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UOG Expo 2011 institutions profile

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF GUJRATA WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY Hafiz Hayat Campus, Gujrat HAYATIANS’ Education Expo 2011 May 31, 2011
  2. 2. University of Abertay Dundee is a modern Public Sector university, first established in 1888 as an independent educational establishment. The University offers taught Bachelors and Masters courses and research based MPhil/PhD degrees in a wide range of subject areas. Abertay is rated the best modern university in Scotland for research in Environmental Science, Law and Psychology. Abertay launched Scotlands first degrees in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology and scored a world- first with the launch of its undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures. Another speciality is the world- leading Computer Games Technology and Computer Arts degrees. For further details visit the website www.abertay.ac.uk or e-mail sro@abertay.ac.uk
  3. 3. The University of Greenwich, offers the best of both worlds - city and country with its three remarkable campuses in london, 1,200 programmes, and 1st class research, with one goal – to make your time here count. Let us open your eyes, to one of the grandest university settings in the world. The university has scooped top spot in the London league table for student satisfaction, for the second year running. The Sunday Times also places Greenwich in the top quarter of all UK universities when it comes to highest graduate starting salaries. our undergraduate study programmes are work- related, with a strong professional and vocational focus and a broad range of postgraduate study programmes that cover a range of both traditional and new study areas with courses range from ; Architecture & Construction,Business , Computing & Mathematical Sciences, Engineering, Health & Social Care,pharmacy, Humanities & Social Sciences. The university offers various scholorships that includes International scholarship of £1,000 to students from pakistan and fee remission of £1,000 for years two and three of study on outstanding achievment in first academic year of undergraduate program. A fee remission of £2,000 for the postgraduate study on outstanding achievement at the final stage of programme. London will host the 2012 Olympics – and the University of Greenwich is already off the blocks.. The university buildings at Greenwich Campus will be used for games administration. Staff and students will be invited to act as volunteers during the event.
  4. 4. Progressive nations build future upon the shoulders of young generations WHY PFL? Only British Managed Educational • and the role of education is critical for achieving long lasting socio-economic consultancy growth of the country. As a nation building tool we must provide best •80 Foreign Universities Over education possible, wherever it is available domestically or internationally to • wide offices in Africa, Europe, World our youths Asia & Australasia In Pakistan every year, thousands of students join foreign universities • network of 09-offices in Pakistan Strong of UK, Australia & New Zealand and USA to meet their thirst of Higher • compliance of Strong Education. There are thousands of consultants providing services to UK High Commission / Border Agency students but extreme misfortune is observed in case of malpractices by the rules non-professional consultants. A recent survey shows that there is only In House Reps for top UK universities • handful of professional consultants in Pakistan who are thoroughly trained based in PFL Pakistan offices. and authorized by the foreign Universities. Only organization offering over • 4 million Rupees worth scholarships to How PFL is different? Pakistani Students PFL is among these few recognized consultancy firms. PFL is one of the few •Platinum Sponsor for Dawn Expo agents that are registered with British High Commission. PFL was •Organizes its own Education Fair every year. established in 1997 in Pakistan by Mr. Lawrence Charles Green (Chairman), • in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, PFL Fair with the vision to act as a bridge between students and top ranked Faisalabad in March 2010 universities in UK, Australia, and New Zealand. PFL is British owned organization with 9 offices in 5 Major cities of Pakistan (Peshawar, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Lahore and Karachi). PFL (Preparation for Life) Pvt Ltd is the part of PFL Group International, the only British company in Pakistan, helping students for getting admissions in higher education to UK & Australia and New Zealand. It is one of the largest and fastest growing British education consultancy companies worldwide. It is operating in 4 continents i.e; Asia, Europe, Australasian region and Africa to provide help and guidance to those who desire to study in the UK and Australasia. PFL is the only education consultancy officially representing over 80 Universities in UK and Australasia. We have well-trained and experienced visa counselors that offer personalized guidance to every student to eradicate the discrepancies in entry clearance visa application, thus having maximum visa success rate in the market. Since 1997, the PFL has come a long way over the years in retaining its excellence in education advising and visa counseling. With its offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad, PFL employs over fifty professionals. In a combination of wide range of disciplines, our specialists provide quality services through out Pakistan.
