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  • 1. Hello! I’m Fahad Akhlaq. This is my Social Media resume
  • 2. I’m a Durham college student, in second year Police Foundation and also an expert in social media .
  • 3.
    • My main objective is to show people the benefits of social media and encourage them to use it as well.
  • 4. Some skills that I have aquired.
    • Blogging .
    • Social Bookmarking .
    • When and Where to use Social Media in Business .
    • How to use Social Media in Education .
  • 5. I want to help everyone take charge in controlling our world and help move it towards a better furture .
  • 6. I’m a Social Media student. I have done many Social media assignments to help me succeed in my goal.
  • 7. As I show you some of the things I’ve done and what knowledge I gained from it.
        • Learned how to use social media web based tools.
    • How to make my own wiki page.
        • How to edit other students wiki pages.
  • 9. Blogging.
    • Learned how to create my own blogger account.
    • Learned ways to comment on other blogs.
    • Learned ways that social media has shaped our life.
    • Gained knowledge.
  • 10. HOW HAS SOCIAL MEDIA HELPED BUSINESSES ? Social Media based apps like Foursquare and Dopplr has helped businesses greatly. I have the Skills TO use this software in any Business and know the pros and cons of using it.
  • 11. With my knowledge and skills received from social media course… I have created my OWN way to use social media in education. This means, I have the ability to create ideas. Can be very useful in any working environment..
  • 12. Don’t want to disclose to much now…
  • 13. Enough about me. HOW can I HELP you ?
  • 14. How to Connect wit me…
    • [email_address] .
    • [email_address]