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Fahad mahmood database administrator

  1. 1. 9i. 10g, 11g Certified Oracle 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional FAHAD MAHMOOD Database Administrator / Application Database Administrator Email:fahaadmahmood@gmail.comCAREER OBJECTIVEUsing my 7 years expertise in Database Administration and Architecture, I can bring strong leadership andtechnical skills to your environment. My background is very diverse and will be an asset to yourorganization. I have extensive Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g and Oracle high availability like RAC and Dataguardexperience. I am also an E-Business Suite technical Database expert with 5 years experience all throughrelease 11i and 12i and hands on experience with SQL Server 2008. I am Energetic, self-starter withexcellent analytical and organizational skills and achieves goals, objectives and milestones in an accurateand consistent manner.PERSONAL INFORMATIONNationality: PakistanResident of: PakistanBirth date: 18 Sep, 1976Gender: MaleMarital Status: MarriedPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEPebble IT Australia, Fiji (Jul 2011 to date)Pebble IT is the leading company in providing Database Administration and Customized developmentsolutions in Australia and Fiji with more than 50 Clients including MYOB, ENERGETICS, YARRIS, STATEWATER, STANDARDS, ENGAGE, ADSTREAMS, ECN . I am a part of a team of 7 DBA’s providing theDatabase Administration services to our clients round the clock. The services include checking DatabaseHealth Checks, Dataguard Status, RAC performance, Backups, Tablespace usage, Database Growth, Diskusage, Disk load, user activity, performance tuning by running ADDM, AWR reports, SQL tuning advisors,memory parameters. Apart from these tasks also include the Daily Status Reporting to clients, weekly andmonthly Database Report, Highlighting the bottlenecks, proactively monitoring the systems and databases
  2. 2. and recommending for possible requirements for both hardware and software. SQL server 2005 and 2008installation, administration, cluster configuration, replication, backups, curtailing log files and diskmanagement are also responsibilities of my job.First Micro Finance Bank Ltd (FMFB) (Mar, 2010 – Jun 2011)The First Microfinance bank in the oldest microfinance bank in Pakistan which is currently providing loansfor small industries mainly in North belt of Pakistan. I worked as a Application Database Administratorand IT consultant for Databases Oracle and DB2. My duties include the Health Checks for Application,Backups, Tape Backups, Database Restoration, Cloning, Patching, Building Test servers for developers totest queries, estimating the Database Growth and working with different Hardware vendors andProcurement department for the purchase of new hardware and software.Network Centric Solutions Ltd UKSep, 2007 Feb, 2010http:// www.networkcentricsupport.comOracles #1 Partner of the Year for General Business - 2007Oracles #1 Partner of the Year for Small-Medium Business - 2006Oracles #1 Partner of the Year for Best Customer Success - 2006 - as voted for by Oracle at the Annual Oracle Partner Awards.Senior Oracle Database Administrator• The NCS (http:// www.networkcentricsupport.com) is a leading supplier of remote DBA support services in England and Wales. I am a member of a team of ten DBAs who support a variety of customer systems ranging from Oracle 8.1 to 11.2 and Oracle Applications 11i and 12, running on Linux, Solaris, HP UNIX and Windows. This included on call support outside normal business hours, trouble-shooting and project consultancy. Monthly Database Reports, Daily Checks, Database proactive Monitoring, Designing, Customizing the SQL queries, ASH reports, ADDM utilities, backups through RMAN, validation and cross check of backups, apply Critical Patch updates, Monitoring Disk usage, Database Growth percent to develop and deploy strategies. Monthly reports regarding Operating System and Database structure are also sent to the clients. These reports include the Database Growth, Disk Usage, Tablespace Usage, Row locks, Tablespace Fragmentation, Backups, ADDM and ASH reports. I used these languages PL/SQL, SQL, HTML at NCS. As a team member of highly skilled DBA’s at NCS I support the following clients. BEAM.TV is the leading digital global distribution network. I participated in installing RAC and Dataguard at BEAM.TV. I now provide remote database support 24/7 and proactive consultancy services, enabling BEAM.TV to concentrate on their core business. I also work on preparing Monthly Reports regarding Database Growth and Performance Tuning , Tablespace usage, Backups and User privileges.
  3. 3. Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) is the management company for five major newspapers – TheDaily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Evening Standard, London Metro, Irish Mail on Sunday, and theadvertising publication Loot. The company is based in Kensington and produces the southern editionsof its titles at its Docklands plant.ANL had installed Oracle RAC database technology and wanted to put a robust disaster recoverysolution in place utilizing Oracle DataGuard technology. The system would have to deliver fullresilience and 24/7 availability in order to meet tight, daily newspaper deadlines.NCS provides proactive, round-the-clock support in conjunction with ANL staff, together with on-demand consultancy services. This reduces ANL’s costs while providing a specialist technical resourcefor a mission-critical system as and when needed. To achieve this level of service, we built standbydatabases on site and synchronized these with the live production RAC. This involved creating astandby setup in which we connected RAC to two separate RAC standbys at two different locationsusing Oracle DataGuard Broker.NCS has deployed a Disaster Recovery Solution for the BMJ so that their operations work smoothlyand without hinder. A Dataguard solution with one physical and one logical standby has beendeployed. Daily checks are also sent to the client about the Database performance, Diskspace,Backups complete and sync status of the datguard.Penson provides financail services , I am supporting Oracle 10g Dataguard and SQL Server 2008 forthe Penson. Daily reports of databases including database uptime, scheduled patches, backups,performance tuning and grid control information is carried out to sent to Penson.Regarded as the world’s leading conservation body, WWF is one of NCS’ oldest clients. I as a teammember of DBA’s provide remote database support and consultancy services to WWF, enabling themto concentrate on their core business – safeguarding the natural world. The daily work includes themonitoring of databases, backups, user auditing and performance related issues.Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition has been installed on Diabetes site. Now NCS is working on upgrading ofOracle Database to 11g. I am working with other key members to test a upgrade on test server.Upgrade document has been prepaid by me as I have a good experiment in upgrading databases.
