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Erp Exercise
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Erp Exercise



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  • 2. AIM
    Keeping in view the prevailing Law & Order situation all emergency response procedures are to be known to the employees.
    To prepare the employees to react and respond according to TP policies in an emegency situation at their work place.
    To help themselves and their colleagues in saving not only the office property, but primarily their lives.
  • 3. FIRE
    Short circuiting spark with smoke is seen in an electric panel box and fire has initiated inside the WIC and alarm Is not ringing.
    Stress points:
    What would be the immediate response & action?
    Will you ask for help or try to extinguish by yourself?
    What would be your reporting line? Who to report first? Boss or S&S?
    How to inform/evacuate the customers & TP staff?
    What if there is a fainted female colleague?
    Do you know the type & use of fire extinguisher?
    Three persons enter in the WIC and put on a gun on an employee and asking to hand over the cash & cell phones.
    An employee has been stopped on the road and being robbed, Mob, wallet or car is being snatched.
    Stress points:
    What would be your immediate response/action, reporting line ?
    Are you going to strike back against the criminal if you are in strong position or larger in numbers?
    what would be your actions during the scenario?
    whom will you call for info & help right after the situation?
    I think if you have a chance to follow “him” discreetly; you can get him?
    An infuriated crowd lead by religious group is protesting out side the WIC/R.O; against an advertisement in which revealing dress is exhibited by a model; which is incompatible to an Islamic state according to them, they are carrying clubs as well.
    Stress pts:
    A- Your manager is away so what would be your immediate reporting line & course of action?
    B- would you go out side & express regret on behalf of company?
    C- Will you call security or Police for help & stay inside?
    D- will you close the office or stay inside while lowering its shutters & wait for instructions/help?
    A very short telephone call to AM WIC is received stating that there is a bomb in the building, no details are given. An unattended bag is also found & a call is received that the same may be detonated by a remote control device if demands are not met.
    Stress pts:
    A- What would be your immediate action, reporting line?
    B- Will you try to remove/throw the bag outside?
    C- Do you know the emergency nos. & what if the bomb does not look like a bomb (Toy)?
    D- will you “shout” to alert all employees/customers in the office?
    E- what are the basics about this specific situation to react?
    A terrorist has planted a bomb in the adjacent building and there is a great fear in the surrounding area.
    Stress pts:
    • Are you going to go outside for curiosity and to confirm ?
    • 8. Will Call Police or Security for help
    • 9. Will call TP security for instructions/help?
    • 10. Will Shout to evacuate the office immediately.
    • 11. Will inform your line manager and wait for instructions?
    • 12. Will take the initiative and inform all employees to evacuate?
    You are traveling in official /personal vehicle and you met an accident with a Prado jeep. The driver is influential person. Despite of his mistake he is pressurizing you to pay for the loss. Minor injuries occurred.
    • Stress points:
    • 13. What would be your action?
    • 14. What if you are 4 and he is single? Will you beat him up or forcibly ask him to bear the loss?
    • 15. Will you call security or Police?
    • 16. Loss is no issue to you but its more important that he realizes his mistake?
    • 17. You think that its an official vehicle & its none of your business?
    You have been held hostage by 3 persons when you were going home at night, they have snatched your car & all valuables.
    Stress pts:
    Will you request them to spare you and take every thing?
    Will you try to avail the opportunity to get rid of them if you are successful in snatching a weapon from one of them, while the other two are away or at a distance?
    There is a rumor about burning down a TP office due to a political protest in the area. Its not a targeted attempt but done in rage against the government for her policies.
    Stress pts:
    will you verify the news or check the authenticity of the source?
    Will start telling to the colleagues?
    Will report the matter to security to verify?
    Will ignore that because its not your office and its at a distant place?
    Will discuss with the manager for counter measures?