  5. 5. To serve its clients better PFL is vesting towards expansion with the establishment of two new offices in Karachi(one in DHA and one in PECHS at Shahra-e-Faisal), two offices in Lahore (one for UK & One for Australasia), Twooffices in Islamabad, serves a good example of expansion within the company in Pakistan. The Regional Office ofPFL Pakistan is in Lahore headed by Mr. Haris Shams who is the Regional Director of PFL Pakistan. PFL providesservices for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies for UK, Australia and New-Zealand. Our experiencedand trained counselors provide personalized counseling to students and help them in launching their applications forvarious universities by developing a perennial relationship with every student. UK Universities on PFL Panel PFL is working with more than 80 universities in UK, Australia and New Zealand. It represents top ranked UK Universities like, Manchester, Aston, WMG Warwick, Southampton, Sheffield, Lancaster, Leeds, Exeter, Durham, Queen Mary University of London and University of Sussex etc. Australasian Universities on PFL Panel After perpetual success of PFL Education UK we have decided to provide our services of applications processing and visa counseling for Australasian Universities (Australia and New-Zealand). PFL started working with Australasian Universities in 2009. We have 15 Australasian Universities (Australia and New-Zealand) such as University of Wollongong, Wollongong Dubai Campus, Canberra, AUT, Victoria University of Wellington, Lincoln University and Taylors College(Foundation for Group 8 Universities) etc. PFL is the only education consultancy which has appointed in-house university representatives for Swansea, Cardiff, UWE Bristol and Coventry in our offices all over Pakistan. These officials are well-trained by their universities in every respect, moreover having a direct contact with the university, they help students in expediting their application process and their persuasive skills reverses any decision or offer with of course meticulous consideration by the university. PFL has strong linkages with its partner Universities. We not only provide counseling for our client Universities but closely work with them. Last year PFL organized Pre-Departure briefings for various universities. In these pre-departure briefings we helped students in guiding them about the minute details like registering themselves with the university, opening a bank account, registering with NHS(National Health Services), financial issues, various methods of paying tuition and accommodation fee and career related problems etc. PFL has always given importance to such kind of activities because they play an indispensable role as it help the students in getting maximum acquaintance with their respective universities even before travelling. PFL Scholarship Program PFL has started their own scholarship program for Pakistani students. This is a big opportunity for all those students who are persistently performing well in their academics and wish to study abroad. PFL is the only educational consultancy offering a large number of their scholarships in private sector. These scholarships were launched last year for the first time in PFLs history. This scholarship program is currently for UK
  6. 6. Universities. PFL granted £27500 worth scholarship which was distributed amongst 6 students. 1 studentwas given full scholarship, 1 was nominated for a scholarship of £5000, 1 student got a scholarship for£2,500 and the rest of the 4 students were given £2,000 scholarship each. These students were nominatedupon merit through a selected panel from renowned institutions of Pakistan naming LUMS, IBA Karachi,Faisalabad University and International Islamic University. PFL scholarships were announced in mid of Augustin 2009. The guests of honors for this event were Vice Chancellor of University of Engineering and Technology(UET) Peshawar, Vice Chancellor of Quaid-e-Azam University, Vice Chancellor of University of Bannu and Director of Higher Education Commission (HEC). The students who were given scholarships are studying in different UK Universities like Glasgow, Manchester, University of East Anglia, Exeter and Aston. After last years success PFL has decided to continue the scholarship program for this year as well. We have planned to increase the scholarship amount this year; soon PFL will be announcing the scholarships for this year.When I contacted PFL, I found them competent, committed and knowledge about the needs , I had. Now I am reached at my university and am grateful to PFL for guidingme right. Thanx PFL By Amir Iqbal, Student Uni of Manchester At PFL, uniqueness is in the expertise of our team to create a best targeted approach: personalized attention, research-based decisions, and on-going support. To this end, we work with individual students, teachers, schools, academies, and institutions to ensure success. PFL founded to provide high quality, value for money, independent and professional service. Our mission is to provide resources that will enable students to overcome their challenges and to assist them in achieving academic, social, and personal success. Today, PFL works with students, teachers, schools, and institutions to ensure that success is met on every end. At PFL, we focus on advocating for whats most important to us! We provide personalized attention that other firms dont offer in order to impart whats best for you. We also focus on making research-based decisions. We provide on-going support to students even after their admissions and visa process so that in a new country they should stay at ease. The model at PFL is simply created just for you! College or University process for study in UK and AUSTRALASIA can be a time of excitement mixed with anxiety for students and families who are in need of a trained guide. PFL provides the guidance needed from beginning to end. Our services within this company include: · To give utmost priority to your educational interests. · To search for the best university that is right for you. · Regular contact with the Universities for up to date information. · Round the clock services for the application process. · Guidance for funding sources and options.
