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Malaysian cuisine is a kaleidoscope of exotic dishes, spicy Malay food, a wide range of delicious Chinese recipes, exotic styles from North and South India as well as Indonesian and Portuguese influences. At Melur London we have house and lunch specials that are regularly updated and offer really good value, healthy balanced meals.

Our starters include tasty traditional favorites such as Satay, Roti Canai and Chicken or try our “Melur Combo” taster selection. Our main courses and desserts showcase recipes from different Malaysian states such as Penang and Malaka. Our house specialties feature Singapore Laksa, Nasi Lemak and a selection of mouth watering, spicy fish, lamb and chicken curries.

We offer a number of set meals that let you sample a variety of Malaysian styles or of course you can order from our à la carte menu if you prefer.

We can also cook Malaysian dishes that are not listed on the menu, given sufficient time to acquire special ingredients and and to prepare the dishes. It has proved very popular for private functions.

We are delighted to serve you Halal cuisine.

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Melur Menu 2013

  1. 1. HALALMalaysia & Indonesia Cuisine OUR SPECIALITIES LOBSTER | £25.00 Lobster Noodles • In osyter sauce and ginger [recomended] • Black beans sauce CRAB | £15.00 • Special spicy Melur sauce [recomended] • Ginger and oyster sauce • Malay style curry Opening Times 12.00 noon - 23.00 pm daily Except Sunday until 22.30 pm 020 7706 8083 175A Edgware Road London W2 1ET W: E:
  2. 2. SELERA MALAYSIA & INDONESIASET MENU We served all days, from 12pm - 23.00pmMENU A | £25.50 per person MENU B | £21.50 per person MENU C | £19.50 per person (Minimum 2 persons) (Minimum 2 persons) (Minimum 2 persons)• Sup Nelayan • Vege Mixed Platter • Soup Seafood soup Satay sayur, corn fritters, tempura, potato cake Choice of soup from the soup menu• Mixed Platter • Gado Gado • Ayam Bawang Putih Satay, prawn fritters, chicken crisp and Popular Indonesian salad with peanut sauce Fried chicken on the bone with crispy garlic stuffed chicken wings• Rendang Daging • Sambal Tauhu • Daging Masak Kicap Tofu cooked with sambal sauce Beef slices cooked in sweet soya sauce Slow cooked beef in spicy coconut gravy • Tempeh Goreng • Sambal Udang• Green Curry Seabass Prawns fried in sambal sauce Seabass and vegetables curry Fried fermented soya beans• Udang Bawang Putih • Sayur Campur • Acar Rempai Mixed pickle Prawns fried with crispy garlic Seasonal vegetables stir fry with garlic• Gado-Gado or ginger • Nasi Goreng Telur • Nasi Kelapa Egg fried rice Popular Indonesian salad with peanut sauce Coconut Rice • Kuih Dadar• Nasi Goreng Telur Pandan pancake stuffed with dessicated cocunut Egg fried rice • Pisang Goreng Banana fritters served with a scoop of ice cream • Coffee or tea• Lemon Cake Ice Cream• Coffee or Tea • Coffee or TeaMENU D | £17.50 per person (Minimum 2 persons)• Ayam Goreng Berempah Chicken fillet fried in light batter, served with sweet chilli sauce• Rendang Daging Slow cooked beef in spicy coconut gravy• Gado-gado Popular Indonesian salad with Peanut Sauce• Sambal Udang Prawns fried in sambal sauce• Nasi