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2014 Mineral Exploration RoundUp - Falco Pacific
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2014 Mineral Exploration RoundUp - Falco Pacific


Published on presentation given by Dr. Michael Byron, Vice President Exploration of Faclo Pacific Resource Group (TSX.V: FPC) at the 2014 Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference. presentation given by Dr. Michael Byron, Vice President Exploration of Faclo Pacific Resource Group (TSX.V: FPC) at the 2014 Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. TSX.V:  FPC     Horne  5  –  A  New  Discovery     80  Years  in  the  Making   1  
  • 2. TSX.V:  FPC     Corporate  Disclosure   This  presenta-on  is  prepared  by  Falco  Pacific  Resource  Group.    (“Falco”)  management  and  FPC    is  solely  responsible  for  content  and  format.  Stephane   Poitras  is  a  non-­‐independent  Qualified  Person  and  has  compiled  this  presenta-on  from  publicly  available  industry  informa-on,  NI43  -­‐101  compliant   technical  reports  and  new  releases  with  specific  underlying  Qualified  Persons  as  set  out  in  the  releases  and  reports.  Industry  Informa-on  has  been   compiled  from  publicly  available  sources  and  may  not  be  complete,  up  to  date  or  reliable.  Forward  looking  statements  may  differ  materially  from  actual   events.    Please  see  complete  informa-on  on  Sedar  (     This  presenta-on  is  for  informa-on  purposes  only  and  is  not  a  solicita-on.  Please  consult  the  Company  for  complete  informa-on  and  a  Registered   Investment  Representa-ve  prior  to  making  any  investment  decisions.  This  presenta-on  reports  on  the  technical  details  of  the  company  ’s  projects    and   provides  a  guide  to  the  company’s  poten-al  future  ac-vi-es  and  use  of  funds.  There  can  be  no  assurance  that  the  company  objec-ves  will  be  achieved.     Inferred  Resources  are  reported.  The  US  Securi-es  and  Exchange  Commission  does  not  recognize  the  repor-ng  of  Inferred  Resources.  These  resources   are  reported  under  Canadian  Na-onal  Instrument  43-­‐101  and  have  a  great  amount  of  uncertainty  and  risk  as  to  their  existence  and  economic  and  legal   feasibility.  It  cannot  be  assumed  that  all  or  any  part  of  Inferred  Resources  will  ever  be  upgraded  to  a  higher  category.  Under  Canadian  Rules  es-mates   of  Inferred  Mineral  Resources  may  not  form  the  sole  basis  of  feasibility  studies  or  pre-­‐feasibility  studies.  INVESTORS  ARE  CAUTIONED  NOT  TO  ASSUME   THAT  PART  OR  ALL  OF  AN  INFERRED  RESOURCE  EXISTS,  OR  ARE  ECONOMICALLY  OR  LEGALLY  MINEABLE.     The  TSX  Venture  Exchange  has  not  reviewed  and  does  not  accept  responsibility  for  the  accuracy  or  adequacy  of  this  presenta-on,  which  has  been   prepared  by  management.  There  can  be  no  assurance  that  any  of  the  assump-ons  in  the  resource  es-mates  will  be  supported  by  a  Pre-­‐feasibility  or   Feasibility  Study  or  that  any  forward  looking  event  will  come  to  pass.  The  data  is  incomplete  and  considerable  addi-onal  work  will  be  required  to   complete  further  evalua-on,  including  but  not  limited  to  drilling,  engineering  and  socio-­‐economic  studies  and  investment.     This  presenta-on  also  refers  to  historic  geological  resources  –  iden-fied  by  an  asterik  *  in  the  text  –  these  resources  are  historic  in  nature  and  pre-­‐date   the  implementa-on  of  Canadian  Na-onal  Instrument  43-­‐101.  Neither  the  Canadian  nor  the  US  Securi-es  and  Exchange  Commission  recognize  the   repor-ng  of  historic  resources  they  are  considered  conceptual  in  nature.  It  cannot  be  assumed  that  all  or  any  part  of  geological  resources  will  ever  be   upgraded  to  a  higher  category.  