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Building a social media home base
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Building a social media home base


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A primer for those new to social media who want to know what it's all about and how to get started!

A primer for those new to social media who want to know what it's all about and how to get started!

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. MSOE Summer in the City, 2012BUILDING A SOCIAL MEDIA HOME BASE
  • 2. FOCUS “Entry Level” Social Media Personal vs. Professional Purpose Understanding Social Media Developing a Personal Social Media Strategy Privacy and Security How to Begin The Future?
  • 3. QUOTE Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living. Nicholas Negroponte Read more at pic_computers.html#38ppeR2mefRh14wG.9 9
  • 4. SOCIAL MEDIA ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media Revolution 2012
  • 5. OPTIMIZING YOUR SOCIAL WEB PRESENCE Interactivity Sharing Collaboration Web Web Web 1.0 2.0 3.0
  • 6. AUDIENCE STATUS – SOCIAL MEDIA USE Do you currently have an account on:  Facebook? A Blog?  Twitter?  LinkedIn?  YouTube?  Flickr? How much do you use these tools? How much do others use these tools?
  • 7. PRIVACY AND SECURITY Assume PERMANENCE Use CAUTION Only access from the OFFICIAL site Don’t share PERSONAL data Assume everything is PUBLIC
  • 8. QUOTE Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. Mitchell Kapor Read more at pic_technology.html#uv28WEzfQekOVmbQ. 99
  • 9. START HERE… Create a blog – WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr Create a Facebook account Create a Facebook page (business) Create a LinkedIn account Get a Twitter account Get a Flickr account Get a YouTube account
  • 10. BLOGS AND BLOGGING Web Log def ( - "A type of website with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.“
  • 11. WHY BLOG? Be “heard”! Constantly updated content Gives visitors a reason to return Become an EXPERT in your field Search Engine Optimization ENGAGEMENT with others
  • 12. CREATE A FREE BLOG ACCOUNT Example: Research and select a blog site: http://blog-services- “NOW that I have a blog, what should I do with it?”
  • 13. HOW TO BLOG? Add a minimum of 2 entries per month 1000 words or less per entry Blogs are NOT press releases Include interactive/multimedia element with EACH post Enable comments Only filter comments if explicit or spam Integrate all of your other social media platforms
  • 14. FACEBOOK – PERSONAL AND BUSINESS Connect Share Archive Raise awareness Build community
  • 15. CREATE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT Go to: Critique of Facebook Facebook Privacy Settings 10 Facebook Privacy Settings You Need to Know NOW I have a Facebook account, how do I “facebook”?
  • 16. HOW TO “FACEBOOK”… EVERYDAY: Read, respond, share, post WEEKLY: Feed your blog posts. Use the paid advertising IMPORTANT: Friend pages are for individuals; Fan pages are for businesses.
  • 17. LINKEDIN – PROFESSIONAL NETWORK Your virtual resume? 50+ million accounts: individuals and groups The best Rolodex EVER Connect and Re-connect Lead generation
  • 18. HOW TO GET LINKEDIN… Create an account: NOW that I have a LinkedIn account, how do I get linked in?  Create a personal profile  Send link requests to direct contacts  Send link requests to others LinkedIn Best Practices LinkedIn Best Practices for Entrepreneurs
  • 19. HOW TO GET “LINKED IN”…EVERYDAY Follow up on messages/requests Check in on your contacts Post a status update.WEEKLY Feed your blog posts Answer questions/Make recommendations Join groups Use the search feature for lead generation Get serious, and get focused!
  • 20. TWITTER – NOT JUST FOR THE BIRDS Send or receive 140 character messages (TWEETS) You opt in to FOLLOW users whose content you want to receive. 100+ million users/20% active Very engaged and active Stay in touch Search/lead generation Tweets indexed by Google
  • 21. HOW TO TWITTER… Create an account: Twitter Best Practices NOW that I have a twitter account…
  • 22. JOINING THE TWITTERATI… DAILY: Post links, “retweet” content, share your blog Engage prominent personalities Feed your blog Press release distribution Use it or don’t make one
  • 23. YOUTUBE – BECOME A STAR (CAREFULLY) 2 billion videos watched daily No. 2 search engine after Google (?) Reaches visually-oriented market Improves search optimization
  • 24. HOW TO YOUTUBE… Get an account: Now that I have a YouTube account…
  • 25. HOW TO YOUTUBE… QUARTERLY:  Post a new video MONTHLY:  Share other Youtube content Integrate into your blog with embed feature. Invest in a video camera/hire a video production company VIDEO TOPICS to CONSIDER:  Use "photo-based" video software with animation  Create how-to tutorials  Create video tours of a facility, or event wrap ups.  Post videos as "replies" to already existing and related content.
  • 26. THE FUTURE Mobile, mobile, mobile…did I mention mobile? Pinterest – already here, and growing Diaspora – open source social networking “The Dynamic Customer Journey” Sunset of Email Marketing? Creation of unique new jobs/career paths
  • 27. MORE ON SOCIAL MEDIA/SOCIAL BUSINESS? MSOE + 7 Summits Agency bring you: Certification 1: Social Media Specialist Certification 2: Community/Social Media Manager Certification 3: Social Business Strategist Learn more/sign up at: