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List of students who have to submit their CNIC
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List of students who have to submit their CNIC


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Published in: Education, Design

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  • 1. Sr # roll # Name Fathers name Department 25 11011505-070 Nayab Fatima Nazir Ahmed Art & Design Mehwish Muhammad26 11011505-026 Azam Muhammad Azam Art & Design27 11011505-073 Shafaq Tanvir Tanvir Akram Awan Art & Design28 11011505-107 Maha Masoud Qazi Masoud Akhtar Art & Design29 11011505-044 Hareem Almas Abu Baker Mehtab Art & Design30 11011505-025 Saba Gull Mohammad Waqar Gul Art & Design33 09040605-104 Nain Tara Abul Fazal Art & Design34 09040605-065 Somayya Zahid Zahid Rashid Art & Design35 09040605-039 Asbah Akhtar M.Muhammad Akhtar Baig Art & Design36 09040605-026 Mahrukh Saleem Mohammad Saleem Art & Design37 09040605-020 Fahad Khabir Abdul Khabir Mirza Art & Design38 09040605-002 Javaria Mehboob Mehboob Ahsen Rubbani Art & Design190 10060605-069 Mohsin Munawar Munawar Ahmed Javeed Art & Design191 10060605-043 Taskin Javid Muhammad Asif Javid Art & Design192 10060605-037 Amna Arshad Mirza Saeed Arshad Art & Design193 10060605-026 Maryam Btool Manzoor Hussain Art & Design194 10060605-001 Saira Akram Muhammad Akram Art & Design281 08030605-020 Sidra Arif Muhammad Arif Art & Design282 08030605-004 Sana Gul Muhammad Waqar Gul Art & Design283 08030605-002 Hamna Nasir Malik Nasir Riaz Art & Design39 09010660-040 Komal Butt Munawar Hussain Butt Biochemistry And40 09010660-021 Asim Mushtaq Muhstaq Ahmed Biochemistry And41 09010660-018 Amna Bibi Moladad Biochemistry And42 09010660-017 Sonia Gull Abbas Gull Abbas Biochemistry And43 09010660-013 Sundas Arshad Muhammad Arshad Biochemistry And44 09010660-012 Ammara Ijaz Chaudhary Ijaz Ahmad Biochemistry And45 09010660-004 Sofia Chaudhry Ch Atta Muhammad Biochemistry And46 09010660-002 Khadija Ishaque Muhammad Ishque Biochemistry And195 10020660-051 Maryam Zamir Zamir Sadiq Biochemistry And196 10020660-028 Hibba Ansar Muhammad Ansar Biochemistry And47 09040606-052 Muhammad Bilal Afzal Muhammad Afzal Botany48 09040606-050 Iqra Javed Javed Iqbal Botany49 09040606-048 Maryam Inayet Falak Sher Botany50 09040606-047 Maria Arooj Muhammad Inayat Botany51 09040606-015 Tahira Saddiqa Muhammad Yaqoob Botany52 09040606-003 Tabassum Gulnaz Muhammad Abbas Botany53 09040606-002 Uzma Aslam Mirza Aslam Baig Botany54 09040606-001 Iqra Azhar Azhar Iqbal Botany197 10050606-048 Tooba Saghir Saghir Ahmed Botany198 10050606-011 Amna Furdous Mian Salah-Ud-Din Qaiser Botany
