They unlocked that mystery
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They unlocked that mystery



this is the article that I have written about that mystery which they talk about?!! read more to know what is hiding behind this article

this is the article that I have written about that mystery which they talk about?!! read more to know what is hiding behind this article



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They unlocked that mystery They unlocked that mystery Document Transcript

  • 4 THEY UNLOCKED THAT MYSTERY!! Years back we used to be at lecture hall with the HOD of anatomy Dr.Devayyah who used to say many useful things that cherished the knowledge of anatomy within us. I remember one particular day he said to all of us “woman’s mind is so mysterious than the depth of an ocean”he added again “even if you try to go deeper into it you would never reach there!!” Do you know what happened after he said that?! He put a big “?” in the minds of many one could figure out what this big “?” was!!It remained as a hidden mystery for a long long time. No too late or no too early this hidden mystery is going to be exploded which is going to have intensive explosive growth in you right now!! Yes, you are about to know this mystery. Yes, you are about to witness this secret!! Some times when men talks to a general woman (who keeps on talking her daily life stories) usually men can get lost in the middle of conversation and tries to pull off from the middle of conversation. Yes, some can find it difficult to stay listening to the whole story she keeps on saying. Rarely few understand what did she really meant by what she says. While some men can utilize this for Falling prey games even more dangerous than a normal conversation with a stranger!!I know that you are little bit feared right now!! But be in to your life!! “happy” if you do so then better lovely things are coming right now First of all I am going to expose the first secret that most of you even don’t know!! Yes!! The first secret is this “Each woman of this planet is Unique”simplifying again, No woman is like any other woman in reality. And the mechanism of the way their mind work is far away from what you really think! They are well known for their emotionality than everything of theirs. Sometimes they are known as emotional beings!!That’s what some call them. But sometimes I have to say they are even luckier than men. At communication level, her way of talk works on 2 principles: I call them 1.intro movement and 2.extro movement...Don’t Worry!! Because YOU won’t find This Anywhere!! Your mind has 3 properties!!Do you know what are they? Yes!! They are 1.thinking property (mostly in men) 2.emotional property (mostly in women) 3.feeling property (the most powerful).But all these properties are within you right now But at different levels and depths in your mind. Based on which property you adhere to even your body language, tonality of voice, the words you use and even your physiology changes extremely than you ever imagine!! Woman expresses her worries in public while a man suppresses his worries from public. She expresses in order to get an emotional she runs to her friends to talk about her problems in order to be getting a plenty of acceptance, warmth, comfort, affection, appreciation, to be deeply felt listened by her friends and to get a plenty of Love, Care and
  • Protection. While men suppress his problem in order to prevent it reaching public. (Because of reputations it matters to men than woman)But unfortunately this suppression leads to low EQ (emotional quoeffecient) while women share in order to maintain the emotional stability this is the reason WHY woman have a high EQ compared to men!! AND this is also the same reason WHY woman’s appears more at counseling roomss and WHY men commit a suicide!!As suicide rates are higher in men than woman!! BUT at feeling LEVEL of you heart YOU JUST NEED TO FEEL THINGS, IN ORDER TO MAKE YOUR PROBLEMS VANISH INTO NOTHING!! YES!! IntroMovement! What is introMovement?! What do you know about the IntroMovement?!! It is the deepest mystery of what they are talking about!!Yes!! It is the place in the woman’s mind where she keeps hiding all the secrets that she wishes to reveal!!The more you reach that place the more she opens up!!The far you go away the far she moves away from you!!For what she values those secrets more than even the gems and jewels under the deep blue see!!And it is more than what you imagine it again!!BECAUSE she won’t tell you what it is!! As You have to find what it is!!And she won’t ask you to ask her also!! Yes, a woman can understand a woman better than a man can understand a woman when she copes with stressBecause woman’s respond responds to their stress in daily life by talking it out and feeling listened!!AND MORE than this she have a TOTAL different psychological hardwiring of mental energy unlike men!! Yes!!a man can understand a man than a woman can understand a man when he copes with stress Because men responds to daily life stress by sitting somewhere alone and trying to figure out how to solve the problems and he will not END that process until it get solved and he won’t Like anyone who comes to talk with him at that time!!In order to get freed he jumps to his hobbies in order to get relief like football, cricket, and cinemas etc. BUT unfortunately both these