Time Management - how to organize


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Created from Brean Tricy series of audio books on time management.

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  • What will you do if you won a million dolor in a lotteryWhat will you do if you just learn you have six month to leaveWho to spend time withWhat would you stop doingWhat will you do more ofWhat one thing will you set as goal if you know you will not fail to achieve
  • A successful life is series of successful, hour, days, weeks and months
  • 80-20: If you make a list of 10 things to do, you will find that 2 of them word the rest if you do them to gather, so decide what is your vital few
  • 80-20: If you make a list of 10 things to do, you will find that 2 of them word the rest if you do them to gather, so decide what is your vital few
  • 80-20: If you make a list of 10 things to do, you will find that 2 of them word the rest if you do them to gather, so decide what is your vital few
  • Druker said, the worse thing in the world is doing well what was not need to be done at all
  • Stretch task: if you have only two hour of work and 8 hours of time, don’t try to delay the work by fact that you have more time, finish it in 2 hours and even less than that
  • Procrastination means: ok will do it laterDo it now, do it now, do it now …
  • Time Management - how to organize

    2. 2. SUCCESS
    3. 3. What iso Success is the accomplishment ofsomething that is important to youPhilosophyo Identifying the behaviors that createsuccess or failure in all our endeavors
    4. 4. The Self Image/Mental Model Dynamico Helps you control and understand your self-talk, in other words what is going on in yourhead, and how this affects your outside viewof the world and vice versa. It is what youthink inside and outside and how this push-pull relationship affects the other Dynamics
    5. 5.  Choice /Change Dynamico Allows you to take control of your choices, and not bea victim of the change life is going to give youanyway. You have the power to choose every secondof your life, and forge the changes that youwant, rather than simply reacting to those changesthat are the inevitable processes of life
    6. 6.  Attitude/Risk Dynamico Helps you be better at understanding how to find yourown tolerance for risk - and how to push past thebarriers that limit your forward movement. A personwith a positive attitude will take more risk (and do itsmarter with help from the other Dynamics)
    7. 7.  Eliminating Failures Increasing Successes by developingo Value :• Do the right thing, and not the convenient thing. Explore your valuebeliefs and see what might be good and bad for your relationshipsin lifeo Character :• Positive self image, Positive mental attitude, Imagination, Aplan, Knowledge, Competence, Commitment, Determination, Enthusiasm, Self-discipline, Persuasiveness, A pleasingpersonality, Budgeting time and money, Maintaining physical andmental health, Love and energy for your plan of lifeo Goals :• Personal goal, Monetary goal, Self development goal
    8. 8.  Successful people do things differently fromunsuccessful peopleo Successful people use their time wello Looser do not use their time well One thing common to all successful peopleo They are good time managerso They recognize• Time management is life management• Time management is personal management
    9. 9. Are you-Successfulor- UnsuccessfulThink for seconds!
    10. 10. You or any body can be far moresuccessful in life or anything you want ifyou learn how, and practice it over andover again until it becomes a habit
    13. 13.  What iso Time management is SELF DISCIPLINE in ACTION Self discipline is what determines the QUATLITYOF LIFE
    14. 14. Time is passing non-stopWe follow it with clocks and calendarsAnd it still keeps passingAnd we cannot stop it
    15. 15. ButWe can enhance the quality of timeby effectively managing it
    16. 16. Answer is here:Are you readyLet’s go
    17. 17.  21 Great Ideas
    18. 18.  Who am I ? Where am I going? What do I want to accomplish?
    19. 19.  Personal goals: (Why goals)o Reason to be alive Business and financial goals (What goals)o External world• What do you want to accomplish• Where do you want to contribute Self development goals (How goals)o In order to achieve anything else you want Goals Must be writteno If goals are not written they are not goals
    20. 20. If you don’t have your own goal, youwill always be working for those whohave, and you will be achieving theirgoals for them
    21. 21.  What iso Actions derive from goalso Writing down every single step or activity in order toaccomplish your goal• Which is more important which is less important• Which is done first, which is done last• When to do them, how to do themo Action without planning is cause of every failureo Failing to plan is planning for failure
    22. 22.  Make LIST and work from LISTo Monthly listo Weekly listo Daily list Why LISTo Without list working is like driving a car without asteeringo Analyze where you areo Feel accomplishment and success each time youcomplete a task from list
    23. 23. Setting priority is difficult tasko Priority can be determined by importance andurgencyo Things in priority are both urgent and important80 - 20 role as tool for setting priorityo 80 percent of the value what you do, will be containedin 20 percent of what you doo Vital few (20%) - Trivial many(80%)o Ineffective people work on Trivial many, effectivepeople work on Vital few
    24. 24.  What is the valuable use of my time right nowo Is this the most valuable thing I could be doingo Is this give me the highest pay offo What impact the accomplishment will have on myfuture The futurity is the measurement tool for valueo Successful people work on things which changestoday and tomorrowo Unsuccessful people talk of yesterday and makecomplains of that
    25. 25.  Essential to success Pick up a task and take it through Single handlingo Determine goalso Make plan of actiono Prioritizeo Pick the most important tasko Stay with it until finishedo Do one task at a time
    26. 26. Apply ABCDE method to your plano A : Things that you must do top priorityo B : Things that you should doo C: Things would be nice to doo D: Things which can be delegatedo E: Things to be eliminated
    27. 27.  Resultso 85 % of what we do is because of the result weexpect or is expected of uso 15% is because what we have been told To achieve resultso Set deadline (to put force on yourself)• Finish before deadline (to outstand in team)• Announce the deadline to others (to avoid delaying)o Structure a self reward (to motivate and treatyourself)o Don’t stretch your task
    28. 28.  Track your timeo Write down what you do in a specific timeo Try to know how you spend your time Measure timeo Successful people measure time in minuteso Less successful people measure in hourso Unsuccessful people measure in days Align your time with your goalso Where my time goes, is it in direction of my goals
    29. 29.  What iso I will do it later Positive:o Low priority task Negative:o High priority task Urgent vs importanto Important things will become urgent soono Urgent things some times are not important Salami sliceo Break down big tasks in pieces
    30. 30.  Whatever possibleo You have work of high value, but low value work as wello Delegate low value things which can be done by others Be clear when delegatingo What you really want doneo Pick right persono Set deadlineo Put eye (never assume things will be done right) Why to delegateo Save productive timeo Let others chance to develop
    31. 31.  Meetings are effective business toolo If used and managed properly Meetings are interruption/waste of timeo If not used and managed properly Meeting must haveo Purposeo Agendao Specific duration Rules of Meetingso Start and stop on timeo Never wait for late comer (assume late comer never comes)o Let participant go if has nothing to give and get