  • 2. 199 10050606-005 Amna Ameer Muhammad Ameer Afzal Botany200 10050606-003 Faiza Muhammad Khalid Hameed Botany284 08020606-035 Madiha Munir Dr. Muhammad Munir Malik Botany285 08020606-003 Bushra Ijaz Ijaz Ahmed Botany31 11090920-069 Wasim Akram M Akram Business Administr32 11090920-075 Shahab Ahmad Malik Malik Azmat Ullah Business Administr55 09040920-126 Muhammad Asif Muhammad Ashiq Business Administr56 09040920-105 Safyan Zia Zia Ullah Business Administr57 09040920-103 Faiza Ehsan Qari Ehsan Elahi Business Administr58 09040920-088 Madiha Fakhar Fakhar Zaman Warriach Business Administr59 09040920-042 Umer Husnain Muhammad Fazil Business Administr60 09040920-017 Atique ur Rehman Abdul Malik Sajid Business Administr61 09040920-016 Sitwat Qayyum Abdul Qayyum Business Administr62 09040920-012 Shazma Ilyas Muhammad Ilyas Business Administr63 09040920-009 Maria Khizer Raja Khizel Gul Business Administr64 09040920-007 Usman Akbar Muhammad Akbar Business Administr65 09040920-005 Qadeer ul Hassan Manj Rana Ghulam Murtaza Manj Business Administr66 09012120-014 Maria Amjed Chaudhry Muhammad Amjed Business Administr67 09012120-006 Rabail Gohar Bashir Nawaz Business Administr201 10050920-160 Aisha Abid Raja Abid Hussain Business Administr202 10050920-144 Muhammad Sohail Muhammad Qais Business Administr203 10050920-114 Shamsa Kanwal Khalid Mehmood Business Administr204 10050920-099 Muhammad Bilal Muhmmad Salman Business Administr205 10050920-097 Noreen Gul Malik Nasarullah Business Administr206 10050920-093 Maimoona Inayat Inayat Ullah Business Administr207 10050920-080 Arslan Rafiq Muhammad Rafiq Business Administr208 10050920-079 Hassan Taimoor Dar Muhammad Naeem Dar Business Administr209 10050920-055 Qaiser Jameel Muhammad Jameel Business Administr210 10050920-037 Amina Begum Zaheer ud Din Muhammad Babar Business Administr211 10050920-003 Anum Ijaz Syed Ejaz Hussain Business Administr212 10022120-065 Maheer Khan Muhammad Aslam Khan Business Administr213 10022120-062 Muhammad Imdad Raza Ikram Hussain Business Administr214 10022120-061 Yasir Azam Muhammad Azam Business Administr215 10022120-060 Atiq ur Rehman Altaf ur Rehman Business Administr216 10022120-021 Maryam Bashir Bashir Ahmed Business Administr217 10022120-018 Faiza Butt Riaz Ahmed Butt Business Administr218 10022120-008 Azeema Nadeem Chaudry Nadeem Business Administr219 10000920-010 Sehrish Rafee Muhammad Rafee Business Administr220 10000920-009 Nazish Batool Muhammad Khan Business Administr221 10000920-002 Farhana Aftab Aftab Ahmed Business Administr286 08030920-010 Komal Abdul Hameed Tarar Business Administr
  • 3. 287 08020920-101 Sehrish Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Business Administr288 08020920-090 Tasawar Mehnaz Behawal Khan Business Administr289 08020920-049 Muhammad Irfan Muhammad Ashraf Business Administr290 08020920-026 Irna Zafar Zafar Iqbal Business Administr68 09033123-049 Jawad Zeb Gondal Aurang Zeb Gondal Chemical Engineer69 09033123-047 Saba Afzal Muhammad Afzal Chemical Engineer70 09033123-046 Shoaib Umar Ch Umar Hayat Chemical Engineer71 09033123-045 Ifrah Anum Muhammad Iqbal Cheema Chemical Engineer72 09033123-032 Ishtiaq Ahmad Ishfaq Ahmad Chemical Engineer73 09033123-030 Mudssar Sohail Muhammad Bashir Chemical Engineer74 09033123-027 Shahid Mehmood Naseer Ahmad Chemical Engineer75 09033123-025 Muhammad Irfan Arshed Muhammad Arshed Chemical Engineer76 09033123-019 Ch Naveed Anwar Ch Muhammad Siddiq Anwar Chemical Engineer Muhammad Shahbaz77 09033123-015 Haider Muhammad Asghar Chemical