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Marekting presentation farm house
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Marekting presentation farm house


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Published in: Business, Self Improvement
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  • 2. This is being uploaded just for new students guidance ,, & its was made solo by me in 4 mounts in spring 2010 Regards: FAHAD HAROON MBA (banking & finance)
  • 3. INTRODUCTION  Peek, Freans and Co was established in 1857.  In1861, company started exporting biscuits to Australia and later to other overseas destinations  In 1910, the company introduced their first cream sandwich biscuit, now known as a Bourbon biscuit,  in 1924 they established their first factory outside the UK, in Dum Dum India  English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd was established in 1965 with the name of Peek Freans Pakistan Ltd.(Joint venture Company)  EBM started manufacturing and marketing the world famous Peek Freans range in 1967  EBM contributes Rs. 1 billion annually to the national exchequer in taxes & duties & provides direct employment to over 2600 employees
  • 4. First Peek Freens Company Located at Bermondsey, London.
  • 5. COMPANY  Peek Freans biscuits are best known for their excellent quality and taste  The Pied Piper symbol is the most popular icon in the country  leading biscuit lovers to experience one superb product after another.  Focus on presenting the delight one cookies that being demanded since ever
  • 6. CUSTOMER  Customers are that who bought commodity for own uses either for some one else  Customer may be consumer by its self  Our company attracts the people who like to prefer to eat sophisticated biscuits as customers seek quality and taste in biscuits.
  • 7. COMPETITORS  Competitors are that who give out the same products / services but in different brands name  Our major competitors are - Continental Biscuits Limited (Bakery ) - Bisconni - Dany
  • 9. POLITICAL  In political environment, we study the govt. laws and agencies and their influences on the overall running of the firm  Political environment having affects on the Peek Freans (Farm House Cookies) , not directly but consumer , as when government impose various limits and taxes in the market  The quality being become far reached due to little high cost.
  • 10. ECONOMICAL  Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services  The growth of any economical condition is directly linked to FMCG commodities  The major factors fallout on biscuits industries: - Change in the Income level - Interest Rate prevailing in the company - Saving and borrowing rates
  • 11. SOCIAL  Social factor include the demographic & culture aspects.  These factors affect customer need as well as Peek Fraens products.  Health Consciousness Age Distribution Emphasis on Safety  
  • 12. TECHNOLOGICAL  Technology is way through good can avail in more efficient manner, the improvement & modification is become possible through technology.  Biscuit making is not a very high technology business. But technological progress has surely brought a few dramatic changes  Formation of the dough (soft elastic mixture of flour & water), Packaging, making sheets in which the biscuits are packed.  The machinery that is installed is very expensive and involves complex ovens and other tools.  The ovens are of various types. Previously, brick ovens were used in the biscuit industry.
  • 13. The various machinery used in biscuits manufacturing  Universal vertical mixer  Sugar pulverizing (crusher)  Rotary biscuits moulder  Electric baking moulder  Electric baking oven  Baking oven, fire bricks  Weighing scale  Tools and equipment
  • 14. S.T.P Analysis
  • 15. SEGMENTATION  Segmentation is the process of dividing market into distinct groups of buyers, who possess different characteristics, behaviors or requiring separate commodity  DEMOGRAPHICS Farm House segmented on demographically on Age : 15 – 54 Income : More than at least 500 per day Age and Life-Cycle: Taste conscious people The market either segmented in single way or be in several like; Obviously where company found prevail profit
  • 16. TARGETING  Targeting to Differentiated Market  Peek Freans Farm House Main target on the basis of demographics (Income and Age and Life-Cycle) stage.  As age and life cycle represent the taste in food, clothes. Furniture's, and recreation.  Peek Freans designed brand Farm House for whose income levels above than 500 daily.
  • 17. POSITIONING   Positioning is way to define product, product are created in factory but brands are created in the mind The Peek Freans Farm House position its brand in that such way , it is able to create more consumer involvement in EBM products We are adopting of the following positioning strategies:     On Product Attributes: 45 years of experience, in generating the quality of biscuits products Benefits: Hygiene & nourishment Classes of users: Farm House for taste & style conscious Against DANE/LU/Bisconni : We are dedicating to provide customer with more value in a standard price
  • 19. PRODUCT   A “product” consists of any good and service that can be offered to the market to satisfy a need or want Peek Freans (Farm House Cookies) product is cookies by the company.    Core Product: coconut crunch as exquisitely backed cookies. Actual product: Farm House Cookies are tasteful blend of freshly milled wheat, farm fresh dairy products. Aromatic, crisp gourmet. Augmented product: Provide tastes and hygiene as well as nutritional ingredients.
  • 20. PRICE  "Price" is one of the most important "P" of the marketing Mix. Pricing is important because it is a reward to the company  Price is the amount of money charged against a product or service  Company proving 2 offers for availing - one is available in Rs: 35/- containing 5 cookies - second is available in Rs: 65/- containing 11 cookies
  • 21. PLACEMENT  Placement represents the location where a product can be purchased  Peak Freans uses “Indirect Marketing Channels” who can cater the size of Peek Freans FARM HOUSE cookies & its consumer base.  In actual there are 509 distributor These distributors are given clear instructions regarding the selection of the retailer and to make sure that the retailer   Places the product along with its major competitors like “Bisconi, LU, DANE”. Displays the sachets distinctly.
  • 22. PROMOTION  Promotion represents to get the desire result from your customers What make a company’s products known to its consumers? - Its physical existence on shelve of the store  Peek Freans (Farm House) using the Advertising PROMOTION STRATEGY… (push strategy) - Print media - Electronic media Using ATL (Above the line) Activities: Because we are using the print / electronic media for the advertisement of our product.
  • 23. CONCLUSION  However, we would like to identify the following points of importance in this report:  Focus on profitable brands. Divest brands that are low market share holders and loss makers. Concentrate more on Value Based Pricing Strategy.  
  • 24. RECOMMENDATION  Have to create public relation in promotion strategy because of most of people prefer imported biscuits
  • 25. Any ? THANKYOU