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Faq en

  1. 1. Q&A
  2. 2. Q&A1. What is the Power Cloud?The Power Cloud is a set of renewable energy power plants built by WOR(l)D NRG in various countries. The Cloud concept derives from the factthat the individual stations (Cloud) are connected via the Internet, so as to provide data for the production of energy in real time and to beshown as the production of a single mega center, even if located in different countries.The Cloud concept derives from the fact that, it’s similar to the concept of “Cloud computing” in which data can be stored on one or moreservers, and that you do not know the physical location. The owner of a Power Share (see point 3) is in fact, an electricity producer, but doesnot have a power plant in the traditional sense of the term as its Power Share, so it may also be allocated on a different Cloud.2. What is a Cloud?A Cloud is a 1.2 MW photovoltaic power plant built in solar parks, constructed by WOR(l)D NRG, through its Power Clouds Pte Ltd subsidiary.A Cloud consists of 5,000 photovoltaic solar panels of 240 Watts of power and all infrastructure installation that allows the production ofelectricty. The 5,000 panels that make up the Cloud correspond to a Power Share.3. What is the Power Share?The Power Share is a property title of a photovoltaic panel of 240 Watts of power, installed, configured and connected to the distributionnetwork of the local energy operator. The panel is part of an entire photovoltaic power station, consisting of panels connected to each other.All panels, furthermore, are connected to the power plant for the conversion and distribution of the energy produced and connected to thenetwork operator via low, medium and high voltage cabins.4. How much does a Power Share cost?A Power Share, or rather a 240Watt solar panel, including infrastructure installation, maintenance and connection to the electricitynetwork, costs $ 1,200. It is installed directly at one of photovoltaic parks made by WOR(l)D NRG. The price of a Power Share includes alltransportation, installation, configuration, connection to the power supply, maintenance costs, and includes all the facilities that allow theproduction of electricity and its distribution on the local energy network. Furthermore, it provides insurance against theft, vandalism, naturaldisasters and weather for 25 years. The panel is guaranteed for 25 years.5. Why should I buy a Power Share?A photovoltaic panel, installed in a photovoltaic park and connected to the network operator, will produce electricity that will be purchased bythe local operator of the country in which the transfer has been accomplished. In some countries, moreover, there are incentives from 15 to 20years on the production of renewable energy, guaranteed by governments and directives of the Kyoto Protocol. This energy, plus incentives, willproduce an annual income on energy production of a single panel that will be paid to its owner after administration and management costs.This fee can range from 15% to 20% per annum on the total value of the panel’s cost. It is also important to consider that the value of energyis constantly increasing, so that rent can be increased year after year. The pension is subject to change based on the actual cost of energy andgovernment incentives for the particular Cloud panel in which you are installing.
  3. 3. Q&A6. Who guarantees that the energy produced will be purchased by localoperators?WOR(l)D NRG constructs its facilities exclusively in countries participating in the Kyoto Protocol (184). Among the provisions of the Protocol,there are rules for all countries regarding the share of renewable energy production to producers of fossil fuels, polluting or otherwise, mustcommit to make or buy. This rule guarantees and imposes obligation on the part of governments to ensure the purchase of renewable energy,which translates into safety by WOR(l)D NRG, to sell the energy produced without any market risk.7. What are the countries where WOR(l)D NRG constructs its Cloud?Theoretically, WOR(l)D NRG could build its power plants in any of the 184 countries that have signed the Kyoto Protocol. However, in order toensure maximum yield of photovoltaic panels, WOR(l)D NRG chooses the countries in which there are some strategic conditions: the higher costof energy paid by the operators, existence of government incentives or other forms of incentives, infrastructure transportation and adequatedistribution infrastructures, political and financial stability of the country, security issues and better performance in terms of solar irradiationper cm2.8. Can I consider the Power Share a financial investment?NO. The Power Share is not a financial investment, but on the contrary, it is the purchase of a solar panel which produces energy that WOR(l) D NRG manages on behalf of the owner. The annuity that is paid monthly will be nothing more than the value of the energy paid by theoperators, plus any net incentives after the costs of administration and management of a photovoltaic park.9. How can I be sure to receive the power shares income that isdeclared on the marketing materials of the Power Cloud presentation?The indicated value of 15% -20% is for demonstration purposes only and is the result of simulating production costs and the cost of moregovernment incentives for the production of the annual MWh produced by a Cloud of 1.2 MW, installed in Romania. Therefore, this value canvary depending on the actual amount of energy produced (MWh), the cost of energy paid by the operator in the country in which the Cloud isinstalled and the value of government incentives and their possible variation.10. For how many years will I receive my income from the productionof my panels?The panel’s purchase value is guaranteed by government incentives, such incentives guarantee coverage of the investment and a high gain,but the life of the module is not limited to the duration of the incentive as WOR(l)D only uses photovoltaic made avant-garde modules withtechnologies for which the manufacturer guarantees that after 25 years of operation have yet guaranteed a performance not less than 80%(0.8% / year) of the nominal value. In this way, the performance deterioration is much less than the increase in the value of their production(which increases by 3-4% / year).