INVESTORS  ARE  CAUTIONED  NOT  TO  ASSUME  THAT  PART  OR  ALL  OF  GEOLOGICAL  RESOURCES  EXISTS,  OR  ARE   ECONOMICALLY  OR  LEGALLY  MINEABLE.  They  are  included  herein  solely  for  historic  context  and  completeness.     This  presentation  contains  information  with  respect  to  adjacent  or  similar  mineral  properties  in  respect  of  which  the  Company  has  no  interest  or  rights   to  explore   or  mine.  Readers   are  cautioned   that  the  Company   has  no  interest  in  or  right  to  acquire  any  interest  in  any  such  properties,  and  that  mineral   deposits  on  adjacent  or  similar  properties  are  not  indicative  of  mineral  deposits  on  the  Company’s  properties.  Past  performance   is  no  guarantee   of   future  performance  and  all  investors  are  urged  to  consult  their  investment  professionals  before  making  an  investment  decision.    Investors  are  further   cautioned  that  past  performance   is  no  guarantee   of  future  performance     The  Company   may  access  safe  harbor  rules.  Information  Update  as  at  October  3,  2013     2  
  • 3. TSX.V:  FPC     Officers  and  Directors   Mike Byron Jim Davidson Kelly Klatik C.A. President & CEO, Director PH.D, P.Geo CFO, Director MBA V.P. Exploration, Director Darin Wagner Gordon Neal M.Sc., P. Geo B.Sc Chairman Director 3  
  • 4. TSX.V:  FPC     Technical  Advisors   Paul-Henri Girard B.A.Sc. Mining Engineering Senior Mining Advisor Harold Gibson PH.D Technical Advisor Howard Poulsen PH.D Technical Advisor Jim Franklin PH.D Technical Advisor § Former Agnico Eagle Mines - VP of Canadian Operations. § Instrumental in the development and advancement of the LaRonde, Goldex and Lapa mines. § Director, Mineral Exploration Research Centre - Laurentian University. § Focus VMS and Epithermal Systems. § Structural Geologist - more than 40 years of experience. § A leading global expert on the formation and controls on Archean lode gold deposits. § Former coordinator and Chief Geoscientist - GSC § One of the world’s foremost experts on geology of VMS deposits. 4  
  • 5. TSX.V:  FPC     11.4% Share Structure 10.5% Shares Outstanding: Insiders 5.2% 8.5% Stock Options: 3,600,000 Warrants: 9,423,000 Fully Diluted: 13.6% Other   Institutions 70,027,458 83,050,458 Cash $7,000,000 5  
  • 6. TSX.V:  FPC     Southern  AbiNbi  Greenstone  Belt   over  100  years  of  conNnuous  producNon   QUEBEC ONTARIO Rouyn Noranda 6  
  • 7. TSX.V:  FPC     Rouyn-­‐Noranda  Camp   Beafy   Mine   KIRKLAND LAKE CAMP FPC:  Rouyn-­‐Noranda  Project  –  728  sq  km   LARDER LAKE CAMP NORANDA CAMP BOUSQUET CAMP Horne Doyon Laronde §  Over 30 current and former gold and base metal mines. §  19M oz of gold production yet still largely underexplored 7  
  • 8. TSX.V:  FPC     Falco’s  Rouyn-­‐Noranda  Land  Package   §  100% ownership of 728 sq km §  Established infrastructure §  14 Former producing mines §  Low cost exploration §  Extensive data archives §  Provincial exploration credits 8  
  • 9. TSX.V:  FPC     The  Horne  Mine  Complex   1.5 km diameter ~14 M oz Au Quemont   Mill  &  Smelter   Horne  West     per  &  Lower  H Up 9  
  • 10. TSX.V:  FPC     Longitudinal Section – Horne Complex §  200 m north of the Horne deposit §  extensively developed (1930’s to-1960’s) §  Historic Resource*: 167.83 Mt @ 1.25 g/t Au, 17.14 g/t Ag, 0.57% Zn and 0.10% Cu §  Noranda historic higher grade resource* of 1.79 Mt grading 6.14 g/t gold, 16.80 g/t silver, 0.49% copper and 0.37% zinc §  Historic intersection: 70m @ 6.51 g/t Au, 54.68 g/t Ag, 0.50% Cu and 0.25% Zn §  Historic Intersection: 121m @ 4.39 g/t Au, 43.24 g/t Ag, 0.19% Cu and 0.83% Zn §  Open to depth *  Resources  es-mates  are  historical  (pre-­‐date  NI43-­‐101  and  not  in  compliance  with  NI  43-­‐101).  Es-mates  are  not  supported  by  a  technical  report  and  the  issuer  is   10   not  trea-ng  the  historical  es-mate  as  a  current  mineral  resource.    