  7. 7. · Providing you the best visa guidance and advice on various specific core factors of the visa process · Exhibition and workshops. · Pre-departure Seminars for students. · On Spot Admissions · Scholarships Today most of the students studying at esteemed universities like that of University of Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield, Liverpool and many others , are indeed proud to claim that PFL s support served great comfort to them. We believe that the presence of PFL in Pakistan, has paved way forward to all those who are willing to excel in their study abroad and need the just and pure professional guidance to make their career smooth. And we pledge to provide quality services to our students by using our skills, knowledge, interaction with the Universities and understanding of the visa issues.
  8. 8. British Council is UKs international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations and are represented in 110 countries worldwide. We are a major channel for the UKs public diplomacy in Pakistan - putting Pakistani people in touch with people in the UK. We work for the benefit of the individual and for the mutual benefit of Britain and Pakistan. We have been working in Pakistan since 1948, starting from a small office in Karachi. We now offer services in 5 cities in Pakistan and employ more than 200 staff members. In Pakistan we offer services in the following areas; Learners Whether someone is interested in studying in the UK, taking a UK qualification in Pakistan or enhancing language skills, we can offer a range of learning opportunities that suit needs. Partners We provide organisations with opportunities for international networking and assistance in establishing links with Pakistani and British individuals and organisations. By providing with opportunities for collaboration and sponsorship, we give access to audiences for market positioning, and enhancing corporate images and reputation. We work with both local and international partners. Youth We have range of special activities for youth, including creative and innovative arts and cultural events showcasing the best of contemporary UK, exciting competitions and opportunities for exchange and linking with young people in the UK.
  9. 9. Queen Mary, University of London Mile End Road, London United Kingdom E1 4NS Tel: +44 207 882 3066 Pakistan Tel: +92 42 569 2705 Fax: +44 207 882 5588 Web: www.qmul.ac.uk Email: n.vehra@qmul.ac.uk; saad.hasan@qmul.ac.uk Queen Mary is a part of the University of London. The college has more than 15,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in over 21 departments. Queen Mary is one of the 3 largest multi-faculty colleges of the University of London, Located in Central London. Queen Mary is internationally recognised as a leading teaching and research institution. Queen Mary offers wide range of courses with research opportunities. The College also incorporates the world-famous Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, a major centre for medical and dental teaching and research. International students from over 100 countries each year add to the diversity of the College. Academic Strengths Queen Mary is a leading research university, recently ranking in the top 120 Universities of the world (THES 2010), 12th in the UK (Guardian RAE) and 2nd highest in the London for graduate starting salaries. Particular strengths are Economics, Business Management, Medicine and Dentistry, Law, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and General Engineering.
