Bottles sorting and packaging


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Bottles sorting and packaging

  1. 1. Bottles sorting and packaging
  2. 2. Activity Area• Germany• Austria• Czech Republic• Slovakia• Romania• Hungary
  3. 3. Western EuropeGermany• KÖNIG PILSNER, Kulmbach: packaging and selling 20,000,000 NRW bottles, filling ALE bottles• Bitburg sorting 110,000,000 bottles, filling 45,000,000 new bottles, packaging 40,000,000 used NRW-bottlesAustria• EGGER Brewery, St. Pölten: changing 13,000,000 NRW bottles• STIEGEL, Salzburg: changing 20,000,000 NRW bottles• STEIER BRAU, Graz: changing and sale of 15,000,000 0,33 VICHY bottles• ZIPFER, Zipf: changing 56,000,000 NRW bottles
  4. 4. Central and Eastern EuropeRomania• BRAU UNION Craiova: packaging 22,000,000 NRW bottles and BOSMANN filling• URSUS Breweries SA: packaging 18,000,000 GOLD bottlesCzech Republic• SABMiller - Plzensky Prazdroj: packaging 20,000,000 NRW (2006)• SABMiller - Plzensky Prazdroj: packaging 34,000,000 NRW (2007)Slovakia• Heineken Slovensko - packaging 18,000,000 NRW bottles (2007)• SABMiller - Pivovar Šariš - packaging and sale of 10,000,000 NRW bottles (on-going project)
  5. 5. Hungary• BRAU UNION, Sopron - packaging and selling 24,000,000 NRW bottles (2003)• BRAU UNION, Sopron - packaging and sale of 39,000,000 NRW bottles, BOSMANN filling (2005),• DREHER Budapest - packaging and sale of 14,000,000 NRW bottles (2005)
  6. 6. Germany actualSirl Munich, 90 Mio. € yearly with beverage logistic• Permanent sorting 7-ways, full-automatic bottle out-taking, selection-in-taking• Full-automatic de-palletizer• Sorting of bossing-branded bottles• 125.000 bottles each shift
  7. 7. Germany actualTrinks Berlin, biggest beverage wholesaler in Germany• Permanent sorting 4-ways, full-automatic bottle out-taking, selection-in-taking• Permanent palletizing used bottles industrial standard Sorting of UV-stabilisized white glas Sorting of bossing – branded bottles• 75.000 bottles each shift
  8. 8. Operation steps• 1) Removal of NRW bottles from the crates and industrial packaging• 2) Filling new bottles into the crates• 3) Sorting of the bottles
  9. 9. 1) NRW removal and packaging• Generally, beer bottles arrive on EURO palettes (height of 5 crates), a layer contains 8 crates.• In one step, 160 beer bottles can be lifted and placed on the sorting table, sorting is done manually.• NRW bottles are stacked on the 1000 x 1200 industrial palettes (1904 bottles / pallet).• The size is1000 x 1200 x 2050 mm and weight is 720-750 kg.
  10. 10. Operation steps1) Removal of NRW bottles from the crates and industrial packaging2) Filling new bottles into the crates3) Sorting of the bottles
  11. 11. • Plastic or cardboard-based separator sheets are used• The stack is fixed with UV-resistant stretch foil• The palettes can be stored in the storage area up to two stacks in height: 2 x 1904 / 1.4 m2 = 2,720 units / m2• The space required for the technology is 40 m2.• Package can be loaded several times, so for example one truck from the pant to storage, second truck after a while to customer
  12. 12. 2) Filling new bottles into crates• Empty crates are placed manually on the loading unit• The unloader and the loader machines shall be installed closely, so crates emptied can be filled immediately with new bottles.• Forklifts will be used to deliver the new beer bottles to the filling machine.• The performance of the loading machine is geared to that of the removing unit.• Separator sheets and industrial pallets that become available after loading the new beer bottles can be used for packaging the used NRW.
  13. 13. Requirements• Comprehensive material handling with forklift trucks• Comprehensive energy and LPG supply• Usage of amenities• Person dedicated to handle the responsibilities of communication• Capacity conciliation on a daily and weekly basis
  14. 14. Energy and material requirements• stretch foil• separator sheets (plastic or cardboard)• pallets• Compressed air, 120 litres/min and 6 bar operating pressure. If not available, a compressor (30 kW ) shall be installed next to the machine.• The energy required by the machine is below 10 KW.
  15. 15. Overview example 1 3/8 lines packing bottles from crates 2 recognize bottles 3 3-12 sorting lines 4 selective packer of bottles in crates Selective control of crates 5 transportation, optional direction of crates is direction of bottles 6 Bottles palettizer
  16. 16. Components 3-8 crates/stepbottles taking out 1.200 - 2.400 crates/hour Energy 4-6 KW 6 Bar 20l-40l/min
  17. 17. ComponentsRecognition of bottles, Speed up to 12 bottles /sec Recognize rate > 99% Blind out bad tees Storage: 6 Mio. pictures Recognize: - UV-protected white bottles. - Bossing - different colour and shape. Gate to any number of bottle lines.
  18. 18. Components Sorting line Line-greasing Expandable to any number of sorting lines. Realtime Information Management , so you get information about the mixery and so you can tweak the bottle-gates, also check the effency and record incoming trucks
  19. 19. componentsSelective bottle packaging, clever logistic system 1.200 – 2.800 crates/hour 5 KW 6 Bar 30l-70l/min Optional are the crates-lines under the packer, moving in the same direction of the bottles for easy logistic
  20. 20. ComponentsBottles packaging 20.000 Bottles / hour 6 KW 6 Bar 120l/min Packaging industry-standard Package can be loaded several times, so for example one truck from the pant to storage, second truck after a while to customer
  21. 21. FAKTOR GmbH Spinnereiinsel 3DD-83059 KolbermoorTel +49 8071 93120 Fax +49 8071 93122