  • 11. TSX.V:  FPC     §  Phase 1- digitization & validation: - 370 Level plans - 620 Cross Sections - 99 Long Sections - 4,386 drill holes (305,000 m) - 150,000+ drill core assays §  Phase 2 - modeling & resource estimate: - 3D geological model - resource block model - NI 43-101 Resource Estimate - Phase 2 completion - Q1 2014 11  
  • 12. TSX.V:  FPC     Surface   Level  09   primary contractor Level  21   Level  33   8,000  j   - 5 shafts Shaft #5 - over 55 km of development Level  41   -  workings to 2,400m depth Level  57   300m -  40 levels Level  49   ISOMETRIC  VIEW  LOOKING  ENE   Shaft #8 Level  65   12  
  • 13. TSX.V:  FPC     Surface   Shaft #5 Diamond drill coverage 4,386 drill holes (305,000 m) ISOMETRIC  VIEW   LOOKING  ENE   2,400m 13  
  • 14. TSX.V:  FPC     Shaft #5 Gold Assays used for preliminary Block Model Surface   15 m drill spacing Level 21 Level 27 14  
  • 15. TSX.V:  FPC     Preliminary Geological & Resource Modelling Andesite  fault   1.0 k m Horne  Creek  fault   Diabase     1.5 km Syenite  Porphyry   Preliminary   Block  Model   Looking  North   Envelope (1 g/t Au) Looking  North   Higher grade gold domains ISOMETRIC  VIEW   LOOKING  WSW   Shaj  #6   15  
  • 16. TSX.V:  FPC     Gold Copper Zinc 16  
  • 17. TSX.V:  FPC     Cu/Cu + Zn Block Model exploration potential Level  21   Down   Up   Preliminary   Block  Model   ROTATED  SECTION  VIEW   100E  (looking  E)   Level  33   Block  grade  –  Cu  /  Cu+Zn   Level  41   0   20   50   75   100   Level  49   300m   1000  j   N   (305  m)   Exploration vector (stacked deposits?) 0.001  to  17.5  %   17.5  to  37.0  %   37.0  to  63.1  %   63.1  to  92.7  %   92.7  to  100.0  %   high temperature zone – possible fluid flow path or “stringer zone” 17  
  • 18. TSX.V:  FPC     Exploration En echelon stacked mineralized zones – structural or formational? diabase Mineralized Envelope Exploration Targets Looking North Looking West 18  
  • 19. TSX.V:  FPC     Current Activity Horne Mine: 3,000 pdf files 6,600 additional drillholes Horne 5: 1,136 pdf files 4,386 drillholes Updated database: 11,000 drillholes 19  
  • 20. TSX.V:  FPC     LaRonde Longitudinal Section – 2012 2,000m Horne 5 Longitudinal Section 2,000m 20  
  • 21. TSX.V:  FPC     Corporate Office: Falco Pacific Resources Group Suite 409 - 1080 Mainland St. Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2T4 Investor Inquiries: Deanna Kress, Corporate Communications Tel: +1.778.999.6063 Email: Kelly Klatik, President & CEO Tel: +1.604.732.5840 Email: Dean Linden, Corporate Development Tel: +1.425.449.9442 Email: Find us on: 21