  10. 10. EFL Consultants: Overseas Education & Immigration Solutions EFL is an acclaimed international educational consultancy registered as a private limited company in Pakistan. We have a rich profile of a host of contacts in quality colleges and universities abroad. We put in our most sincere efforts to imbibe the essence of the needed support and based on our market intelligence, we negotiate it with universities abroad. Furthermore, with over a decades experience in the field of Professional Educational Counseling vested in the genesis of this company, we ensure that we help our youth discover their dreams and fulfill their most ardent aspirations through EFL! Our singular commitment is to provide a professional counseling service to Pakistani students seeking higher/further education in the United Kingdom. Our sincere support is directed towards assisting students in selecting the most suitable universities and courses for them. Our personalized guidance at all levels of application helps us ensure that our students take the right step in the right direction at the right time. We aim to deliver to our clients not just what they ought to expect, but also what they never expected was ever possible! At EFL we firmly believe that further education requires proper planning to ensure that students choose the most appropriate academic pathway. Our expertise in the field of overseas education has made us a time-tested resource in helping students to gain admission for suitable courses in the recognized universities across UK/Canada/Australia. We continuously believe in providing professional services to students, parents and our institutional clients at all times. We believe that good relationships and trust are built up over time and must not be compromised. With our Head Office in Cantt- Lahore, we have set up our regional offices at Faisalabad & Gujrat in order to reach out to our valued clients and thus provide 100% free consultancy. Furthermore, we have a liaison office in Bolton- UK to coordinate with our UK partner Universities & Colleges. To facilitate our students & panel institutions, we have established EFL Hot-line and we are available round-the- clock. Email: admissions@efl.org.pk Mobile No: 0321-4634633 Website: www.efl.org.pk
  11. 11. Swansea University is a traditional university ranked 36th in the UK for research excellence (RAE 2008). International students have ranked us 7th in the UK for satisfaction with Student Support Services (ISB 2010). th Swansea has been voted the 6 safest city in the UK (2009 Complete University Guide), only 3 hours from London by direct train. Swanseas Civil Engineering ranks 2nd in the UK, General Engineering ranks joint 5th, Materials Engineering joint 8th, Computer Science joint 21st and Law joint 25th. We have international excellence in Economics, Geography, Social Policy, Physics, English, and History. Swansea Universitys Colleges support the following academic disciplines: Arts & Humanities; Business, Economics and Law; Engineering (Aerospace, Civil, Chemical, Electronic, Environmental, Materials, Mechanical, Medical, Nanotechnology); Sciences (Biosciences, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics); Human & Health Sciences; and Medicine. Strong links with industry include Rolls Royce, BP, Airbus UK, BAE Systems, Corus/Tata, and many more. Swanseas campus includes student housing, a Mosque, a fully equipped Sports Village, and an arts centre.
  12. 12. Coventry UniversityIf youre looking for a University with excellent teaching and learning facilities, extensive links with employers and a strong entrepreneurial culture, then take a closer look at what Coventry University has to offer. Over 3,500 international students from more than 100 countries are a part of our culturally diverse University. Coventry University prides itself on its strong links with public and private sector organisations, underpinned by a commitment to enterprise and a proven record of preparing students for working globally. Coventry Campus The Coventry campus occupies a purpose-built 33-acre campus in the heart of Coventry city centre. Our campus is lively and bustling and its central location is ideal for access to the city. Englands eighth largest city is an exciting place to study and live with stacks of culture and history to keep you entertained. A wide range of courses at degree and postgraduate level are taught through our four Faculties; Business, Environment and Society; Engineering and Computing; Health and Life Sciences; and the Coventry School of Art and Design. We also offer International Foundation and Masters Qualifying Programmes through our campus based partner, Cambridge Education Group. London Campus East India House is part of the exclusive Devonshire Square Estate in the heart of the City, an ideal location for you to connect and network with major business and financial markets. Studying at our London campus, you will not only be located near to the home of Government and the centre of finance and trade; you will also be surrounded by the many theatres, museums and galleries that contribute to the rich heritage of the capital. As one of the largest providers of business-related degree courses in Europe, we are able to offer a range of MBA courses for graduates without work experience and undergraduate top-up programmes for students wishing to upgrade their existing qualifications to a UK bachelors degree. All the London campus courses offer students the opportunity to undertake an internship, employer consulting project or work experience as part of their studies. Students at our London campus benefit from a state-of-the-art simulated trading