Engineer78 09033123-011 Muhammad Saleem Manzoor Hussain Chemical Engineer79 09033123-002 Rabia Hanif Muhammad Hanif Chemical Engineer80 09003123-004 Inam ul Haq Ijaz Ahmad Chemical Engineer81 09003123-003 Muhammad Naeem Ali Sher Chemical Engineer82 09003123-002 Kamran Ali Muhammad Ali Chemical Engineer222 10043123-052 Nida Zafar Zafar Iqbal Zafar Chemical Engineer223 10043123-044 Muhammad Noman Gul Muhammad Zaman Chemical Engineer224 10043123-033 Hamza Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Chemical Engineer225 10043123-021 Qadeer Ahsan Allah Ditta Chemical Engineer226 10043123-020 Wajahat Hussain Walayat Hussain Chemical Engineer227 10003123-002 Hashim Shahzad Khan Muhammad Ashraf Chemical Engineer291 08023123-034 Muhammad Waqas Amanat Ali Chemical Engineer83 09050607-047 Zoya Aftab Aftab Butt Chemistry84 09050607-039 Andleeb Rani Mushtaq Ahmad Chemistry85 09050607-038 Shamsa Aslam Sheikh Muhammad Aslam Chemistry86 09050607-036 Sfoora Khalid Muhammad Khalid Chemistry87 09050607-032 Muhammad Umair Muhammad Akram Butt Chemistry88 09050607-027 Fakhar un Nisa Muhammad Anwar Chemistry89 09050607-026 Simab Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Sandhu Chemistry90 09050607-023 Mehvish Altaf Altaf Hussain Chemistry91 09050607-019 Muntaha Tariq Fazal Qadeer Tariq Chemistry92 09050607-007 Fareeha Mukhtar Mukhtar Ahmad Raza Chemistry93 09050607-005 Iqra Saif Ullah Saif Ullah Chemistry94 09050607-003 Shumaila Kousar Ch Zafar Iqbal Chemistry95 09050607-001 Mehwish Tahir Muhammad Ishaq Tahir Chemistry228 10060607-082 Samia Javed Muhammad Javed Chemistry229 10060607-071 Hafiz Faizan Tanveer Tariq Tanveer Chemistry
  • 4. 230 10060607-064 Hajira Ahmed Mukhtar Chemistry231 10060607-056 Nyla Shabeer Muhammad Shabeer Chemistry232 10060607-019 Hifsa Nazir Nazir Ahmed Chemistry292 08040607-013 Samia Shafiq Shaikh Muhammad Sahiq Chemistry293 08040607-009 Tayyaba Arshad Muhammad Arshad Chemistry294 08040607-006 Maryam Arshad Muhammad Arshad Chemistry295 08030607-045 Zainab Irfan Irfan Qadir Malik Chemistry296 08030607-016 Farwa Anwar Muhammad Anwar Chemistry297 08030607-008 Atta ur Rehman Khan Abdul Rehman Khan Chemistry298 08030607-005 Tayyba Sarwar Ghulam Sarwar Chemistry 1 10032054-088 Amina Butt Saeed Butt Commerce & Acco 2 10032054-124 Muhammad Ali Arif Hussain Commerce & Acco 3 10032054-102 Umal Baneen Syed Tasadaq Hussain Commerce & Acco 4 10032054-093 Memuna Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob Commerce & Acco 5 10032054-129 Nelab Nasir Nasir Ahmed Commerce & Acco 6 10032054-018 Zunaira Rafaqat Sahibzada Rafaqat Ali Commerce & Acco 7 10032054-023 Anum Malik Muhammad Pervaiz Ashraf Commerce & Acco 8 10032054-001 Ume Rubab S.Abbas Commerce & Acco 9 10032054-125 Sabika Latif Muhammad Latif Commerce & Acco10 10032054-095 Umar Sajid Muhammad Arif Commerce & Acco11 10032054-081 Muhammad Muqeet Mirza Mirza Mustansar Baig Commerce & Acco12 10032054-090 Sadia Nusrat Muhammad Aslam Commerce & Acco13 10032054-024 Faizan Ali Muhammad Boota Commerce & Acco14 10032054-008 Maryam Shahzadi Nadeem Abbas Commerce & Acco15 10032054-006 Saima Naeem