  4. 4. Ora-Tech Systems Pvt., Ltd. IslamabadFeb, 2004 to Aug, 2007Ora-Tech Systems is the first company which introduced Oracle in Pakistan in 1990.It has more than 200 clients in Pakistan and now spreading its branches in Afghanistan and Dubai.Technical Support OfficerPROJECTSMobilink GSM, Pakistan largest cellular company• Worked as part 24x7 team• Monitoring and optimize the performance of the databases• Maintain, Administer Oracle Databases and other Oracle products of Large DB Sizes.• Applications Cloning, Patching, Monitoring and tuning for the different instances.• Cloning oracle applications instance using rapid clone, autoconfig and database refreshes.• Applied Family packs using adpatch utility.• Troubleshooting both Database and Oracle Applications.• Resolved issues such as locking problems, rollback segments, connection problems, runaway processesand privileges.• Creating new user account, assigning roles and responsibility using system administration, scheduling andprioritize jobs.• Raising, updating and monitoring different TAR related activities.• Day to day support activities on oracle application instances as well Oracle databases that running forother applications.• Deploying Change management ProcessAttock Refinery, Petroleum Industry• Support and Monitor Oracle 11.5.10 Application instances• Applying Patches and Cloning 11i instances• Creation of Users, Responsibilities and Profile options• Applying Patches on application as well as database• Planning and Maintaining Database Backups through BCV (business continuity volume.)• Monitoring Concurrent Manager Activities• Expertise in monitoring the activities through various tools such as OEM.• Installation of Printers at Operating System level and then defining it in Oracle Applications.• Troubleshooting the apps issue.Orient Petroleum Industry• Administering Oracle Application System on Win 2000.• Backup and Recovery Administration• Cloned Multi node system to single node system (Rapid Clone).• Administering through Oracle Management Server (OEM).• Application System Administration and AOL• PatchingSpecial Communication Organization (SCO)
  5. 5. • Applications Cloning, Patching, Monitoring and tuning for the different instances.• Cloning oracle applications instance using rapid clone, autoconfig and database refreshes.• Applied Family packs using adpatch utility.• Troubleshooting both Database and Oracle Applications.• Monitoring Concurrent Manager activities• Expertise in monitoring the activities through various tools such as OEM.• Installation of Printers at Operating System level and then defining it in Oracle Applications.• Troubleshooting the apps issue.• Check the alert log• Monitoring tablespace size• Check the space availability on Database server• Check for daily backup• Checking invalid objects• Other trouble shooting activities.PETRONASInstallation, configuration and administration of MAXIMO 5.2Oracle database 9.2Creating and deploying reports.Creating users and granting privileges to them.DailyBackup.MOLInstallation, configuration and administration of MAXIMO 6Oracle database 9.2Creating users and granting privileges to them.RMANbackup.Installed and administered Dataguard with one physical node.PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS & TRAINING • Microsoft Certified IT Professional :Database Administrator 2008 • Oracle 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional. • Oracle Certified Professional (DBA) 11g • Oracle Certified Professional (DBA) 10g • Oracle Certified Professional (DBA) 9i • Linux System Admin RHEL 3 AS for Oracle (Conducted in Ora-Tech Systems) • Solaris System Admin for Oracle (Conducted in Ora-Tech Systems) • Oracle 10g Upgrade New Features (Conducted in Ora-Tech Systems) • Introduction to Oracle Developer Suite Conducted in Ora-tech Systems. • Oracle HRMS at Mobilink.Technical SkillsERP: Oracle Applications 12.0.1, 11.5.8, 11.5.9,11.5.10Database 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g.Oracle Weblogic
  6. 6. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cOracle Financials modules worked System AdministrationLinux (Red Hat A.S 2.1to E.S 6.1), Windows 2000 , 2003, 2008 ServerApps DBA Utilities AD utilities, Concurrent Manager, Patching, Setting Printers, CloningOracle Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA),Oracle NET 8 Configuration Assistant, RMAN, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Export/ImportInstallation/ configuration of Oracle 8i, 9i, 10G, 11gOracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) 10g, 11gHands on experience of Oracle upgrading from previous versions to 10gExperience of maintaining, performance, backup & recovery of large databasesStrong SQL & PL/SQL knowledgeProfessional experience on ERP 11i, 12iOCS 9i & 10g implementationLinux AS & Solaris working experienceStrong motivation & communication skillsTeam playerOracle 10g Grid implementation and managementProgramming Languages (,SQL,PL/SQL)Operating Systems (Redhat Linux 5,6 : Sun Solaris 8,9,10 :Windows Operating systems 9x,2k,XP.EducationNov 2004: Oracle University, Islamabad, PakistanCertification Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified ProfessionalSep 2000: Bachelors in Computer Science .Al Khair University AJK.May 1994: Hi School, Pre Engineering.PAF Intermediate College Chaklala.March 1992: Matriculation. Sir Syed Public School, Rawalpindi.Languages • English • French • Urdu • ArabicREFERENCESCanbe provided upon request.