  13. 13. floor facility. Delivered via a 25 station high-tech trading floor, this facility allows interactive teaching ofcomplex financial investments, including equities, fixed Incomes, commodities and energy. Tuition Fees and Scholarships Coventry University realises that attending University requires a significant investment financially. We pride ourselves on offering competitive tuition fees which we review on an annual basis and a wide range of scholarships to support students with their studies. More information is available on the website. Welfare and Support We recognise that for many of our international students living in the UK is a new experience. Coventry University has a dedicated Welfare team that offers ongoing advice to all of our international students while they study here. The International Welfare team are always here to give you help and support before you arrive and throughout the duration of your study, to help you make your stay with us as happy as possible. In addition a fantastic social programme is run by the International team and this provides a cost effective way to see more of the UK and experience British culture. Careers & Employability Coventry is the first step towards your future career and we are committed to producing highly employable graduates. We provide practical modules that sit alongside academic work to equip students with the necessary skills to secure a graduate level job. We have also put plans in place to offer work experience to cover 3,500 students. An impressive 91% of our full-time undergraduates secured graduate employment or went on to postgraduate study on completion of their degree. The Careers and Employability Service works closely with Schools and Faculties and the Graduate & CPD Centre to provide all the help that you will need to be successful. Find out more about what Coventry University has to offer by visiting www.coventry.ac.uk/international or contact our local representative: M. MAZHAR In House-Representative of Coventry University, c/o PFL Education, Pakistan PFL Regional Office, 10-E, Block 6 PECHS Karachi, Pakistan. Tel No: +92 21 34532974-75 Cell: +92 0300 2576 068 Email: pakistanoffice.io@coventry.ac.uk
  14. 14. Cardiff University is one of the UKs top successful, ambitious and innovative universities, with over 350 degree schemes including Business (including MBA), Engineering, Law, and a wide range of Medical and Health related courses, amongst others. Cardiff University has been producing successful graduates since 1883. The University has changed dramatically in the last 127 years but the commitment to quality education and a rewarding university experience remains. th Cardiff University is ranked 15 in UK and top 1.5% in the world (REA 2008). Member of the elite Russell Group top 20 UK research-led universities. 94% of graduates are in employment or undertaking further training 6 months after graduation. One of the most affordable top UK universities for tuition fees and living expenses. At the centre of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales and only 2 hours from London by train. Sardar Ahmed Gaziani Country Representative - Pakistan Pakistan@cf.ac.uk +92 (0) 303 444 6079
  15. 15. KBM consultant is an education & immigration venture of the KBM group. It offers quality consultancy services to show the gateways for prospective students & immigrants who wish to explore their careers. KBM facilitates the students from Pakistan who aspire to study abroad in UK, Canada & Australia. We at KBM offer wide range of courses from Highly Trusted colleges/Universities in UK, Australia & Canada. Students are provided full assistance in choosing the right course in the right institute. KBM has got a team of professionals who meticulously checks the documents and prepare files accordingly.KBM team stays updated about new changes in policies and brief the students about it. It also holds seminars and students have a chance to meet face to face interaction with college representative. KBM consultants is a registered company with SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan) and also a registered member of LCCI (Lahore Chamber of Commerce & industries Pakistan). On the top of that, KBM Consultants falls under the category of British Council Trained Consultants.
