- work, a company YDA in partnership with the Zimbabwe Youth Council cacy in the areas of mentorship, ZYC is coming to Zimbabwe who were the architects of volunteering and business itself. work, a society in August 2010. the last event decided to The event work, a work together for what is will be In an effort to bring Zimbab- billed to be an explosive event followed civilization wean youths together , CI- for youth in Zimbabwe. by enter- work...” YDA established the idea of a tainment youth development festival , The Sadc Youth Development from an annual even to be held in Festival will see the honoring across the Vince Lombardi Zimbabwe and celebrated and recognition of youths region. Full details of event will (1913—1970) together with youth delegates active in sustainable business follow soon. CIYDA: Improving the Communication Network Harare, ZW, February 01, communication that will see CIYDA the Chinhoyi University of 2010—CIYDA continues continue to strive to connect not Technology with the support to seek ways to reach out only the organization to the youths of Dr Muhwandavaka and Mr to the marginalized but the youths amongst themselves. Tafadzwa Muchabaiwa. In youths in Zimbabwe their support of the initiative, For this initiative CIYDA has sought the Chinhoyi administration In line with its communica- the collaboration of the major stu- encouraged CIYDA to bring tion strategies, CIYDA is dent body in Zimbabwe as well as something that is inclusive and working with student bod- those individuals at regional level. gets students involved. ies in Zimbabwe’s major To find out more please con- educational institutions to In the last month CIYDA has already tact CIYDA establish satellite points of established direct cooperation from CIYDA GAZETTE
  3. 3. VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 CIYDA: Explore Your Interests & Expertise February 01, 2010—In the last issue interest from youths in Zimbabwe and of the CIYDA Gazette, we invited in Diaspora. To be part of the network young and enthusiastic Zimbabwean where you are please drop us an email youths interested in making a posi- or contact us at: tive difference. Working with CI- YDA in developing the core of the Zimbabwean youths not only opens up your knowledge to others but imparts you with some of the rele- vant key skills in your personal de- CIYDA’s Four Pillars: velopment. *Business Start-Up Far from being an experts job, working with CIYDA needs only passion and a *Social & Cultural Integration willingness to give and learn at the same *Socio-economic Mentorship time. Don’t let your talent go to waste, help somebody, work with CIYDA. *Volunteering We continue to receive support and “We are all faced with a series of great Entrepreneurship: Opportunities, Risks and Responsibilities opportunities brilliantly A Presentation by Peter Vogel, Founder of Jobzippers, a CIYDA Partner disguised as initiatives in Zimbabwe, Mr Peter • And above all else, shape your impossible St Gallen, CH, February 24, future 2010—CIYDA through it’s ex- Vogel of Jobzippers outlined the op- situations...” portunities, risks and responsibilities of With the current trend of get –rich-quick ecutive director was proud to schemes youths tend to be pursuing in going into business on your own. Charles Swindoll be part to the presentation by Zimbabwe, the message was clear from Jobzippers at the St Gallen CIYDA, “We can’t show you how to be (1934—) University Speaker’s Series. In line with what the CIYDA team was an entrepreneur but we can help you seek sharing with youths during last and create opportunities for yourself that The St Gallen Speakers Series is an month’s presentation sin Zimbabwe, can have a positive effect on others...” initiative by the university of St Gallen Mr Vogel pointed out how entrepre- View the full presentation at: to attract speakers in various disci- neurs can identify opportunities that pline to talk to the students, amongst amongst other things will: Or at CIYDA Slideshare space: them aspiring entrepreneurs. • Motivate you, During his presentation in which he • Create jobs for others gave an outline of the CIYDA project • Networking opportunity CIYDA On The Web You can follow CIYDA on any of the following social networking and information sites. Visit our If you have an arti- website & click the relevant but- cles that you want tons to get connected. CIYDA to include If you can’t find us please don’t in the next newslet- hesitate to contact us: - ter please send them to
  4. 4. What is CIYDA Contemporary Indigenous Youth Development Africa (CIYDA) is an non-profit organisation founded in 2008 and is based in Harare, Zimbabwe. CIYDA is working to develop and empower the youths of Zimbabwe for the benefits of Zimbabwe and Africa as a conti- Contemporary Indigenous Youth nent through the use of new media, information technology and Development Africa networking amongst other things. Through these drivers, CIYDA 6 Crawford Road, Graniteside, P.O. Box 6966, aims to harness ideas and pusure developmental projects, while at Harare, ZW the same time facilitate an information hub and service provision in the areas of Business Start-up, Social & Cultural Integration, Socio- +263 (0) 912 911 820 economic Mentoring and Volunteering. CIYDA currently has a +263 (0) 0912 998 591 or +263 (0) 914 14 6 642 network connection of over 500 Zimbabwean youths in many coun- tries amongst them, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and Canada. “Making today’s youths, tomorrow’s leaders...” For more information on CIYDA and its work please contact the Executive Secretary: - CIYDA Executive Team Zimbabwe: - Fungai Alexander Mapondera Shingirayi Jeremiah Chimbodza (Southern Africa) Chipo Mataure or Shingirayi J. Chimbodza Chipo Mataure (Southern Africa) Brian Mamvura Munya Takawira Fungai Alexander Mapondera (International) Nigel Pfunde Steve Ruvire CIYDA Clothing & Promotional Apparel Coming to Zimbabwe CIYDA Gift Shop This item plus much MORE....! Following increased interest from youths in Zimbabwe, CIYDA has began looking into having branded clothing apparel and other promotional material. The purpose of this is to continue connecting with Zimbabwean youths where ever they maybe US$28.00 while raising funds for more CIYDA development and advocacy projects. For those in the Diaspora, you can get on board and be part of the CIYDA promo- tional and fund raising initiative by visiting our online gift shop at or if you have your own ideas contact us at