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  • 1. Outline     ・ Introduction (1)  ・ Chapter1 (2~9)  ・ Chapter2 ( 10 ~12)  ・ Chapter3 ( 1 3~ 16 )  ・ Chapter4 ( 17 ~21)  ・ Closing ( 22 ) ※ Figures in parenthesis correspond to slide numbers.
  • 2. The eagerly-awaited release of Lotus Mashups has come in 2008 !
  • 3. Benefits of Lotus Mashups ・ For users Easy provides simple operation just to assemble widgets Agile enables rapid creation of mashup applications ・ For developers Efficient enables components to be provided as “widgets” Versatile makes each widget used for multipurpose
  • 4. But, how can we fully use Lotus Mashups?
  • 5. In fact, there are large barriers... ・ Prerequisites for users - Need skill to design functions and layouts of assembled mashup applications - Need full understanding of each widget wiring definition ・ Prerequisites for developers - Need skill to design convenient and versatile widgets - Need methods to make each widget wiring definition precisely understood by users
  • 6. What a wonderful story if you can reduce these prerequisites!
  • 7. So we challenge! ・ For users (simplify assembling operation) - Troublesome layout operations can be automated? - Appropriate widgets can be wired automatically? ・ For developers (develop more effectively) - Widgets can be classified and organized by widget type? - Widget development process can be standardized according to widget type?
  • 8. If we can provide a framework to assist these improvements, it would enhance the value of Lotus Mashups drastically!
  • 9. Market advantages ・ Attract a new set of users ・ Accelerate wide range developers’ participation in Lotus Mashups ・ Build a new community and vitalize market ・ Make new related business, such as technical support and administration of widget library, come into the market          :
  • 10. To begin with, let ’ s take a look at an existing operational process of Lotus Mashups
  • 11. An existing operational process 1 2 3 4 - Consider which widgets to compose - Understand widget wiring interfaces - Place widgets on a page - Adjust layout If you cannot discover the widget you want, you have to start with creating it. It is very difficult to make layout well balanced... - Wire widgets You cannot do it without full understanding of widget definitions...
  • 12. Demo movie ( before )
  • 13. Now ALOMA framework makes it more convenient !
  • 14. What is ALOMA framework? ・ A framework to assist Lotus Mashups    ALOMA = A ssistant for Lo tus Ma shups ・ Make users' operations more simple    Layout and wire widgets automatically ・ Make developers' operations more efficient    Classify widgets by widget type Standardize widget development process
  • 15. An improved operational process using ALOMA framework 1 2 - Place widgets you want to use on a page - ALOMA widget automatically assembles and controls all widgets !
  • 16. Demo movie ( after )
  • 17. - Summary -
  • 18. Position of ALOMA framework
  • 19. Functions of ALOMA widget 1 . Act as a header part of mashup application ・ Displayed as a header part of created page ・ Enable to configure several settings such as titles, background images, hyperlinks to other web sites, etc ・ Enable to implement multi menu into a single page ( provide the function of tab switching ) 2 . Control widget layout and display mode ・ Automatically adjust position and size of all widgets on a page ・ Control to display/hide each widget in conjunction with tab switching 3 . Control widget wiring ・ Automatically wire appropriate widgets on a page instead of users
  • 20. Benefits of ALOMA framework ・ Super easy for users !   Just select widgets you want to use,   and ALOMA does layout and wire widgets automatically. ・ Super efficient for developers !   Just develop widgets according to ALOMA widgets standard,   and all ALOMA functions are provided smoothly to users.
  • 21. Future plans ● Function enhancement of ALOMA - Enable more visual and intuitive operations ● Build a market : ALOMA Widget Market” - Build a system for administration, distribution and evaluation of deliverable widgets - Publish a RSS feed to introduce new widgets ● Technical support business - Provide technical support and seminars for developers to develop ALOMA-compliant widgets ● Build a community - Exchange of Information and technology between developers, development of human resources ● Information sharing - Diffusion of know-how on ALOMA-compliant widget development - Fulfilling development manuals, introduction of great works, contests, etc
  • 22. Thanks ! We are looking forward to seeing you in Orland !