Self Development


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Self Development

  1. 1. important things about life By Fahad Ul Hasan for Self Development
  2. 2. perfect reasons why you need to here are some of the important ones What you do with your mind will determine what you can do with your life. "When you stop fighting yourself and become your best friend, then you will have true success and happiness"
  3. 3. all the things that begin to happen the instant you stop hoping someone else will do things for you you alone are responsible for your own self-development
  4. 4. you alone are responsible accept that only you are responsible for your own development for your own self-development for your success in life for your own happiness for all things you cause right or wrong
  5. 5. stop hoping someone else will do the learning for you accept that only you are responsible for your own success never hope someone else will simply hand it to you or wave a magic wand accept that only you are accountable for every choice you make in your life nobody else is. just you are
  6. 6. a new attitude towards change you must your one guarantee in life aside from death, is that change will happen stop hoping you never need to change many times will arrive when you will need to
  7. 7. humour you must to be able to laugh at yourself, at others and life is a blessing your humour is infectious and will bring happiness to others & make them smile
  8. 8. positive thoughts you must without a positive attitude you will struggle to nurse your dreams to create something great to nurture it to innovate to help you grow to become the success you want to be
  9. 9. determination you must to make dreams become a reality requires tenacity and steely determination only you can provide the tenacious resolve to succeed… no-one else can do it for you
  10. 10. respect you must first, you must learn to respect yourself before you can learn to respect other people, their values, their freedom, their equality and their property and respect nature & the environment
  11. 11. because someday you will need to take care of their wellbeing parents & family you must be the one they can rely on be their rock, their defender community needs your care
  12. 12. they support you through good & bad times friends you must you must support them through their bad times too. or risk losing them
  13. 13. speak it, think it, be it truth you must because we expect it from you don’t disappoint us
  14. 14. honour & values you must without honour you may devalue your existence do you know and stand by your personal values? if you don’t know yours, establish them immediately REMEMBER : do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  15. 15. you will be called upon to make judgements fairness & integrity you must above all, apply the truth remain steadfast…. stay true…. do not be inconsistent. you may not win friends but people will respect you for your consistency
  16. 16. Lets get