Soicalization factor cause gender inequality


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Soicalization factor cause gender inequality

  1. 1. BY Faiza Parveen
  2. 2.  “Socialization is the process, through which the child becomes an individual respecting his or her environment laws, norms and customs”.  In the fast changing scenario of the world, gender inequality between men and women is highly increased. Women as more vulnerable positions than men they suffer and face gender inequality in family (nutrition’s, son preference, mobility control, inheritances rights, economic field (income, glass ceiling), education, laws etc. This is all because of socialization process.
  3. 3.  The aim of the study was to explore the influence of social factors on gender inequality. Gender inequality is recognized as one of the greatest social problems.
  4. 4.  Socialization factor cause Gender inequality  Impact of socialization factor on gender  To know about the factors that causes gender inequality.  To find out who is at more vulnerable position.  To find out why women are suffering and facing gender inequality in family.
  5. 5.  Population of this research is Fatima Jinnah women University  Sample  Sample size is 20.  Non probability , Convenient technique  Age range of the sample was 19-23 years  Majority of the respondents belonged to Gender studies department whereas, people from other were also included in the sample.
  6. 6.  Research Instrument Close ended questionnaire It was close ended questionnaire. It comprises of 15 questions that are to be answered yes or no.
  7. 7.  Following Conclusions were made;  There is no single factor that can be specified as the main cause of gender inequality. This can more accurately be found in the way that multiple risk factors clustered together and cause women oppressions and also gender inequality.  The family is the primary source of socialization; the family’s conduct and values greatly influence the socialization of their children. These children grow up to act as similar parental figures to their parents. 
  8. 8.  Therefore, it is important to raise awareness among families about the importance of raising children in a healthy, non-discriminatory, and violence-free environment. The study indicated that gender roles are social constructs that are propagated by parents during childhood. Both sexes suffer from its consequences. With women assuming more productive and income-generating roles, many men feel their supremacy to be threatened. Many even wondered about the role that they will be expected to play in the future.  As a result, violence is likely to be perceived as a defense used by men to protect their vanishing role. A way to combat VAW would therefore be to break the gender-role stereotypes and encourage individuals to assume the social roles that they themselves choose, regardless of their gender
  9. 9.  Following Recommendations were made;  Parents should socialized their children in gender neutral way.  Both Genders must have equal opportunity to get education.  There should be equal distribution of resources.  Job opportunities must be given to both girls and boys from their parents. 
  10. 10.  Text book board should exclude the data based on gender biasness.  Media must check the programmes, advertisements, dramas and all to check the presented gender order.  Print media mostly presenting female as flexible, sensible and sacrificing males need check in and children are adopting such stereotype, gender roles and gender appropriate behaviours and styles.