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Fair Trade Month 2009 featured nearly 250 grassroots events, hundreds of news articles and blog posts, product launches and a big social media push that helped us reach our goal of 31,000 fans on Facebook and 3,100 followers on Twitter in 31 days! Building on this success, our efforts combined will surely get everyone talking about Fair Trade in October 2010 and beyond. TransFair USA’s team is hard at work, planning our annual campaign to build awareness and support for our movement. And with your help, Fair Trade Month 2010 will be the best yet!

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FTM2010 Partner Program

  1. 1. Partner Program • TransFair USA FAIR TRADE MONTH 2010 Every Purchase Matters
  2. 2. get October is involved! Fair Trade Month Every October, TransFair USA engages licensees, retailers, activist partners, consumers and the media in a month-long campaign to build awareness and increase sales of Fair Trade Certified products. This year’s theme, Every Purchase Matters, reflects the difference that consumers can make in the lives of farmers and workers around the world by voting with their dollars when they buy Fair Trade Certified products. Throughout the month, we ask you to help us reinforce this message through hosting events, supporting local campaigns, marketing materials and media outreach in celebration of Fair Trade. This packet includes information on how your company can get involved and help make this the best Fair Trade Month yet! www.FairTradeCertified.org 1
  3. 3. Fair Trade Month Call to Action With your help, TransFair USA will encourage supporters to engage in six actions during Fair Trade Month aimed at increasing awareness and availability of Fair Trade products across the United States. These actions include: Ask for Fair Trade Praise retailers that sell Fair Trade Certified™ products Support companies that manufacture Fair Trade Certified products Organize local campaigns through Fair Trade Towns USA Educate family and friends about the importance of Fair Trade Donate to TransFair USA to support the expansion of Fair Trade get involved! 2
  4. 4. Adopt a Day TransFair USA invites you to make your support for Fair Trade Month known by Adopting a Day in October. This promotion gives your company targeted exposure to TransFair USA’s community of educated consumers. TransFair USA will recognize organizations that Adopt a Day in the following ways: Blog post Twitter post/mention in #FollowFriday Facebook post Inclusion in PR outreach Inclusion in product giveaways Adopting a Day is free to all licensees of TransFair USA! All we ask is that your company demonstrates support for Fair Trade Month in the following ways: C reate a Fair Trade Month marketing plan — tell us your plan to draw special attention to Fair Trade through your marketing, social media and retail efforts S end a message to your retailers and supporters to invite them to participate in Fair Trade Month and Fair Trade Towns Write a guest post for TransFair USA’s blog Donate 10 or more products for a Twitter giveaway Donate 10 or more products for a green blogger promotion H ost a Fair Trade Month event or support a Fair Trade Month event of your choosing (ie. TransFair USA’s Fair Trade Month Kickoff Party) get Start a Fair Trade Town campaign or join an existing campaign involved! If you are interested in Adopting a Day during Fair Trade Month, please complete the attached form and return it to TransFair USA by July 1, 2010. 3
  5. 5. Media In order to ensure that Fair Trade is on the tip of every tongue during the month of October, TransFair USA will hire a public relations agency to pitch journalists Relations and bloggers across the country. Give us a heads up: Let TransFair USA know about the events and promotions that your company has planned for Fair Trade Month. We will try to include this information in media pitches. Pitch local media: Create a press release about your company’s Fair Trade Month events and promo- tions to send to local media. TransFair USA can help by adding a quote from CEO Paul Rice and impact data to support your efforts. Get bloggers pumped! Contact TransFair USA to find out how you can donate product to be included in gift baskets that we will send to some of the top green bloggers. Make News! When designing your Fair Trade Month marketing strategy, think creatively to create a newsworthy event or promotion. The more unique your approach is, the more likely we are to include your events in our public relations outreach. And it will make securing local press for your event or promotion much easier on you! get involved! 4
  6. 6. Fair Trade www.FairTradeCertified.org Building on last year’s successful online campaign, the TransFair USA Month Online homepage, blog, Facebook and Twitter will once again serve as important tools for promoting Fair Trade Month. Fair Trade Certified Blog Facebook www.fairtradecertified.org/blog www.facebook.com/fairtradecertified TransFair USA’s Fair Trade Certified Blog is a hub for Fair Trade-related updates 37,000 fans about new products, producer impact stories and grassroots campaigns. During Fair TransFair USA has built up a healthy audience of 37,000 fans on the Fair Trade Certified Trade Month we will feature new content daily from a variety of sources, including Facebook page. We’ll use this page to post daily messages about Fair Trade Month guest bloggers! promotions and events. We will also post photos, videos and links from licensees and get activists and engage our audience in a “tell-a-friend” drive to increase fans. involved! get B ecome a guest blogger! Have your voice heard by submitting a guest blog involved! post to socialmedia@transfairusa.org A sk your employees and customers to become fans of Fair Trade Certified K eep us in the loop! Pass along interesting links, photos and videos for us to on Facebook post on the blog. Promote the Fair Trade Month campaign in your status and updates Share links from TransFair USA’s blog on your website, Facebook and Twitter P ost photos and videos from your Fair Trade Month events on the Fair Trade Certified fan page Participate in discussions on the Fair Trade Certified fan page 5