Goreng Telur Egg Fried Rice• Pisang Goreng Banana fritters served with a scoop of ice cream• Coffee or Tea Picture of Set Menu C CHEF’S SPECIALS | £6.95 Served from 12.00pm - 6.00pm. Weekdays only Pick any of the following: • Nasi Campur Plain Rice, Mixed Pickles, Fried Chicken and Fish Curry • Nasi Goreng Nyonya + DrinkLUNCH SPECIALS Served from 12.00pm - 6.00pm. Weekdays only Fried rice with eggs, vegetables, chicken and shrimpsSET 1 | £6.95 SET 2 | £9.95 • Mee Goreng Mamak + Drink• Fried Rice | Fried Noodles • Fried Rice | Fried Noodles Spicy fried egg noodles with chicken and vegetables• Satay Sweker • Satay Sweker • Char Kway Teow + Drink• Fried Chicken • Fried Chicken Stir fried flat noodles with seafood and chicken• Fried Egg • Fried Egg • Char Kway Teow Istimewa• Vegetables Pickle • Vegetables Pickle Stir fried flat noodles with side fried chicken, pickled vegetables,• Prawn Crackers • Prawn Crackers fried egg, satay and prawn cracker • Pisang Goreng (Desert) • Mee Hoon Goreng + Drink • Rose Syrup (Drink) Fried vermicelli with shrimp, egg, chicken and vegetables • Kway Teow Sup + Drink Flat noodles with seafood and chicken in clear suop Choice of drinks for the offer: Coke | Diet Coke | SpriteRijsttafel | £10.90Popular Indonesian ricetableConsists of meat, chicken,seafood and vegetablesin one sitting with soupof the day to start with
  3. 3. STARTER 34. Kangkung Belacan £7.251. Mixed Platter (ideal for sharing) £9.90 Morning glory cooked in shrimp paste Selection of satay, prawn fritters, sesame prawn 35. Sayur Campur £6.95 toasts, spring rolls, stuffed chicken wings & prawn Seasonal vegetables stir fry with garlic or ginger crackers 36. Kari Sayur £6.952. Vegetarian Mixed Platter £8.90 Seasonal vegetables in a Malaysian Curry Selection of tofu satay, sweet corn fritters, vegetables tempura, potato cake3. Mixed Grilled Sizzler £9.90 CHICKEN DISHES Consists of chicken wings, lamb chops and kofta 37. Ayam Bawang Putih £6.904. Aneka Satay £6.80 Fried chicken on the bone with crispy garlic Six skewers of marinated chicken, beef and lamb 38. Ayam Berlada Merah | Hijau £6.905. Satay Sayur £5.80 Fried chicken on the bone with crushed red or Six skewers of marinated “vegetarian peking duck” green chillies 6. Udang Bungkus £5.25 39. Rendang Ayam £7.25 Slow cooked chicken in spicy coconut gravy Four fried wrapped prawns 40. Ayam Bumbu Bali £7.257. Ayam Goreng Berempah £5.90 Fried chicken breast topped with sweet and sour Chicken fillet in light batter chilli Balinese style8. Roti Udang Bijan £4.25 41. Green Curry £6.90 Savoury prawn toast topped with sesame seeds Thai chicken and vegetables curry9. Bakwan £3.95 42. Sambal Ayam Goreng £6.90 Mixed vegetables tempura Fried chicken on the bone with sambal sauce10. Begedil Jagung £3.95 43. Kari Ayam £6.90 Sweet corn fritters Malaysian Chicken curry on the bone11. Keropok Udang £3.25 44. Ayam Percik £7.25 Prawn crakers Grilled chicken topped with coconut sauce12. Keropok Emping £3.75 45. Ayam Masak Chili £6.90 Bitter gourd crackers Chicken cooked in chillies13. Roti Canai £4.25 Malaysian bread served with gravy | curry sauce BEEF DISHES14. Sayap Ayam Goreng £3.95 46. Rendang Daging £7.90 Fried marinated chicken wings Slow cooked