Top Fat Loss Secrets Revealed


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All Tips of Fat Loss Secrets are revealed in that link..

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Top Fat Loss Secrets Revealed

  1. 1. ==== ====All Top Fat Loss Secrets Are Combined In The Link Below,Check it Out: ====Im guessing you have tried to lose weight before, and in your attempt to do so you may havefailed. The truth is that its not your fault and you must know what the true cause of weight gain isand how you can overcome it. The truth may shock you! Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, exposes themost well kept secret in the fat loss industry which explains why many weight loss programssimply fail.This article will explain why you currently cannot lose fat permanently, and how to change thatonce and for all.Are you trying to decide if you want to purchase the eBook called "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" byDr. Suzanne Gudakunst? Read my review as I give you my honest opinion and professionalopinion as my line of work is in this field.There are many so called weight loss eBooks being sold all over the internet. Most of theinformation you can find on your own if you really searched hard. But then what would you do withall that information. I always recommend following a system; one that it simple and one that works.Losing weight can be challenging as you take on new habits and replace the old negative ones.As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Expert I come across many online products thatclaim to be the best program. As every program may have its place, lets face it there are manyprograms that shouldnt exist. Therefore the purpose of this review is to help you make aninformed decision before you decide to buy or have considered buying the "Top Secret Fat LossSecret" eBook.Heres My Review on the "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" eBook;Before I get into exposing the eBook "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, letme give you a brief history of the lady behind the "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" eBook.Who is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst behind the "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" eBook?Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is a doctor who has been working on a detox diet geared towardsremoving harmful parasites and plaque in the intestinal walls of your colon. She has developed anumber of natural treatments that are proven to eliminate excess weight in the average personalong with obese people. Below is a study she conducted with some of the results she came upwith. This is accountable for the success of her program...Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Study;
  2. 2. She had applied the natural treatment to a number of patients ranging from over weight to obese.Among them were also patients that had life threatening over growth of parasites and plaque intheir intestinal walls. As a result of the study, most of her clients dropped 10-30 pounds and theobese group dropped 100-200 pounds of weight. She had discovered that obesity was closelyrelated to an overgrowth of parasites and a congested colon. The result of loosing weight anddetoxifying your body will surely have a positive effect on your internal body. Her discovery hasallowed her to eliminate many life threatening diseases in her patients.The conclusion of the study proves you must fix your colon system before you can experience anyreal permanent fat loss...And her eBook "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" shows you how!Drug Companies Do Not Want The "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" PublicAs a result of her study and new release of her eBook "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" she has beenin a lot of trouble. Dr Suzanne has already received many death threats to pull her eBook of themarket and out of the hands of the general public. This natural treatment she came up with hasupset the entire fat loss drug industry including the many weight loss food manufactures. Thereason is because they cant prescribe fat loss drugs if you dont need them. This means they willlose profits, billions of dollars in profits. Among other drugs you probably wont need are;cholesterol drugs, high blood pressure drugs, etc.The "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" eBookI bought the eBook and I managed to read it on one sitting as the eBook was only 38 pages.Heres the thing; from my experience short eBooks can be very effective especially if the contentcovers a lot of ground. You can read them quickly and then follow up with action. If the materialbecomes to long and it takes you a few weeks to read it chances are you may never get around toapplying it.Chapter Overview to the "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret; What Is The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret?Chapter 1"How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Program"This is a pretty general part of the eBook which covers most of the basics to any good weight lossprogram. She states that you need to follow the advice of people who have been down the pathyou want to achieve, which is why I recommend listening to her as she knows what she is talkingabout.Chapter 2"Lose Weight Fast ­ Naturally With These 8 Simple Tips"These are some basic principles you can implement into your life so you dont fall into the trap ofgaining excess weight again.Chapter 3
  3. 3. "The Metabolic Type Plan: What is the right type of diet for you?"This section helps you identify which diet best suits you. It helps you determine the balance ofproteins, fats and carbohydrates you need which are optimal for your metabolism. I did mentionyou were able to eat carbohydrates, as many think they need to avoid them to lose weight. This isthe biggest misconception in the entire weight loss industry.Chapter 4"Changing Your Eating Habits"This is an obvious chapter for some but not so obvious for others. We know that most of youreating habits landed you that extra weight on your body. So its undoing them that will help you setthe right eating habits in motion. The great thing about this section is that it helps you makegradual changes or drastic changes. It all depends on the pace you want to go on. I think this iswhat really helps people commit to the regimen. Another great part of this chapter is how toidentify your emotional triggers that might cause you to eat garbage foods.So now that we have almost covered all the chapters you may be asking your self where is this socalled "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret"? Well the secret lies in the last chapter, Chapter 5;Detoxifying your Colon and Liver.Chapter 5"Detoxifying your Colon and Liver"In this chapter she discusses how to remove the parasites naturally and safely using plant extractsand herbs combined to clean out the colon. Remember these parasites are what make usfat.These creatures are also what are keeping you from losing that unwanted weight!! She states:"The fat that your body has accumulated or stored is a way to protect your vital organs from moretoxicity building up." She continues: "A sure sign that you have toxic buildup is fat around themidsection, buttocks and/or thighs" No matter how much exercise you do, youre still going to havea pot belly, unless you use the information provided in this eBook to rid your self of parasites andcolon plaque.Chapter 6"How to Maintain Results"This is the section on maintaining your results, so you dont go back to your old negative eatinghabits which got you fat and sick in the first place. This section covers a variety of dietary andnutritional considerations and there are very important tips here to continue being in great health.So there you have it, I hope my review has helped you make a much better informed decision. Inall I think its worth the asking price of the program. As it will surely help you lose weight andregain health.
  4. 4. Why piece random information from the internet in attempts to lose weight when you have all theyinformation in one place and in a plan of action. Overall I recommend the "Top Secret Fat LossSecret Exposed" eBook.If youd like to find out more how her "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" works and how you can get it(and before someone knocks her off for good!) then just click through to this link; to gain access to a Free 3 Part Mini-Course.Dean Boukaras is a person who has dedicated his life to educating and helping as manyindividuals as possible reach their absolute physical best. He truly wants to impact one person ata time by spreading the health and fitness truth.You may wish to publish this article for your website, blog, etc. As long as the article remains in itsfull entirety; including the links and the about the author resource box.Article Source: ====All Top Fat Loss Secrets Are Combined In The Link Below,Check it Out: ====