  4. 4. Q&A11. How can I get a return on my investment?As explained in Section 8, the Power Share is not a financial investment, but an investment in the purchase of solar panels, so the returnon investment is provided only through the sale or transfer of the Power Share (panels), there are three possible ways: 1. After the first 12months, WOR(l)D NRG guarantees the “Buy Back”, the customer can ask for it at least 12 months after the purchase of Power Share, toexercise this option forcing WOR(l)D NRG to repurchase the panel at the same cost of the original sale, less the administrative costs of handlingthe transaction ($ 25 - 4% of the total.). 2. Private sale of the panel to another individual, with transfer of ownership (administration fee of $25). 3. Sale of the panel through the private trading platform of WOR(l)D NRG (available from 12 months after the project launch).12. What happens to my Power Share after 25 years?After 20 years, the yield of photovoltaic panels is expected to decline by about 10% up to 20% after the 25th year. Consequently, theproduction of energy is, more or less, reduced more or less of that entity. Of course, you must consider that in the course of 25 years, the cost ofenergy will be increased, more than double, according to estimates provided by various statistic entities.13. What happens if a Cloud is damaged or destroyedby external events?All WOR(l)D NRG Clouds are covered by an insurance policy that covers almost all of its value in the case of such events.14. Can I transfer or sell the Power Share?Power Shares title ownership will be available to the bearer, for which they may be assigned, sold or given away.15. What do I actually get when buying a Power Share?With the purchase of a Power Share, you’re buying a solar panel including installation, configuration, and connection to the power plantinfrastructure to the distribution of the network operator produced-energy. The panel will be transported directly to the power plant site underconstruction and will remain the property of the buyer. The panel will be identified by Serial Number. In addition, the Panel owner will receive,at home, a printed property title that indicates the panel Serial Number and the certificate issue date. An online account will also be given onthe site www.worldnrg.com where you can follow the panel production progress and all of the information on its income.16. When and how is the Power Share rent paid?For every Cloud, an estimated production start date is indicated, which does not necessarily correspond to the actual start of production. Theproduction will be effective at the moment in which the operator of the local network ties up the counter. From that time, the energy producedwill be calculated and paid on a monthly basis by the operator. WOR(l)D NRG, through the “Power Share” private area site at www.worldnrg.com provides, to the panel holder, information on the value paid by the operator, plus the value of any incentives. The sums may be paid viabank transfer or by requesting the exclusive WOR(l)D Debit Card. The WOR(l)D Debit card may be requested, earning at least $100 of income.
  5. 5. Q&A17. How many Power Shares can I buy?Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of Power Shares purchased. Obviously, the purchase is subject to the availability of panels for salefor each individual Cloud under construction.18. From the time of my investment in the panels, when will I begin tocollect the annuity as time goes by?The construction of the Clouds provides three stages, “Funding” - “Building” - “Production.” Production can start only when the first twophases are complete. In some cases, the phases of Funding and Building may be implemented in parallel, in order to optimize the timing ofhaving gone into production which, however, will not be less than 3 months.19. I begin to collect the rent on my Power Share even thoughproduction has not started?NO. Rent is generated from the local operator sale and any incentives. It is impossible to pay any income if the production phase has notstarted.20. How do I know that Power Cloud is legal and that there arepermits and licenses necessary to carry out the energyproducers’ activity?WOR(l)D NRG begins the construction of power plants only after having obtained all the necessary permits and licenses in the countriesconcerned. On the www.worldnrg.com page all of the legal information for each Cloud will be provided, giving data of local companiesincorporated or acquired by WOR(l)D NRG and the related permits and licenses obtained.21. Is it possible that the Cloud project applications may not be wellaccepted by manufacturers of traditional energy?The Power Cloud project is made in full compliance with the provisions, spirit and philosophy of the Kyoto Protocol which has been supportedby 184 countries around the world.22. I love the Power Cloud idea and its business opportunities and thatof its global mission. How can I participate in promoting this project?The Power Cloud business model is revolutionary because it uses the power of word of mouth and awareness to move millions of peoplearound the world, providing both an environmentally-sustainable solution for our planet and real business opportunities through direct salesor word of mouth.Contact the person who informed you of Power Cloud and ask more information, or send an email to mailto: bizsupport@worldnrg.comto learn of a promoter who can contact you.