  7. 7. Fair Trade What Matters? Social Media Campaign ‘What Matters’ is TransFair USA’s integrated social media Month Online campaign for Fair Trade Month 2010. Building on the theme Every Purchase Matters, the campaign will feature an interactive tool that asks consumers ‘What Matters’ to them – women’s rights, conscious consumerism, environmental conservation, education, etc. – and allows them to share their answer with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Real time responses will aggregate on the TransFair USA website, and Twitter each response will generate a customized call to action and www.twitter.com/fairtradeusa giving opportunity. 4,800 followers Twitter is a great tool to quickly spread the word about Fair Trade Month and build awareness about dedicated companies and delicious products. Throughout the Widget month, TransFair USA will host product giveaways and share information about A widget will be created to allow users to access the licensees, promotions and events. tool from blogs, Facebook, and partner web pages (like get yours!). The widget will feature icons and comments from involved! the last few participants (real time feed) in the What Matters Tag posts with #FairTradeMonth or #FairTrade campaign. Consumers will be encouraged to click and will be Send messages @FairTradeUSA – we’ll retweet or mention you in a #FollowFriday directed to the Fair Trade Month promotion page on the Fair Announce your Fair Trade Month events Trade USA website. Hold a Fair Trade Month product giveaway Upload twitpics of your events or products What Matters? Promotional Page Housed on TransFair USA’s web site, the What Matters? promotional page will feature a real time feed of user icons and responses. Layered over this feed will be a poll where consumers can vote on the Impact Area most important to them. They will also be able to leave comments with their vote. Once they’ve voted, an option will appear to share on Facebook, Twitter, learn more about Fair Trade, or donate to Fair Trade USA. Their Facebook or Twitter icon will then appear in the page and widget feeds. Questions? Contact socialmedia@transfairusa.org 6
  8. 8. Fair TradeTowns New for 2010! Hero Kits Hero Kits will be delivered to each Fair Trade Town committee to deliver to local retailers and cafes that sell Fair Trade Certified products. These kits will include point of sale materials such as java jackets, The Fair Trade Towns campaigns throughout the country play an integral part in window clings, shelf talkers, stickers and more. The celebrating Fair Trade Month. Visit www.fairtradetownsusa.org to find out if there is a Fair Trade Town campaign near you. If not – why not start one? point is to celebrate local retailers who are Fair Trade During the month, Fair Trade Towns campaigns are encouraged to hold events to Heroes because of their commitment to the cause. educate the public about Fair Trade. They will be able to register their events on the TransFair USA website. get involved! Contact Billy Linstead Goldsmith, National Coordinator of Fair Trade Towns USA at wlinsteadgoldsmith@transfairusa.org to find out how to get involved with a Fair Trade Town campaign near you! 7
  9. 9. How to Promote Fair Trade Certified Products Help Spread the Word! Additional Ideas: E ducate yourself and others by visiting: www.FairTradeCertified.org and Sample/demo Fair Trade Certified products in store www.FairTradeTownsUSA.org Offer grocery lists of the Fair Trade Certified products your store caries Tell your coworkers, family and friends about Fair Trade Hold a raffle for a gift basket filled with Fair Trade Certified products Hold a training session for employees about Fair Trade Ask your distributors about October specials on Fair Trade Certified products B ecome a fan of Fair Trade Certified and Fair Trade Towns on Facebook and C ontact your local Fair Trade Towns Committee for more ideas, or to support a follow us on Twitter @FairTradeUSA and @FairTradeTowns promotional event. Host or cosponsor a community event Post pictures of your events, displays, store and staff to Flickr Put a banner or link on your website to www.FairTradeCertified.org I nclude an article about Fair Trade Certified in e-newsletters, market fliers/circulars, or your local paper Remember: UNFI, Kehe, Tree of Life and other distributors run Ideas for Retailers Fair Trade Month sections in their catalogs and Use our FREE Point of Sale materials online listings. Create colorful end-cap displays to highlight Fair Trade Certified products S tock up on new products through distributors using our licensed partners page Contact your distributor or TransFair USA at www.transfairusa.org/content/certification/licensees.php representative for more information. U se shelf talkers and channel strips to distinguish Fair Trade Certified products on the shelf Display Fair Trade Certified window clings at the front of the store A t the point of purchase, offer customers a Fair Trade Certified magnet or sticker, get y ou can order these though the TransFair USA website. involved! 8
  10. 10. Point of Sale Materials Point of Sale Materials TransFair USA will provide licensees with the following materials to promote Fair Trade products in stores, restaurants and cafes: Java Jackets Table Tents Window Clings New window sign Stickers & Magnets Materials can be ordered beginning August 20, 2010. Several Samples: get Window Cling involved! 9