  16. 16. ·Located in Greater Manchester ·Excellent National Student Survey results ·Placement years available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels (Business and Management) ·Professionally accredited programs RICS CIOB ·Built Environment top rated in the UK for research ·Paid placements at undergraduate level in the past have included Microsoft Novell Rolls Royce ·Overseas field trips for Environment/Geography students ·Media City ·We will be located at the heart of six national BBC departments and hundreds of independent creative, digital and media organizations. ·International Foundation Year (IFY) ·For students who do not possess the qualifications to enter a Bachelors degree directly ·September and January starts available ·Scholarships ·£2.5 million scheme ·For UG students £1,000 or £2,000 Bursary ·For PG students Top Award of up to £5,000 – The Vice Chancellors Scholarship ·Early payment fee reduction of £500
  17. 17. VIEC Study Abroad has a network of over 60 offices across Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Libya, Nepal and Sri Lanka, VIEC is one of the leading education consultants worldwide. We represent more than 350 education providers including universities, colleges, vocational institutions and schools across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Since its inception in 1997, VIEC has recruited more than 30,000 students to its partner institutions. Given our strong ethical approach to business, we have built an excellent profile and credibility within the education industry. VIEC is one of the first few American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) certified agencies in the world. Mr. Hassan ZAHEER Heads the Lahore Regional office of VIEC Study Abroad and specialises in providing superior Study Abroad Education consulting services, IELTs training Packages, Immigration Advice to prospective clients and their relatives. mr. Hassan ZAHEER has over 13 years of experience working with Multinational firms in Australia and Pakistan. Lahore Regional office is "Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme". Please contact us on cell: 03233 56 9999, Ph: 92 423 5774649 / 423 5774696 or email: h.zaheer@vieceducation.com / lahore@vieceducation.com for further assistance.
  18. 18. Middlesex University is a large London university, with two further campuses overseas, inDubai and Mauritius. Our history in higher education dates from 1878 and in 1992 we were granted the royal charter making us a university. Our flagship campus at Hendon in north London and our three other campuses nearby offer a broad range of courses through our four academic schools of Arts and Education, Business, Engineering and Information Sciences, Health and Social Sciences and our Institute for Work Based Learning. We have over 34,000 students studying on Middlesex courses worldwide, both at our own campuses and also with partner institutions, making us one of the largest providers of British university education to international students. Academic and Organisational achievements Quality Assurance Agency The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) visited Middlesex in 2009. Its resulting report said auditors had confidence in the Universitys current and likely future management of its academic standards and of the learning opportunities available to students. There was also praise for the meticulous attention given to the establishment, development and integration of the Universitys Dubai campus. Middlesex also received QAA praise for its initiatives to improve student progression and achievement and the distinctive contribution of the Universitys Work Based Learning programmes. Research Assessment Exercise The 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) contained some excellent results for research at Middlesex University. Analysis of the different rankings produced by various publications placed Middlesex at number 10 among post-1992 universities. Over three quarters – 77 per cent – of all Middlesexs research submitted for the RAE was rated as internationally recognised, with a substantial proportion rated as internationally excellent or better. Queens Anniversary Prizes We are one of very few universities to have been awarded three Queens Anniversary Prizes. 1996 was the year that Middlesex was awarded the first of three Queens Anniversary
  19. 19. Prizes for Higher and Further Education, for its innovative provision of Work Based Learning, giving people the opportunity to gain a degree for the knowledge and expertise they acquire through their work. A further Queens Anniversary Prize, this time for Education Technology followed in 1998 and a third in 2000, for the Universitys groundbreaking Flood Hazard Research Centre. Queens Award for Enterprise Middlesex was given the Queens Award for Enterprise, for International Trade, in 2003. This award recognised Middlesex as the very first British university to open, in 1995, a network of recruitment offices around the world. This move gave thousands of international students the opportunity to come to London to study at Middlesex. Our mission is to continue to grow as rapidly and robustly we have throughout our history. The focus for now and for the future is on equipping our students with the skills they need for work and for life; developing our campuses, in particular our flagship campus in Hendon, north London and realising our international ambitions with the development of new overseas campuses that make it possible for students around the globe to study and gain a Middlesex degree wherever they live.
