FCDOT: Rolling Road Widening from Fullerton Road to Delong Drive-Apr.19, 2012


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FCDOT: Rolling Road Widening from Fullerton Road to Delong Drive

Project #1400023-2009

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FCDOT: Rolling Road Widening from Fullerton Road to Delong Drive-Apr.19, 2012

  1. 1. Rolling Road Wideningfrom Fullerton Road to Delong DriveFairfax CountyProject # 1400023-2009 April 19, 2012
  2. 2. Project Description ■ Widen a 2-lane roadway to 4- lanes ■ Add new sidewalk, bike lanes and shared use path ■ Upgrade traffic signals, drainage and utilities ■ Estimated total project cost is $17,800,000 ■ Project distance is 1.1 miles
  3. 3. Project Objectives ■ Accommodate future traffic demand ■ Reduce congestion and improve vehicular circulation ■ Improve accommodations for pedestrians (ADA) and bicyclists ■ Improve access to Route 1 and Fairfax County Parkway
  4. 4. Project Objectives (continued) ■ Minimize stormwater impacts to Accotink and Pohick creeks ■ Improve safety by increasing sight distance ■ Provide access management, including a raised median, to improve safety
  5. 5. ProjectArea Map
  6. 6. ProposedTypicalSection4-lane dividedroadway withshared lanes,sidewalk andshared use path
  7. 7. Implemented Changes to Reduce Impacts to Properties Value Engineering Recommendation ResultReduce width of thru lanes from 12 feet Right-of-way width reduced by 4 feet.to 11 feet.Provide 14 foot outside shared lanes in Right-of-way width reduced by 4 feet.lieu of the 4 foot bike lanes.Reduce Shared Use Path width from 10 Right-of-way width reduced by 2 feet.feet to 8 feet in constrained locations.Shift horizontal alignment between Community center will remain in itsstations 156+00 to 163+00 to avoid current location and parking lot will loseimpact on Saratoga Square Apartments fewer parking spaces.and the community center.Using all proposed recommendations. Total right-of-way width reduced by 8 to 10 feet.
  8. 8. Design Changes from Previous Citizens Information MeetingTraffic SignalsSignal warrants performed at four intersections. Based on volume three intersections didnot meet the warrant – Delong Drive, Northumberland Road, and Edinburgh Drive (Southintersection). Warrant met at Saratoga Shopping Center main entranceCrosswalksCrosswalks location added to the plan including one mid-block crossing near Terra GrandeAvenue. Crosswalk warrants to be performed, final approval by VDOT.Reduced Community ImpactsAvoided Community Center at Saratoga Square Apartments.Roadway moved further from Newington Community Pool.
  9. 9. Funding and ScheduleFunding$1.3 million OEA grant for design (Office of Economic Adjustment, Department of Defense)No funding identified for right-of-way or constructionScheduleRight-of-way authorization – Fall /Winter 2013 (pending funding availability)Complete design – Winter/Spring 2014 (pending funding availability)Utility relocation – Winter 2013 to Spring 2014 (pending funding availability)Construction advertised – Spring 2014 (pending funding availability)Construction complete – Fall 2015 (pending funding availability)
  10. 10. Questions?