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Fairchild on marketing in practice
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Fairchild on marketing in practice


Guest lecture at Maastricht University on the differences between theoritical marketing and the real life issues.

Guest lecture at Maastricht University on the differences between theoritical marketing and the real life issues.

Published in Business
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  • 1. Marketing the real deal: What they don’t teach you Maastricht, September 23rd, 2010 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 2. Content 1. Real marketing 2. How it works 3. How we do it 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 2 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 3. Who am I? Rutger Teunissen UM Graduate 2006 Thesis The influence of regulatory focus on ad effectiveness Brilliant but useless 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 3 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 4. Who am I? Unilever Consultant @ Fairchild Owner of www.klusopedia.nl Why? Cause I needed it 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 4 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 5. How to find me? rutger.teunissen@fairchild.nl www.twitter.com/rutgerteunissen 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 5 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 6. My first lesson What could I, a young kid that just graduated, teach all of these professional companies, these big brands, with big buildings, and guys with expensive suits? LESSON 1: Most companies don’t really execute their strategies. Most of them hardly form strategies. By September, most managers rush to write their annual plans to get the budgets they need for things they can’t really foresee now. Is that strategy by the book? 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 6 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 7. My second lesson I invented Youtube and Facebook… Sadly, there were 10,000 people just like me. Only two actually launched Youtube and Facebook. I wasn’t one of them. LESSON 2: You guys are smart, critical, some even creative. Wow! As soon as you enter the business world you’re going to rock and change the world. Lesson: Marketers aren’t worth anything without finance, process owners, IT, R&D etc. All those people that eat pizzas and like programming difficult formulas. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 7 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 8. Let’s get started! LESSON 3: It’s not about performing your task the best, but it’s about being attentive, and being able to quickly respond to changes in the environment. That’s marketing in practice. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 8 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 9. 1. Real marketing 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 9 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 10. What the textbooks say… Product Leadership ‘best product’ Product Differentiation Operational Customer Competence Responsive Operational Customer Excellence Intimacy ‘best total cost’ ‘best total solution’ © Treacy & Wiersema 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 10 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 11. What the textbooks say… Existing products New products New Market Product markets penetration development Existing markets Market Diversification development © Ansoff 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 11 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 12. What the textbooks say… 100% 13,6 13,6 13,6 13,6 7% 80% 10% 32.0 32.0 32.0 32.0 60% 21% 40% 62% 30.0 30.0 30.0 30.0 20% 24.4 24.4 24.4 24.4 0% 2000 2006 2010 2020 < 50K 50K - 75K 19 jaar en jonger 20 - 39 jaar 40 - 64 jaar 65 jaar en ouder 75K - 100K > 100 K 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 12 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 13. What practice tells us 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 13 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 14. So real marketing is… Hard work! 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 14 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 15. Real marketing is… Return On Customer Interaction 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 15 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 16. Real marketing is… The way you pick up the phone 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 16 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 17. Real marketing is… The box your product comes in 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 17 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 18. Real marketing is… The tone of voice of your website 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 18 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 19. Real marketing is… Parking space at your company 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 19 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 20. Real marketing is… Selecting the right customers 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 20 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 21. Real marketing is… Marketing is not all about theory. It’s not about Ansoff, or Porter or putting segments into a tiny box. LESSON 4: Marketing is about focusing on creating best value for your (potential) customers. Sometimes marketing is picking up the phone just a bit sooner, sometimes it’s designing a box that is so cool, everybody keeps it. It’s about delivering on all aspects of business, how small they might be by themselves. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 21 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 22. It’s not the best strategy that wins but the best execution 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 22 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 23. 2. H ow it w ork s 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 23 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 24. 2. H Knowing your customer ow Defining strategy it w Creating a unique proposition ork Delivering the front s Delivering the back 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 24 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 25. Knowing your customer 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 25 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 26. Knowing your customer LESSON 5: Research is paper, make sure you really know your customer. So don’t become the marketing manager who hasn’t seen his customers in twenty years. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 26 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 27. Defining strategy A well-formed strategy results in healthy growth. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 27 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 28. Defining strategy Ability to differentiate? Choose your own spot. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 28 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 29. A good strategy = your one message to the world 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 29 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 30. NOT 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 30 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 31. NOT 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 31 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 32. NOT 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 32 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 33. Defining Strategy What about ? 