procedures of men and woman can experience only a transient relief rather than a COMPLETE and total relief from stress!! Men are well known as thinking beings!!Yes, most of the time they are adhered to the thinking states of mind more than woman. Off course!!Some even can’t access to the emotional states as woman can do!!NOT ONLY MEN (even woman as she too uses these thinking states) are prone to addictions!!What addictions? Do you know what addictions they are? Yes!!,. I am explaining this simpler in order for you to understand things well:“Whoever adheres to the thinking state of mind will have numerous uncontrolled thoughts running through out in your mind here and there. It may be positive or negative!!It may be either thoughts pertained to the past memories or thoughts pertained to future memories!!More you are in the thought state the more you are addicted to thoughts in your mind!!It’s like an addiction to alcohol, smoking etc.!!The more you go away from the thought state the more calmness you feel in your mind and the more you feel tranquility of mind.” “Because when you look at this people they will be physically a body BUT when you look into their mind they would be carrying a burden of thoughts, Thoughts upon thoughts!!”
  • Extromovement! What is extromovement?! What do you know about extromovement?!! This is the most extreme problem that they talk about! What problems?!!Yes it is the unbearable forces from which men want to escape from and which woman wants to know about!!It is when a man possesses a hidden mysterious secrets that he wish to hide from others!!The more she approaches him the more he goes away from her!!And the more she goes away from her the more he comes towards her!!But unfortunately when she is so curious about what he have then she would put on series of unanswerable questions!!Questions upon questions!!In order to find out what he hides from others! She would be like a motor pump with a huge pipe put into man’s mind and evacuating even the tiniest secrets you possess!!UNFORTUNATELY it is like an AK 47 firing at him if she does so for him!!If you stop anywhere at the middle of conversation they would get angry at you for not completing the story. If you don’t even talk at all then she would have to imagine the worst about you!! Yes!! It is so.. Do you know why?!!Because it works on a simple principle known as TALK!!Yes this 4 lettered word is so weird than you ever imagine for a woman!!This is what it goes inside her mind: “TALK to me all about your day I will show you how I really care you ,you will feel good when you talk to me after talking to me I hope you will LISTEN to ALL what I am going to say to you!! NOW this thing “I hope you will LISTEN to ALL what I am going to say to you!!” is the thing that men can’t bear at all!!And HE would just RUN AWAY by offering some solutions to your problems!! Do you know why? Ha ha:D Because MRI studies of your brain show that woman can use both hemispheres at a time while men can only use only one hemisphere at a time. Yes, you are about to know how it affects you so deeply!! The listen and talk area (that is needed for better communication) is located in the left hemisphere AND the spatial problem solving area(needed for problem solving, how much to throw a ball, how much to kick a football etc) is located in the right hemisphere(that is needed for problem solving).AND woman’s develop listen and talk area more earlier than men and NOT ONLY THAT she will have an tremendous complex interneuronal connection which makes her efficient in being a good communicator UNFORTUNATELY MEN will have only a feeble few inteneuronal connections in listen and talk area of left hemisphere(if a woman have 20,000 words will only have 13,000 words per day) but more intensive and complex neurons atspatial problem solvingarea NOT to they can only stay in LAT area for few seconds then they would jump into SPS area as they can use only one hemisphere at a time unlike women who use both hemispheres at a time!!Because they use both hemispheres at a time they are able to simultaneously talk and find solution to a problem at the same time!AND this is the reason why woman often TALK without thinking and men often ACT without thinking!!And this is what commonly happens and which pushes you into more troubles in your life!!Yes, it’s true that your Brain is too much handicapped and useless!!When it comes to relationshipsAND there is NO DOUBT that Relationship is the most crucial factor that will be with you as long as you live because NO man cannot leave without it, as it is the most inevitable part of each and every single one’s life. YES!! It’s true!!Because what every single one seeks is a lovely and joyful and happy relationship!!Because everyone wants it in their life!!Andthere is no one in this world who loves Peace, love and harmony., What relationships seek deeply is unconditional love, endurance, humility, submissiveness, intimacy, unlimited patience ,perseverance, intending mercy to others, sincerity, intuitive insights, commitment, compassion, certainty of life, timelessness,truthfulness,honesty,healthy and mental wellbeing letting go and forgiveness to others!!Because all these are inner happening that can take place in any person at any place at any moment in any one’s life. And IT CAN HAPPEN IN YOU TOO if you only knew!! FAHAD BASHEER 2009 2009 View slide