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Ending Homelessness Call to Action

by on Dec 01, 2010


Homelessness is a real problem in the Fairfax-Falls Church Community. There are many ways you can impact homelessness today.

Homelessness is a real problem in the Fairfax-Falls Church Community. There are many ways you can impact homelessness today.



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  • Shaniquajoneslewis Shaniquajoneslewis If you honesty want to help homeless people start listening to homeless people. They can tell you there needs. In addition the program that is set up here in Fairfax County for it resident let them actually go into action properly. Don’t tell homeless people to leave Fairfax County as if there trash. Stop treating people less human because of what they don’t have. Instead have open communication especially with the ones who ask for help and the one you are claiming to help. There are far too many people who are working for shelters right here in the heart of Fairfax degrading the families who are homeless. Right here in Fairfax County our children suffer not just the homeless children the future of all the children is at stake. Take a minute and imagine watching your parents crying and not focusing as normal because you’ll are in a shelter where you can’t trust anyone. Imagine being a child not knowing where you are going to lay your head the next day or wonder while at school if your mother is okay. How is the future going to be for everyone? When homeless kid grow up bitter and confused and scared by this society That’s too much for family to bear . The bottom line is Fairfax County ought to stand up for their logo “to enrich and enhance families”. Those who have position of power need to be accountable for their actions seriously. The power trip must stop. There has to be a way for people need help and if they ask for help they could honestly get help. No matter what! Something is wrong here homeless rate is going up and the economy is going down. What does that say to and about Fairfax County authorizes? Something has to change in order for it to get right. You can’t bundle human being up and put them in categories as if they are object - that’s simply not God plan - so every suffers. Another thing is agency must change their way of dealings change their moral aspect on dealing with other human beings and stop having wicked alternative motive. Like believing everyone else but the person they are suppose to be helping. Even though some one think different from what you think there should be an open amount of respect mutually between help and those in need of help. It takes a community with moral and value for human life and beings to make change ask some one who is home homeless without judging them you will find out that they could be intelligent. Stop being double minded and be honest with your own selves when it come to helping homeless families it families by families not case by case. You can’t put a label on people because soon enough someone will put a label on you or some you love. Because in realty God is watching and we will all have our day. Take a good look in the mirror. How many people have you prejudge honestly and who many way have you made yourselves look good with out really doing good. I believe that there is help for the homeless if there where people who actually took time to help the homeless and not themselves or there friend. have job changes allow a position to open up to someone who can talk to homeless people and get there input, some check up on these so call case managers and the human beings in their case record not just their files. Take value and preserve human dignity. 3 years ago
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Ending Homelessness Call to Action Ending Homelessness Call to Action Presentation Transcript