  20. 20. Student Counseling Services is serving the student & education community since last 10 years. We are providingadmissions and student visa assistance for · UK – With and Without IELTS packages with scholarships · Australia – Courses leading towards Permanent Residency · USA & Canada – Post Study Working Visa and fast track immigrations under Alberta & Manitoba Nomination programs after studies · Ireland – Study & Work in peaceful Ireland · Malaysia, Cyprus, Turkey, South Korea & Hong Kong – no IELTS, no Bank statements required, low fee. Credits transfers are also possible for UOG students. Key features of our agency are · Recommended Agents by the British Council, Pakistan ·Passed newly introduced Education UK certificate for agents (www.bcagent.info) ·Registered with PIER Diploma for International Education Agents - ww.pieronline.org/diploma ·Listed agent with AUSTRADE – Pakistan (www.austrade.gov.au) ·Have 95% Visa Success ratio in 2010-11 ·Established in 1993 – 14 years of service & reputation ·6 offices nationwide – Covering the all major cities of PAKISTAN. ·Recruited more than 150-200 students every year ·Are running an education institution – Institute of Career Development (www.icd.org.pk) offering various courses in affiliation with partner institutions abroad. Partnered with University of Cambridge – International Examination (www.cie.org.uk) to deliver its academic program in Pakistan through that center. ·Also approved center of ICM UK, ACCA UK, British Council & Pearson Academic English Test. ·Offering IELTS, Spoken English & Pearson Test of English Academic training courses & testing. For more information contact our nearest office Student Counseling Services/ ICD College, ICD House, 107 Mamdot Block, Mustafa Town, Wahdet Road, Lahore-PAKISTAN Tel# +92-42-35420894-5 Fax# +92-42-35420789 Mobile: 0321-8425011 Email: info@myscs.org Web: www.myscs.org & www.icd.org.pk Karachi 0333-3965102 | Islamabad- 0321-5255102 |Peshawar 0321-9003335 Hyderabad 0333-2742279 |Faisalabad 0300-8472135
  21. 21. Success Factor Career / Educational Counseling Service in Pakistan, providing quality services to the prospective students who wish to acquire higher education abroad. We believe that education plays a vital role in an upbringing of any human. It is one of the most important ingredients that contribute towards a persons personality and character. With this vision Success Factor was established, a higher education advisory firm. With professionals committed to promote higher education amongst the youth of our country, after all they are the future. Starting off by defining the career objectives we take our students through a guided virtual tour of the next half a decade of their life. Reviewing what the student has accomplished so far and what all they aspire to achieve showing them the real and most definitely the right perspective, is our job. So as, we quote: Guiding the misguided…is our business Services offered by Success Factor include: Counseling - Professional Career & Educational Advising - University and Course Selection - Admissions Application - Admissions Processing Visa Services - Initial Opinion and Guidance by Highly Trained Staff - Visa Process, Documentation & Application Guidance - Visa Interview Preparation Success Factor Student Services - Free English Conversation Classes to Registered Students - IELTS Registration - Special Travel and Student Insurance with Chartis Pakistan
  22. 22. - Accommodation Arrangement - Pre-departure Briefings - Travel Arrangements - Arrival Assistance We continuously work with our partner universities to bring the best possible information to you, as a result our newest service to students ONE on ONE. What is ONE on ONE? Think, ask and be answered. An opportunity for you to meet with someone at your perspective university virtually. We believe in keeping the record straight! Therefore, we bring to you SUCCESS STATUS. What is SUCCESS STATUS? A student portal where you can log in and view your counseling history. What we spoke about, what we need to speak with you next, and how far down are we in the process. Not only will you be able to track your progress but also get valuable feedback and comments from your counselor. Address: Karachi office :Suite No 8 & 9, Amber Tower, Block 6 PECHS, Kara chi - Pakistan Tel: 92-21-34324048-50 Lahore office :Plaza no 6, 2nd Floor, Commeriacla Area Cavalary Ground, Lahore Cantt Tel: 92-42-36610661-2