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Capabilities and Software Solutions provided by Fafadia Tech.

Capabilities and Software Solutions provided by Fafadia Tech.

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  • 1. Fafadia Tech
    Sidharth Shah
  • 2. Summary
    Website Designing
    Online Web Applications
    Community and Forums
    Mobile Applications
    Data Analysis and Mining
    Custom Software Solutions
  • 3. Website Design
  • 4. Website Design(Value Added Services)
    Search Engine Integration
    Web Analytics Integration
    Facebook and OpenSocial Application
    Flash Intro and Demo
    Flash Games
    Log mining
    Web Application Audit
  • 5.
  • 6. Online Applications
    Data Collections and Surveys
    OLTP – Supply Chain monitoring
    RFQ and Order Tracking systems
    Digital Archive of Documents
    Leads Management System
    Custom Reports
    Track items, section and website
    Mashups: Maps, Feeds etc
    E.g. Track Stock Opinions across different sites
  • 7. Community and Forums
    Discussion Boards
    Custom Social Network
    Mass Mailers and List Servers
  • 8. Mobile Applications
    J2ME Application Development
    iPhone Application Development
    Android Application Development
  • 9. Data Analysis and Mining
    Infrastructure to collect and analyze data
    Corporate Dashboards and Analytics
    Association Analysis/ Market Basket Analysis
    Market research using open tools
    User clustering and segmentation
    Log Analysis and auditing
  • 10. Case Study: Wal-Mart
    At Wal-Mart, Worlds Largest Retail Data Warehouse Gets Even Larger
    Wal-Marts Retail Link decision-support system between Wal-Mart and its suppliers. Retail Link allows suppliers to access large amounts of online, real-time, item-level data to help those suppliers improve operations
    What Walmart knows about Consumer Habbits
    Gathering data about the effectiveness of your operation, whatever it is, and then being able to turn around and feed that back into your process almost real-time, to cut costs and improve profits and productivity efficiently, is every CEO’s dream
  • 11. Custom Software Solutions
    Specialized Systems with greater degree of control
    Integration of different modules