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Ansell adams

  1. 1. Ansell Adams is a American photographer born in 1902, his work features mainly naturephotography either close ups or landscape, for example showing dramatic views and sceneryCategory of Photographs: natural and nature photography.Purpose of Photographs: to display natural forms, his pictures are used mostly for ascetical valueand often sold on their own as artwork however they are sometimes also used in calendars and aspromotion for some American national parks. In his pictures the large landscape which show largeaspects of nature give the effect of nature versus humanity. His photos could be described as havinga religious aspect or the idea comparing heaven and earth. Most of his photos are in black and whiteand they have very fine detail within the large landscapes and he uses a large format camera tocapture the images. His photographs often show dramatic views and sceneryImage Analysis This picture was taken on atripod to achieve a steady shot and adjust the setting without getting camera shake and the camerawon’t move once the photographer has decided the composition of the shot. The photographer hasalso used a small aperture to achieve a long depth of field. So the background of the image is alsostill in focus.Interpretation of Meaning I think the tree is the main focus of this picture and I think thetree symbolises old age as lines and twists in the bark are visible in the picture also thebranches are leaning to one side suggesting it has been there for a long time. The mountainsin the background which make you think of the perspective as the tree looks tall in
  2. 2. comparison to the small mountains n the background which give a humbling feeling to thepicture.Image Analysis To capture this image thephotographer will have had to place the camera very close to the flower and manually focusto get a sharp image.Interpretation of MeaningI think this picture symbolises loneliness as there is only one flower and nothing else in shot. Also theromantic connotations connected with the rose suggest it has been given to someone and it maysuggest love or a broken relationship.Image Analysis This image is using asmall aperture which means the picture has a long dept of field so the detail is shown in thebackground as well as the lake in the foreground. A tripod has also been used to create asteady image and capture the perfect compositionInterpretation of Meaning This landscape picture is a display of natural beauty; its large scale andhigh level of detail give it a awe filled feeling and the idyllic scenery may mean it’s a connection toan idea heaven and earth also because the picture id black and white it create as a ‘abstract’ feeling.
  3. 3. John Rankin Waddell Rankin is an English photographer Who takes celebrity portraits often used foradvert campaigns and magazine cover shoots.Category of photographs, Fashion photographs for adverts magazine covers and editorialphotographsThe purpose of the photographs is to show celebrities and models looking glamorous, for a magazineshoot, to make you want to look like them, also to advertise a product in a glamorous way he makesthem look luxurious making them appealing to the public. His pictures have a very modern feel. Theyare all in very sharp focus they look classy often in black and white as well as being often quitesimple with just the model or celebrity in the shot. For these reasons the photos look expensive andhigh end. Rankin is very well known for making the most famous of celebrities feel very comfortablein front of the camera allowing him to portray a very different side of them.Image Analysis This picture has been taken on a wideaperture, so the queen’s face is in focus and the flag in the background is blurred and out of focus.Bright lighting has been used so the colours in the picture are brighter and bolder.Interpretation of Meaning This picture of the queen shows a different side of her the public rarelysees she looks relaxed happy and comfortable contrasting to the composed and calm version weusually see in the media. The bright bold colours to show symbolise liveliness happiness and vitalityshow the queen is still very active and has youthful aspects to her personality. By photographing herin front of the union jack shows her patriotism and pride, the texture in union jack and the bright
  4. 4. colours make it look informal this informal feel is mirrored throughout the whole photo making itrelatable for the general public.Image Analysis To achieve this picture the model has been lightfrom the left and right sides, and has been shot in front of an infinity wall so the background is darkand subtle. the photographer has also use a wide aperture to the forefront of the picture and themodel is in sharp focus.Interpretation of Meaning This image of Kate Moss is very stripped back and contrasts to theimages we are used to seeing of her, made up and very posed. she is wearing minimal make up andappears very natural and stripped back which implies her personality is being shown even her hairis back symbolising she has nothing to hide behind. The plain background means there is nothing totake the attention off her, she is in the centre of the picture looking above the camera which mayimply she is dreaming. Her skin and complexion look perfect and the way the light is shining on hermay possibly make her look angelic.Image Analysis This photo is of theOlsen twins, the picture taken in front of a white infinity wall and bright white lighting has beenused. a wide aperture has been used to achieve sharp focus in the forefront of the picture.
  5. 5. Interpretation of Meaning They are dressed in white clothes and the surrounding and backgroundare bright and white. all of these aspects give the impression they are being portrayed as angelic andpure, contrasting to how they are usually show in the media. The way they are positioned. facingeach other and stood very close, however they dont seem to be looking at each other, they appearto be looking through each other. This could be playing on the fact they are twins, maybesymbolising being one person.Tom JenkinsTom Jenkins is a sports photographer for the guardian he takes high action pictures during matchesand sport events.Category of photographs, Sports andeditorial photographs used in the news paper the GuardianThe purpose of the photographs is to capture goals and action of the players. These photos are thenprinted into the guardian to accompany the relative sports article. Jenkins is well known for takingpictures that aren’t normally expected and often show the athletes character or portray theatmosphere of the match.Image Analysis thisphoto has been taken using a 44mm lens, the shutter speed was set to 1/640 a fast shutter
  6. 6. speed will allow the photographer to capture the gymnast as they move. the small apertureof f3.2, will give a short depth of field making the gymnast sharp and in focus and the lightsin the background are blurred giving the flared effect.Interpretation of Meaningthe bright light flares around the gymnast gives a Circus like feel to the picture which may meanthat the photographers sees gymnasts like acrobats. Also the black background with the boarder offlashes means the gymnast is the main focus adding an importance to them. the picture has a highlevel of detail which shows his muscles and physique showing strength and determinationImage Analysis to achieve thisimage a 550mm lens was used. And a fast shutter speed of 1/1600 allows thephotographer to capture actions shots of the cyclists. the aperture f5.6 small aperture givesshot depth of field meaning the background is blurred and the cyclist is in focus.Interpretation of MeaningI think this picture suggests victory and patrisiom as the cyclist is wearing the great British Olympickit and the flag is visible on the top of his helmet and the colours or bold and bright. However youcan see Olympic rings in his visor which portrays the spirit of being a team during the Olympics andbeing united by the sport. Also the exhaustion is shown by his tense muscles which portrays hisstrength and determination.
  7. 7. Image Analysis this picture hasbeen taken with a 135mm lens, and to achieve the blurred effect on in the picture a fast ofshutter speed has been used the photographer used a small aperture of f11, to achieve along depth of field.Interpretation of Meaning I think the main meaning of this picture is Speed and the nature of thesport as well as the blurred audience showing speed teams they appear as a blur contrasting tohow the audience appear on this picture how the audience feel watching the sport