beef in spicy coconut gravy15. Popiah Goreng £3.75 47. Sambal Daging Goreng £7.90 Vegetables spring rolls Fried beef slices in sambal sauce16. Bergedil £3.75 48. Daging Masak Kicap £7.90 Potato cakes Beef slices cooked in sweet soya sauce17. Sotong Goreng £4.25 49. Dendeng Belado £7.90 Squid fritters Crispy dry beef in sambal sauce with potatoes18. Soft Shell Crab £5.70 Fried with Chilli and Garlic19. Stuffed Chicken Wings £4.25 LAMB DISHES20. Tempe Goreng £3.95 50. Sambal Kambing Goreng £7.50 Fried lamb chops with green chillies 51. Kambing Bakar £7.50 Grilled lamb chop garnished with sweet soya sauce SOUPS 52. Kari Kambing £7.5021. Tom Yum £3.90 Lamb curry with potatoes Popular Thai hot and sour soup with chicken or seafood 53. Gulai Kambing £7.50 Hot green lamb curry, Padang style22. Tom Kha £3.90 Popular Thai coconut soup with chicken or seafood23. Soto Ayam £3.90 SQUID DISHES Soup with chicken, rice vermicelli, vegetables and eggs 54. Sambal Sotong £6.95 Squids in sambal sauce24. Sup Sayur £3.90 55. Sotong Bawang Putih £6.95 Vegetables soup Squids fried with crispy garlic25. Sup Kambing £4.50 56. Kari Sotong £6.95 Lamb soup Squids curry sauce with aubergine VEGETABLE DISHES FISH DISHES26 . Gado-gado £6.90 Popular Indonesian salad with Peanut Sauce 58. Ikan Asam Pedas £8.90 Salmon cutlets in spicy tamarind sauce27. Tauhu Telur £7.75 59. Ikan Panggang £8.90 Tofu omelette with sweet and sour sauce or Grilled Mackerel served with soya sauce peanut sauce 60. Ikan Bumbu Bali £8.9028. Tauhu Goreng £6.95 Fried Mackerel in Balinese Sauce Beansprouts, fried tofu and cucumber with peanut sauce 61. Kari Ikan £8.90 Seabass cutlets curry with aubergine29. Sayur Lodeh £6.95 Mixed vegetables with a mild coconut gravy 62. Kari | Sup Kepala Ikan £8.90 Popular Malaysian fish head curry or soup   30. Sayur Lemak £6.95 Mixed vegetables with a spicy coconut soup 63. Ikan Siakap £19.50 Whole Seabass pan fried, steamed or sambal32. Choi Sum £6.95 Popular Asian vegetable with ginger or oyster sauce 67. Ikan Belado £13.50 Deep fried sea bream with sambal sauce33. Sambal Goreng Terung £6.95 Fried aubergines in sambal sauce with or 68. Ikan Goreng Dua Rasa £14.50 without anchovies Butterfly seabream with 2 different sambal sauces
  4. 4. PRAWN DISHES DESSERTS 69. Udang Bawang Putih £8.50 93. Kuih Dadar £4.50 Prawns fried with crispy garlic Pandan pancake stuffed with dessicated cocunut 70. Sambal Udang £8.50 94. Pisang Goreng £4.50 Prawns fried in sambal sauce Banana fritters served with a scoop of ice cream 71. Kari Udang £8.50 95. Sago Gula Melaka £4.50 Prawn curry with aubergine Sago cooked in coconut milk served with palm sugar 72. Udang Masak Pedas £8.50 Fried king prawns with sauteed onions and chillies 96. Onde-onde £4.50 Rice dumplings with coconut sugar 97. Lemon cake ice cream £4.50 RICE DISHES 98. Lempeng Pandan £4.50 73. Nasi Goreng Nonya £7.25 Pancake with banana & honey served with a Fried rice with eggs, vegetables, chicken and shrimp scoop of ice cream 74. Nasi Goreng Kampung £7.25 99. Toffee Apple | Banana £4.50 Fried rice with shrimp paste, anchovies and Served with a scoop of ice cream vegetables 100. Air Batu Kacang (ABC) £4.50 75. Nasi Lemak £7.80 Popular Malaysian shaved ice with