Muhammad Naeem Dar Commerce & Acco16 10032054-119 Moazzam Latif Abdul Latif Commerce & Acco17 10032054-022 Iram Shahzadi Ghulam Jilani Commerce & Acco18 10032054-016 Muhammad Abu Bakar Abdul Haque Khokhar Commerce & Acco19 10032054-013 Abdul Salam Hafiz Muhammad Akram Commerce & Acco20 10050819-041 Samman Mushtaq Chaduary Muhammad Mushtaq Computer Science96 09060619-064 Abdul Sittar Muhammad Riaz Computer Science97 09060619-041 Sadia Aslam Muhammad Aslam Computer Science233 10070619-140 Muhammad Usman Riaz Computer Science234 10070619-001 Mehwish Ilyas Mohammad Ilyas Computer Science235 10013219-051 Hajra Abbas Muhammad Abbas Computer Science236 10013219-035 Waqas Nusrat Nusrat Ali Computer Science299 08050619-009 Samira Rani Muhammad Akbar Computer Science300 08040619-102 Muhammad Ishtiaq Muhammad Sadiq Computer Science21 10030821-049 Mahwash Farooq Farooq Azam Economics98 09050621-018 Faiza Arshad Arshad Hussain Economics99 09050621-012 Hina Kanwal Syed Ghazanfar Ali Shah Economics
  • 5. 100 09050621-008 Nishat Fatima Muhammad Nawaz Economics101 09050621-001 Naila Afzal Muhammad Afzal Economics237 10070621-061 Yasmeen Liaqat Liaqat Ali Economics238 10070621-025 Nosheen Shahzadi Muhammad Nasir Economics239 10070621-021 Rabiah Shafi Muhammad Shafi Economics240 10070621-001 Hina Khalid Butt Muhammad Ramzan Khalid Economics301 08040621-055 Sibgha Anum Mohammad Ansar Economics102 09050601-010 Mehwish Khalid Khalid Anjum Education103 09050601-009 Amna Adeeb Muhammad Bashir Education104 09050601-006 Kiran Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Education302 08040601-012 Rizwana Sammad Abdus Sammad Education303 08030601-016 Sameen Qamar Muhammad Akram Education105 09033122-047 Muhammad Saqib Muhammad Shafique Electrical Engineer106 09033122-031 Muhammad Bilal Butt Muhammad Shafique Butt Electrical Engineer107 09033122-030 Waleed Raza Muhammad Ismaeel Electrical Engineer241 10043122-022 Anum Shahbaz Shahbaz Ahmad Electrical Engineer242 10043122-012 Muhammad Kamran Tufail Muhammad Tufail Electrical Engineer243 10043122-011 Nouman Shabbir Waqar Ali Shabbir Electrical Engineer304 08023122-035 Muhammad Alyas Ghulam Hassan Electrical Engineer108 09030602-028 Roma Tariq Tariq Mehmood English109 09030602-019 Zeenat Shahid Shahid Zubair English110 09030602-015 Sadia Fida Hussain English111 09030602-012 Atazaz Ahsan Razzaq Ahmed English112 09030602-007 Memoona Ejaz Ejaz Ahmed English305 08020602-025 Zarwa Arshad Muhammad Arshad Butt English113 09010661-042 Amina Anser Muhammad Anser Environmental Scie Syeda Hafiza Hoor-Ul-114 09010661-039 Insiya Syed Javed Hussain Kazmi Environmental Scie115 09010661-012 Rizwan Saeed Saeed Anwar Environmental Scie116 09010661-007 Maham Ayesha Basharat Mahmood Environmental Scie117 09010661-004 Ayesha Munir Munir Ahmed Tabbusam Environmental Scie Muhammad Naqqash244 10000661-002 Kabeer Muhammad Kabeer Environmental Scie118 09020626-047 Bushara Mansoor Mansoor Ahmad Health Systems Ma119 09020626-026 Noreen Arshad Muhammad Arshad Nadeem Health Systems Ma120 09020626-017 Ayesha Mazhar Mazhar Iqbal Health Systems Ma121 09020626-015 Saira Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Health Systems Ma122 09020626-013 Ayesha Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz Health Systems Ma123 09020626-009 Khushboo Asif Mohammad Asif Health Systems Ma124 09020626-008 Saba Nisar Nisar Ahmed Cheema Health Systems Ma306 08010626-018 Anam Abbas Ghulam Abbas Health Systems Ma125 09030656-034 Zill e Hussnain Shah Syed Alamdar Hussain Shah Information Techn
