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• Focus Area of the Project
• Access Interactive Mobile Services (AIMS)
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Focus Area of the Project
GENERAL CONCEPT OF TODAY’S WEB                                           MOBILE WEB SERVER
Access Interactive Mobile Services
                                              Mobile Service Host Application: Content ...
Access Interactive Mobile Services
                                                                 Remote Web Access to M...
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Access Interactive Mobile Services (AIMS) - An experience worth sharing


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The general long-term goal of the project Access Interactive Mobile Services (AIMS) is to target everyday mobile objects; however, our current development efforts target only the mobile phones. The AIMS project offers an innovative mobile application solution to transform your personal mobile phones from service consumers to service hosts. This enable the mobile phones to disseminate their content as services that may include calendars, contacts, gallery, location, and so on.

AIMS enables its users to gain remote IP access to the mobile services that are hosted on their own or their contacts' cell phones using a simple web interface. For this reason, the project AIMS is divided into parts; the mobile application and the remote web access application. The mobile application developed within AIMS enables the mobile phone user to allow or disallow the service access to its contacts by using a buddy list. The services developed within the scope of AIMS are hosted on the mobile phones and focuses on the aspects, such as, presence, messaging, remote configuration of contacts, call history and profiles, phone gallery etc. On the other hand, a remote web access application tightly integrates with the AIMS mobile application and its services. This application is used to remotely access and interact with the services provided by the mobile user. For each service, a web access interface is provided that brings the social and fun aspect to the application. For example, the user of the AIMS mobile application may allow his colleagues, friends and family to interact and consume the published mobile content using a simple web interface. The aspects of illegal access are also addressed by the project by defining a formal service access and registration procedure. The project AIMS is a first step towards a direct integration of the enterprise and mobile computing applications.

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Access Interactive Mobile Services (AIMS) - An experience worth sharing

  1. 1. Ericsson Application Awards Access Interactive Mobile Services ­ AIMS ­ ­ Team Members ­ Muzzamil Aziz Chaudhary, Shuja Jamil Shaikh, Fahad Aijaz RHEINISCH- WESTFÄLISCHE TECHNISCHE HOCHSCHULE AACHEN KOMMUNIKATIONSNETZE COMMUNICATION NETWORKS ComNets Communication Networks Research Group RWTH Aachen University Fahad Aijaz, ComNets, RWTH Aachen University
  2. 2. Outline • Focus Area of the Project • Access Interactive Mobile Services (AIMS) – Mobile Service Host Application • Content as a Service  CaaS – Remote Web Access to Mobile CaaS • Business Prospects with AIMS Fahad Aijaz, ComNets, RWTH Aachen University 2
  3. 3. Focus Area of the Project GENERAL CONCEPT OF TODAY’S WEB MOBILE WEB SERVER IP Access to Mobile Nodes High­tech Web Servers. CONSUMER + PROVIDER CONSUMER + PROVIDER Hosts Web Service and Resources. Transparent Access to the Clients. Neutral towards diverse clients. Mobile Consume Mobile Web Server Web Server Mobile Mobile Web Services Web Services TRANSPARENT REQUEST­RESPONSE ACCESS WEB SERVICES ­ Specialized functions ­ Internal process Publish + Search Publish + Search ­ Access interface Web Service Broker ­ Private Data ­ Multimedia ­ Websites RESOURCES Web Server Mobile Web Services Mobile Web Services Fahad Aijaz, ComNets, RWTH Aachen University 3
  4. 4. Access Interactive Mobile Services Mobile Service Host Application: Content as a Service  CaaS Mobile Mobile Phone IP xxx . xxx . xxx . xxx Web Server Web Services CONTACTS CALENDER PHONE SETTINGS LOCATION “Mobile Location” Ericsson Enabler Provides CALL LOGS PHONE GALLERY CHAT CAMERA Allowed buddies CaaS Hosted on a Mobile Phone The Mobile Service Host application provides a service development  Disallowed API to support business prospects for service providers. buddies BUDDY LIST Fahad Aijaz, ComNets, RWTH Aachen University 4
  5. 5. Access Interactive Mobile Services Remote Web Access to Mobile CaaS NEW INNOVATIVE SERVICES NEW INNOVATIVE SERVICES ­­sustainable ­ sustainable ­ ON Mobile Mobile Phone IP xxx . xxx . xxx . xxx Web Server INTERNET A TI C “Web Maps” LO Ericsson Enabler Web Services CHAT GA LL REMOTE ACCESS E RY REQUIREMENTS Provides 1. User must registered to the web  application for the remote access. Allowed 2. Registered users must add mobile  buddies host buddies to their web profiles. 3. Mobile host buddy must approve the  access of the web user. Allowed buddies 4. Registered users must login to the  mobile host using temporary access  code and IP. 5. Mobile host user may disable access  MOBILE CaaS MOBILE CaaS Disallowed to services at anytime. buddies ­­social & fun ­ social & fun ­ BUDDY LIST Fahad Aijaz, ComNets, RWTH Aachen University 5
  6. 6. Business Prospects with AIMS Mobile Mobile Phone IP xxx . xxx . xxx . xxx Web Server INTERNET Web Services Use cases in  Use cases in  automation  automation  New  New  Development  Development  sector, such  sector, such  applications  applications  of new and  of new and  Service  Service  as, Home  as, Home  integrating  integrating  innovative  innovative  development  development  Automation Automation mobile and  mobile and  mobile  mobile  with the  with the  enterprise  enterprise  services services provided API provided API computing computing Development  Development  Mobile  of strictly  of strictly  Mobile  Mobile  Mobile  Development  Development  network  private  private  Mobile  Mobile  network  devices offer  devices offer  of advanced  of advanced  terminals  mobile social  mobile social  operators  operators  terminals  location‐ and  location‐ and  multimedia  multimedia  other than  networks networks provide their  provide their  other than  context‐ context‐ and IMS  and IMS  phones  services with  services with  phones  based  based  mobile  mobile  provide CaaS contracts contracts provide CaaS services services services services Fahad Aijaz, ComNets, RWTH Aachen University 6