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 33 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 34. Creating a unique proposition 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 34 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 35. What is a proposition? Your key promise based on these questions Who is your customer? What are his deeper needs? What do we promise/what is our solution? What are the advantages for the customer How is it unique? What proof do we have? Insight Needs Promise Proof 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 35 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 36. Wake up! 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 36 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 37. Proposition Wake-up light Insight With a regular alarm, people wake up disruptively ch? mu Needs s as time Waking up on time, stress less and full8of energy 7- o pay Promise yt Waking up naturally ers h app m usto Proof arec y Lights Wh slowly go brighter, relaxing nature sounds Academic research 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 37 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 38. Nespresso voorbeeld erin zetten in zelfde format als v wakeuplight 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 38 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 39. Proposition Nespresso Insight Nespresso voorbeeld erin zetten in zelfde format als v People enjoy the luxury of barista coffee and complain about wakeuplight coffee their home ch? mu s as ime Needs 7-8t pay People want to enjoy special coffee experiences at home o yt Promise h app rs me experience at home. What else? sto Easily the best coffee u arec y Proof Wh Taste and luxury flavors, usability, design, George Clooney, price, distribution 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 39 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 40. Delivering the front So we have this nice marketing strategy and proposition. How do we realize it? 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 40 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 41. LESSON 6: Promotion is only the tip of the Iceberg. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 41 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 42. Brand What tastes better? Brown drink with • Carbonated water • Sugar • Color • Food acid • Plant extracts • Flavor • Caffeine 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 42 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 43. Brand Use every chance to spread the word 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 43 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 44. Product Be remarkable! 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 44 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 45. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 45 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 46. Price ULTIMATE DEAL If you become a customer now you will get a discount of 200% and you will get a free laptop As soon as you are our customer we will ignore you and let you overpay on our products and services and make the terms so impossible you won’t be able to get out. Question: ? Existing customers pay more than new customers. Is this way of doing viable business on the long term? 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 46 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 47. Customer contact I’m a client I’m becoming a client I’m leaving 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 47 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 48. Customer contact Every interaction is a business opportunity Client asks a question about moving Client complains Client has suboptimal Energy product Company € Client is € Customer ‘single fuel’ Lifecycle € € € € Client does not log in Client ends contract 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 48 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 49. Customer contact Every interaction is a business opportunity € Sale Retention Service request € Cross- & up-sell Payment Information request Complaint LESSON 7: Companies need a holistic approach to customer contact where sales and service unite. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 49 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 50. Customers All customers are different All people want to be treated differently 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 50 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 51. Not all customers are desirable customers 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 51 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 52. Delivering the back 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 52 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 53. Delivering the back Should marketing be a department or a method? Department Central in organization Manages and delivers to other departments Method Everyone is a marketer Every department has a marketer that guards customer’s wishes 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 53 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 54. Delivering the back People are crucial From IT to the receptionist From the CEO to the call agent EVERYONE should work with the customer in mind and according to the proposition they made! 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 54 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 55. 3. How we do it 1. Making decisions 2. Making it work Marketing strategy & tactics Operations/Project management 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 55 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 56. Return On Customer Interaction 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 56 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 57. Our Job - Clients Nederland 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 57 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 58. Frequently Asked Questions We have a promising concept. How do we enter the market successfully? How do we develop Our market is declining. a loyalty program? How do we create growth? How can we make our How can our business customer contact become profitable? profitable? How can we introduce How can we segment our our product to the market and differentiate our premium segments? offering? 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 58 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 59. The point We are strategic marketing consultants Just like you we are academics 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 59 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 60. We love strategy, new theories and complex decisions However… 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 60 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 61. Results are achieved on the work floor, in practice. Marketers need to combine strategic insight with entrepreneurial pragmatism. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 61 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 62. 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 62 Copyright © Fairchild
  • 63. Rutger Teunissen rutger.teunissen@fairchild.nl Lisanne Schoemaker lisanne.schoemaker@fairchild.nl Energize Your Business Hooghiemstraplein 142 P.O. Box 13321 T +31 (0)30 254 5680 3514 AZ Utrecht 3507 LH Utrecht F +31 (0)30 254 5736 The Netherlands www.fairchild.nl E info@fairchild.nl 100923-mar-mu-guestlecture 63 Copyright © Fairchild