  • 6. 126 09030656-014 Moniba Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz Information Techn127 09030656-008 Amna Noor Elahi Noor Elahi Information Techn128 09030656-007 Hira Tahir Dr. Tahir Naveed Information Techn245 10050656-144 Shakra Mehak Muhammad Bushra Information Techn246 10050656-077 Usman Asghar Ali Asghar Information Techn129 09050604-017 Youmna Hashmi Muhammad Akram Hashmi Islamic Studies130 09050604-016 Saba Zubair Muhammad Zubair Islamic Studies131 09050604-003 Maria Parveen Muhammad Ashraf Islamic Studies132 09050604-002 Amina Ahmed Ahmed Mehmood Islamic Studies307 08040604-007 Neelam Rasheed Abdul Rasheed Islamic Studies Muhammad Muneeb133 09021624-046 Ahmad Nabi Ahmad Cheema Law134 09021624-043 Ayesha Ahmad Ch Shahnaz Ahmad Law135 09021624-033 Muhammad Aatif Ch Zarait Ali Law136 09021624-024 Sadia Sharif Muhammad Sharif Law137 09021624-021 Usman Amjid Amjid Hussain Law138 09021624-019 Qurat ul Ain Muhammad Tariq Law139 09021624-015 Saba Shahid Shahid Mehmood Law140 09021624-014 Muhammad Farhad Masud Ahmed Ghumman Law141 09021624-010 Usman Ahmed Mushtaq Ahmed Law142 09021624-007 Syed Ahsan Naveed Syed Naved Abbas Law143 09021624-006 Umair Ansar Ansar Mehmood Law144 09021624-005 Uzma Khadam Khadam Hussain Law145 09021624-003 Irum Shahzadi Muhammad Aslam Law146 09021624-002 Ussama Ifran Sheikh Irfan Ullah Sheikh Law147 09021624-001 Syeda Bakhtavar Jaffri Syed Shabbir Hussain Law247 10031624-023 Syed Imran Hussain Syed Sajjad Hussain Law248 10031624-020 Tasmeena Bahadur Bahadur Khan Law249 10031624-003 Zau Fishan Badr Badr ul Islam Law308 08011624-033 Kamran Ahmad Muhammad Irshad Bhinder Law309 08011624-028 Sonia Aslam Ch. Muhammad Aslam Law310 08011624-022 Moneeba Imtiaz Chudary Imtiaz Law311 08011624-015 Anum Shahzadi Sultan Ali Law312 08011624-006 Maryam Shaheen Muhammad Aslam Law148 09040616-074 Sidra Ehsan Mirza Ehsan Baig Mass Communicat149 09040616-023 Umar Ghazanfar ch Ghanzafar Ali Chaudhary Mass Communicat250 10050616-028 Noman Iftikhar Iftikhar Hussain Mass Communicat251 10050616-003 Ayesha Tariq Tariq Masood Butt Mass Communicat252 10050616-001 Naaima Afzal Muhammad Afzal Zaki Mass Communicat313 08020616-010 Iqra Shahid Shahid Qaiser Mass Communicat150 09060609-033 Hira Ilyas Muhammad Ilyas Mathematics151 09060609-004 Noshaba Azhar Iqbal Mathematics
