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VET Courses
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VET Courses


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VET Courses

VET Courses

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. VocationalEducationTrainingVET Courses atFairvale High School
  • 2. VET at Fairvale Business Services Construction Hospitality Information Technology Retail
  • 3. How many VET subjects can Ichoose?A maximum of TWO VET courses can be studied at Fairvale High School.
  • 4. Business Services Certificate II in Business BSB20107 Example occupations:  Management roles  Key Topics:  Workplace communication  Administrative assistant  Customer service  Project manager  Workplace information  Sales and marketing representatives  Workplace Health and Safety  Small business manager / owner  Sustainable work practices  Public relations  Using technology
  • 5. Construction Certificate II in Construction Induction Construction Pathways Card from WorkCover CPC20208 NSW CPCCOHS1001A Example occupations:  Key Topics:  Builder  Workplace communication  Bricklayer  Sustainable work practices  Carpenter  Workplace Health and Safety  Concreter  Workplace communication  Contractor  Measurements & calculations  Glazer  Interpret plans & specifications  Plasterer  Use construction tools & equipment  Structural engineer  Handle construction materials  Shop fitter  Plastering  Sign writer  Floor & wall tiling  Carpentry
  • 6. Hospitality Statement of Attainment towards Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) SIT20307 Example occupations:  Key Topics:  Kitchen hand  Hospitality industry knowledge  Commis chef  Environmentally sustainable  Trainee chef work practices  Workplace Health and Safety  Cook  Working with colleagues &  Fast food cook customers  Restaurant manager /  Working in a socially diverse environment owner  Organise & prepare food  Basic methods of cookery
  • 7. Information Technology Statement of Attainment towards Certificate III in Information Technology ICA30105 Example occupations:  Key Topics:  Service technician  Operate a personal computer  e-business development manager  Install & optimise operating  Help desk or technical support officer software  Internet specialist  Care for computer hardware  IT consultant  Run standard diagnostic tests  IT project manager  Apply Work Health & Safety  Multimedia developer procedures  Network administrator  Develop software & IT tools  On-line support officer  Build basic websites  Programmer  Design organisational documents  Software developer  Web designer  Operate computer hardware  Systems engineer
  • 8. Retail Certificate II in Retail SIR20207 Example occupations:  Key Topics:  Buyer  Interacting with customers  Customer service assistant  ‘Point of sale’ procedures  Stock controller  Using technology  Department manager  Stock control  Human resource manager  Safe work practices  Visual merchandiser  Handling mail  Sales manager  Marketing  Small business owner / manager  Public relations
  • 9. Why choose a VET Course? Nationally recognised Australian Quality Training Framework (AQF) qualifications Certificates or Statements of Attainment Head start towards a career and pathways to further study
  • 10. DualAccreditation TheVET curriculum frameworks are courses which are accredited for the HSC and also provide the opportunity to obtain nationally recognised vocational qualifications
  • 11. Can I include a VET course inmy ATAR ranking? All VET courses for study at Fairvale High School are developed by the NSW Board of Studies and can be included in a student’s HSC. Courses offered are Category B status for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) The examination mark from ONE VET course may be included in the calculation of a student’s ATAR.
  • 12. Optional HSC exam Studentscan choose to sit for the HSC examination in their chosen framework in order to use their results in the calculation of an ATAR. Students may opt not to sit for the HSC examination in their chosen framework and choose only to receive the AQF qualification.
  • 13. Competency BasedAssessment Students work to develop competencies, skills and knowledge described by each unit of competency listed for their chosen framework. Tobe assessed as competent a student must demonstrate to a qualified assessor that they can effectively carry out tasks to industry standard.
  • 14. Work PlacementWork Placement is NOT work experience!
  • 15. Work Placement Work placement is a mandatory feature of dual accredited vocational courses studied by Years 11 and 12 students as part of their HSC. hours mandatory Work Placement 70 across Year 11 and Year 12. Withinthe Fairfield area, work placement is broken into two blocks of 35 hours.
  • 16. Work Placement Students complete each placement in a different establishment or business in order to gain varied experience. Work placements are organised by South West Connect Business Partnership and are allocated by teachers in consultation with students.
  • 17. Work Placement In line with standard industry practices, students are expected to work varied hours. Thevenue may not be in the Fairfield area. Students are responsible for organising their own transport to and from the venue.
  • 18. Work Placement During the work placement students should be achieving industry competencies that will be acknowledged when they wish to apply for employment or enrol in a related TAFE course. The experiences gained will also benefit students interested in an apprenticeship / traineeship and provide improved prospects when seeking employment.
  • 19. Employability Skills Communication Teamwork Problem solving Initiative Enterprise Planning and organising Self-management Learning and technology
  • 20. Work Placement Work placement hours are a Board of Studies requirement.  Students who fail to attend work placement will receive and ‘N’ determination in the course.