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    Media Media Presentation Transcript

    • EVALUATION OF THE PRELIMINARY TASK By Fahmida Begum http://cdcaines.wordpress.com/moriah-fahmida-jermaine-oliver-ayesha-preliminary-task-201112/
      • What have you learnt about planning? (Take account of ideas, research and mise-en-scene)
      • During the planning process, I have learnt many new things and I have also improved on skills that I
      • already had. First of all, when given the task, me and my group had a clear idea of what we wanted
      • which was a 30 second trailer to advertise the audience of the consequences of illegal downloading.
      • First of all, each member of the group should have pitched an idea each and then we should have evaluated each idea to ensure
      • that that idea would be possible to turn into a product. Instead me and my group came up with one idea and went with that idea.
      • Because we were only focused on one idea and didn’t look at any other ideas to compare it with, we found that when it came to
      • storyboarding and filming, there were many restrictions that we didn't think about at first; therefore we had to change many of our
      • ideas and shots. I believe that if we had started with more than one idea and then eliminated each one as to what restrictions there
      • were, what aspects we have more freedom in, etc, we would have come up with a final idea which wouldn't have needed as much
      • changing throughout the process and we would have had an idea which wouldn't have been that hard to film due to restrictions out
      • of our hands.
      • Brainstorm ideas
      • Research – target audience – idea of in college
      • Storyboarding
      • Script
      • Costume – some costumes were restricted / police
      • The research part of the planning process should have included research on existing products, research on the target audience, etc. However, my group didn’t really conduct any research which i think is a bit of a disadvantage as we didn't look at what works and
      • what doesn't when working with a topic such as illegal downloading as there are many obvious adverts aimed at it.
    • Improvement: Have a different storyboard for each scene Never put two scenes on the same storyboard Compare to a professional storyboard
      • What have you learnt about using equipment?
      • As the person who worked on the storyboarding, I got the chance to do most of the filming as I was the
      • one who knew exactly what shots we needed, the actors movements, etc. As I hadn't filmed during the
      • process of filming,
      • Using camera
      • How to achieve different shots
      • What did you learn about editing? (How to piece your work together)
      • Cutting down on footage so that what you want is left
      • Different transitions to piece different scenes together
      • What did you think about linking theory to practice? (theory comes from textual analysis – make a link between textual analysis and practice. Practice is the making of your product.)