Cambridge Placement Test


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Cambridge Placement Test.

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Cambridge Placement Test

  1. 1. What is CPT• An online adaptive test• Covers Listening, Reading and Language Knowledge• Place candidates at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from Pre-A1 – C2
  2. 2. ResultsResults are reported as an overall score on a scale of 0-100,indicating the level on the Council of Europe’s Common EuropeanFramework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from Pre-A1 – C2. Score CEFR level 90-100 C2 (Mastery) 75-89 C1 (Effective proficiency) 60-74 B2 (Vantage) 40-59 B1 (Threshold) 20-39 A2 (Waystage) 10-19 A1 (Breakthrough) 0-9 Pre-A1
  3. 3. Technical Requirements Technical Requirements for PCs Minimum RecommendedProcessor Pentium® II 450 MHz Pentium III 800 MHzRAM 256 MB 512 MBFree hard drive space 2 GB 4 GBScreen resolution 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024Operating system Windows® 2000 Pro Windows XP Pro or laterInternet connection 512 kbps 1 MbpsInternet Explorer v6 v7Adobe Acrobat® v6 v 6 or laterAdobe Flash Player® v 9.0 v 10.0 or laterJava Runtime Environment v5 v6Other Sound card and Sound card and headphones headphones
  4. 4. Technical Requirements Applications to DownloadYou can download the latest version of Adobe FlashPlayer from can download the latest version of Java RuntimeEnvironment from
  5. 5. Technical Requirements Diagnostic ToolsThis tool will automatically inform you if yourcomputer has the correct technicalspecifications to run the test.
  6. 6. Technical Requirements Bandwidth CheckerThis tool will automatically inform you if yourcomputer has sufficient bandwidth to be able torun the test.
  7. 7. Technical Requirements Configuring Internet Explorer on Candidate’s PC1. In Internet Explorer 7, open the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.2. On the Security tab, click the “Trusted sites” icon and then the Sites button.3. In the “Add this Web site to the zone” field, type the following address: www.cpt.cambridgetest.org5. Click the Add button.6. Click the Close button.7. If the Default Level button is enabled, click it.8. With “Trusted sites” still selected, move the slider in the lower part of the Internet Options box to the Medium-Low position. (The setting applies only to the websites in your Trusted Sites security zone.)9. Click the OK button.
  8. 8. Technical Requirements Adjust the Pop-Up Blocker Setting1. In Internet Explorer 7, open the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.2. On the Privacy tab, in the Pop-Up Blocker section, click Settings.3. In the “Address of website to allow” field, type the following address: www.cpt.cambridgetest.org6. Click the Close button.7. Click the OK button.
  9. 9. Technical Requirements Allow Access to Local Clipboard1. On Candidate PCs, the Cambridge English Placement Test needs to be able to clear the local clipboard to help prevent Candidates copying and printing questions. (The following procedure applies only to sites in the Trusted Sites zone.)2. On Candidate PCs, in Internet Explorer 7, open the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.3. On the Security tab, select Trusted Sites and click the Custom Level button.4. Scroll down to the Scripting section (near the bottom).5. Under “Allow Programmatic clipboard access”, select Enable. (In Internet Explorer 6, this option is called “Allow paste operations via script”.)6. Click the OK button.7. Click the OK button again.
  10. 10. Instructions for Candidates• 30 minutes to do the test.• No set number of questions for you to answer but you must answer enough for your English language level to be calculated.• The progress bar on the right of the screen shows you whether you are moving through the test quickly enough.• The test begins with Reading and Use of English tasks and then has Listening tasks.• You will need headphones for the Listening tasks.
  11. 11. Instructions for Candidates
  12. 12. Instructions for Candidates
  13. 13. Instructions for Candidates 700314106767 SK Putrajaya Key in your Identity Card Key in the name of your number school or organisation.
  14. 14. Instructions for Candidates
  15. 15. Instructions for Candidates
  16. 16. Instructions for Candidates
  17. 17. Instructions for Candidates
  18. 18. Instructions for Candidates
  19. 19. Instructions for Candidates
  20. 20. Instructions for Candidates
  21. 21. Instructions for Candidates
  22. 22. Instructions for Candidates
  23. 23. Instructions for Candidates
  24. 24. Instructions for Candidates
  25. 25. Instructions for Candidates Click on the Question number on the right and the question will appear on the left panel.
  26. 26. Instructions for Candidates
  27. 27. Instructions for Candidates
  28. 28. Demo TestTry a demo test. tutorial shows how to answer differentquestion types. To take the demo test, enter thetoken DEMCPTE1. Please note that the demo testis not adaptive and does not give a score.
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