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Construction teaser


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Construction: Teaser
  • 2. The first thing I done after filming wasupload my clips into final cut. After ituploaded, I completed an edit decisionlist . Following my edit decision list, Ideleted the clips which were practiceshots and the shots which went wrongaccording to my edit decision list. I thenrenamed my clips in regards to whatscene they belonged to so that whenediting, I could easily pick the relevantclips.
  • 3. Creating the shot showing that the preview should be approved forappropriate audiences...
  • 4. This is the first shot which appears in thethree teaser trailers which I analysed aspart of my research, so I decided torecreate it to say that the preview shouldbe approved.The first stage in creating the first shotwas to open up PowerPoint, create agreen square, and then create thedifferent parts of the text. I then resizedand change the colour of the text towhite.
  • 5. The second stage was to group thedifferent elements together by selectingall the different parts, right clicking themouse, selecting ‘grouping’ and thengroup.The third stage was to convert it into aformat in which final cut would support.To do this I selected the image, rightclicked and selected ‘save as picture’ andselecting JPEG then save.
  • 6. After saving the image as a JPEG, I wentinto final cut and clicked on ‘File’ then‘Import’.I then selected the image from where itwas saved and clicked choose. I thensimply just dragged it into my sequenceand positioned it at the beginning.
  • 7. Creating text in Motion
  • 8. Experimenting in motion with text font for the title of the filmAfter experimenting, I decided to change the title of my film because I found that the title didn’t really workwith my film and didn’t really tell the audience anything about my film.
  • 9. I changed the title of my film to ‘living a nightmare’ because I thought it fitted in better with the plot of myfilm. I also discovered a better font which is ‘Chalkduster’ in motion which I believe perfectly portrays thegenre of the film which is horror.
  • 10. Moving the text into Final CutAfter importing the text from motion into Final Cut, Idecided to experiment by layering the text over amoving image of the actress walking towards thescreen with a candle in her hand. Although it breaksconvention, I believe it works and the audienceagreed too as it helped create a more eerie, tension-filled atmosphere.I used image and wireframe to ensure that my textwas placed in the correct position. I had to keepresizing and moving the text around because when Ilet the sequence play, the text ended up covering theimage but it didn’t take me long to ensure anaccurate positioning.
  • 11. In motion, I created the text for theactresses name to put into final cut. Iused the crayon tool to make the textgrey colour. I also added behaviour tomake the text fade into the shot and fadeout of the shot. I also added a slight glowto make the text look a bit ghostly.I then finished by clicking on ‘File’ then‘Export’ and saved it as a QuickTimeMovie. I then went back into Final Cutand imported it.
  • 12. In motion I also created text which shows the time for my film. I thought this would be effective because inhorror films, showing the time tends to symbolise something bad which is about to happen or shows aflashback. When I imported it into Final Cut and ran it with my sequence, I decided to not include it in myfilm because it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the sequence as it didn’t really help put forward the plot ofthe film which is what I initially thought it may do.
  • 13. Experimenting with speedFor quite a few of my shots, I changedthe time in terms of making the shotfaster or slower. This allowed me tomake my teaser shorter and also allowedme to create more suspense and portraythe genre of horror.I found that in order to ensure the changein speed fits in with the film and doesn’tlook a bit out of place and veryunrealistic, I had to experiment withdifferent speeds which meant I made ittoo fast or too slow and had to keepchanging the speed till it was right. Thisexperimenting process was quite usefulfor example, as I found that at first when Ithought a certain speed didn’t work andtried a different speed, that the firstspeed I tried actually worked better.
  • 14. Shot transitionsIn terms of transitions, I used fade in fade out acouple of times to show that some time has betweenthe two shots. I mainly used a basic cut to increasethe pace of the teaser
  • 15. Adding musicTo add in some background music, I went onto YouTube and found some music which fit in with the genreof my teaser. At first I found a few different ones but they had copyright so I kept looking until I found somemusic which the owner actually wrote alongside the music that people were allowed to use it and he alsohad lots of other music which were allowed to be used by anyone, but they didn’t fit in with my teasertrailer.
  • 16. Adding sound effectsDuring editing, I realised that I was missing some sound effects. One sound effect was of the actressscreaming in a very high pitched voice. After I recorded the scream, I imported it into Final Cut and playedabout with when the scream is heard in the sequence. At a later date during editing, I heard the church bellring near my house, and it gave me and an idea to include the sound of church bells ringing because inhorror films, bad things tend to happen when the clock strikes and also in some horror films, I have heardthe sound of the clock striking or the bell ringing to inform the audience that something bad is going tohappen. I included this sound effect when the title of the film comes up with the shot of the actress movingtowards the camera as I thought it created a bit of suspense and mem