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Christmast carol
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Christmast carol


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  • 1. Charles Dicken’s
  • 2.  Summary: while scrooge was working, Fred’s nephew scrooge came to say merry Chrismast to scrooge. Beside, scrooge do not like to merry Chrismast. Fred tried to invite to party to celebration of Chrismast, but scrooge refuse it. While Scrooge went home suddenly spirit of Marley came to him. The spirit Marley’s tell to Scrooge about torture him. Marley also advice to him in order to not greedy and always behave be kind to people.
  • 3.  Summary: The spirit wake up Scrooge, then Scrooge is brought to past his life. Scrooge saw all of happening past time. He cried while Christmast, Fan his young daughter’s and young brother held him. The spirit invited him to see event while he was fail to relationship with his fiancé, Belle. It was fail, because Scrooge be egoist and more advance money. Then scrooge regret happening that.
  • 4.  Summary: The second spirit is a giant. He wears a green robe. The Ghost takes Scrooge on a tour of Christmas Present. On the tour, they visit Bob Cratchit’s, where Scrooge learns about his clerk’s invalid son, Tiny Tim. His heart is softened by the innocent, sweet natured child. He wonders if the boy will live. The Ghost responds angrily saying that the boy will probably die unless things are changed . If he be like to die, he had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” The Ghost suggests to Scrooge that Tiny Tim might be more fit live than Scrooge.
  • 5.  True Humanity: Dicken focused more on morality and ethics than on traditional theology. Generosity of Spirit: in this story explain Fred are generosity and always inviting to Scrooge to be kind for people. The importance of Memory: in this story, emphasizing in order to we always remember about our memory in order to we can learn about life.
  • 6.  Stave 1: office of Scrooge, the night, house of Scrooge, Christmas day, melancholy café, and winter, Stave 2: house of Scrooge, foggy and extremely cold, melancholy room, the hall, midnight, house of family’s Scrooge, house of Mr. Fezziwig and warehouse door.
  • 7.  Stave 3: bedroom, the city street, Christmas morning, winter, house of his clerk, and Mr, Bob Cratchit,
  • 8. Main CharacterEBENEZER SCROOGE: a miserly, money-hungrybusinessmanBOB CRATCHIT: Scrooge’s clerk, very take careFRED: Scrooge’s nephew, kind, charitableTINY TIM: the lame son of the CratchitsPETER CRATCHIT: the Cratchit’s eldest sonMRS. CRATCHIT: Bob Cratchit’s wifeJACOB MARLEY: Scrooge’s business partnerwho died seven years ago
  • 9. Supporting characterTWO PORTLY GENTLEMEN: two men raising money forthe poorFRAN: Scrooge’s little sister and Fred’s motherMR. FEZZIWIG: Scrooge’s first employerMRS. FEZZIWIG: Mr. Fezziwig’s wifeDICK WILKINS: another apprentice at Fezziwig’sestablishmentBELLE: a woman Scrooge had been engaged to in hisyouthGHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: the first of the spiritsforetold by Marley who shows Scrooge his pastChristmases.GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: the second of thespirits foretold by Marley that shows Scrooge Christmascelebrations in the present timeBELINDA CRATCHIT: the Cratchit’s second daughter