syrup and beans Coconut rice served with fried chicken, sambal 101. Ice Cream £4.50 anchovies, hardboiled egg, mixed pickle, Selection of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. cucumber and peanuts 102. Honey Pot ice cream £4.50 76. Nasi Goreng Telur £3.20 Vanilla ice cream topped with honey, toffee Egg fried rice and nuts 77. Nasi £2.50 103. Flute Hazelnut ice cream £4.50 Plain rice Ice cream with chocolate topped with pieces of 78. Nasi Kelapa £2.80 hazelnut Coconut Rice       104. Strawberry Flute ice cream £4.50 Ice cream topped with mixed berries NOODLES 79. Mee Goreng Mamak £7.25 BEVERAGES Spicy fried egg noodles with chicken and vegetables FRESH JUICES £3.20 80. Char Kuay Teow £7.25 Orange | Apple | Carrot Spicy stir fried noodles with seafood and chicken JUICES £2.10 81. Mee Hoon Goreng £7.25 Lychee, Passionfruit, Guava,Mango, Cranberry, Fried vermicelli in shrimp, egg, chicken Pineapple and vegetables SOFT DRINKS 82. Phad Thai £7.25 Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Tango (330ml) £1.95 Flat rice noodles with chicken and seafood Ginger Beer (330ml) £1.95 83. Kuey Teow Soup £7.25 Tonic Water, Soda Water (200ml) £1.95 Flat noodles with seafood and chicken in clear soup WATER 84. Kari Laksa £7.25 Still and Sparkling Water (750ml) £2.95 Yellow noodles in curry soup with seafood or chicken COFFEE | TEA Espresso £1.95 85. Ketoprak £6.80 Double Espresso £1.95 Rice vermicelli with tofu and rice cake, topped with Americano, Cappucino, Latte, Hot Chocolate £2.45 peanut sauce and emping Jasmine Tea, Green Tea £1.95 MALAYSIAN DRINKS TRADITIONAL DISHES Teh Tarik Milo £3.00 £3.20 86. Sambal Belacan £2.00 Nescafe Tarik £3.00 Chilli with shrimp paste Chendol £3.50 87. Sambal Petai Ikan Bilis £7.25 Bandung £2.40 Anchovies in petai seeds Jug of Bandung £8.00 88. Sambal Petai Udang £8.90 NON ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS Prawns in petai seeds Melur Special £2.90 Guanabana juice, gomme syrup, lime and lemon grass 89. Ikan Bilis £6.20 Strawberry Puree and Lemonade £2.90 Deep fried anchovies. Dried or in sambal sauce Apple juice, gomme syrup, lime & strawberry purée 90. Acar Rempai £3.95 Lychee and Rose Petal £2.80 Mixed pickle Lychee juice, rose petal syrup, lime juice 91. Telur Dadar £5.95 COOLERS Malaysian omelette with onions and chillies Strawberry, Peach and Passion Fruit £2.80 92. Sambal Goreng Campur £5.95 Strawberry purée, peach purée and passion juice Tofu, aubergine, peanut and anchovies in Coconut, Guava and Grapes £2.80 sambal sauce Guava juice, coconut cream and grapes ICE TEA Raspberry and Vanilla Ice Tea £2.80 Lemon juice, raspberry purée and jasmine tea Fig, Pepper and Cinnamon Ice Tea £2.80 Cinnamon syrup, fig purée, black pepper and jasmine tea Grape and Apple Ice Tea £2.90 Apple juice, grape and jasmine tea Ice Lemon Tea £2.40 We are unable to guarantee that any of aour dishes will not contain nuts as! we make our peanut sauce fresh on the premises We accept all major credit/debit cards Find us: Melurlondonv Suitable for vegetariansp Contain Peanuts Minimum payment for credit card is £10. HALAL Become a fan A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added tos Spicy for our latest news and offers your bill.