  • 7. 152 09060609-003 Nadia Muhammad Inayat Mathematics153 09050609-043 Robina Tahira Muhammad Arshad Mathematics253 10070609-117 Safeer Hamza Tahir Muhammad Amin Mathematics254 10070609-058 Saqib-Ul-Zaman Qamar-Ul-Zaman Mathematics255 10070609-032 Munazza Malik Muhammad Malik Mathematics256 10070609-028 Zaraq Bagga Khan Nasir Ahmed Naz Mathematics257 10070609-020 Hajra Zafar Iqbal Haji Zafar Iqbal Mathematics258 10070609-016 Neelum Ishrat Ishrat Ali Mathematics259 10070609-014 Rabia Imtiaz Imtiaz Ahmad Cheema Mathematics260 10070609-011 Amina Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar Mathematics261 10070609-003 Maleeha Ayub Muhammad Ayub Mathematics262 10070609-002 Iqra Jabeen Riasat Ali Mathematics314 08040609-012 Nargis Tahira Muhammad Akram Mathematics315 08040609-007 Sania Javed Javed Iqbal Mathematics316 08040609-002 Zunaira Kosar Azhar Iqbal Mathematics22 10040810-014 Muhammad Ahsan Iftikhar Ahmad Physics154 09050610-050 Anum Zafar Zafar Iqbal Butt Physics Muhammad. Abdullah155 09050610-047 Iqbal Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Physics156 09050610-045 Samreen Aslam Muhammad Aslam Physics157 09050610-043 Maria Khalil Muhammad Khalil Physics158 09050610-040 Sabahat Mir Amjad Ali Mir Physics159 09050610-038 Rabiya Arif Muhammad Arif Butt Physics160 09050610-035 Noreena Amanullah Physics161 09050610-024 Gulam Mustafa Muhammad Yaqoob Physics162 09050610-023 Iram Shaukat Shaukat Ali Physics163 09050610-020 Huma Rasheed Abdur Rasheed Physics164 09050610-011 Sadia Kousar Syed Kousar Mehdi Physics165 09050610-010 Tayyaba Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Physics263 10060610-029 Ayesha Noor -Ul - Ain Muhammad Asif Physics264 10060610-018 Hunza Mahmood Mahmood Akhtar Physics265 10060610-013 Maria Chaudhary Lal Khan Physics266 10060610-009 Iqra Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz Physics267 10060610-007 Kamran Muhammad Din Physics268 10060610-004 Aqsa Shaukat Shaukat Ali Bajwa Physics317 08030610-037 Musrat Munir Munir Ahmed Physics318 08030610-017 Rabia Aziz Abdul Aziz Physics319 08030610-016 Muhammad Faisal Liaqat Liaqat Ali Physics320 08030610-015 Saira Jamil Hafiz Muhammad Jamil Physics321 08030610-005 Sanam Ateeq Muhammad Akram Ateeq Physics23 10030727-008 Ramsha Barlas Saeed Asghar Tahir Barlas Population Science166 09080611-035 Madiha Ansar Ansar Javed Psychology
  • 8. 167 09080611-001 Amna Javed Javed Akhter Psychology168 09070611-036 Haniya Shabir Shabir Ahmad Psychology169 09070611-028 Tayyba Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Psychology170 09070611-024 Qurat ul Ain Muhammad Khalid Hussain Psychology171 09070611-015 Mahreen Kanwal Muhammad Bashhir Psychology172 09070611-012 Muniba Ansar Ansar Elahi Rana Psychology173 09070611-009 Rabaia Tuqeer Aamer Tuqeer Psychology174 09070611-008 Hina Shabbir Shabbir Hussain Psychology175 09070611-004 Sabba Aslam Muhammad Aslam Javaid Psychology269 10090611-034 Sauda Sharif Muhammad Sharif Psychology270 10090611-017 Natasha Naseem Mohammad Arif Naseem Psychology271 10090611-015 Mahrukh Tariq Tariq Mehmood Psychology272 10090611-004 Mobeen Amjad Amjad Ali Psychology322 08060611-061 Tehmina Zainab Muhammad Arshad Psychology323 08050611-033 Zainab Shoaib Butt Shoaib Asghar Butt Psychology324 08050611-020 Amber Shahzad Shahzad Gulraiz Psychology325 08050611-018 Mueen Abid Abid Hussain Psychology326 08050611-013 Sobia Razzaq Akhtar Razzaq Psychology327 08050611-012 Anam Shoukat Mirza Shoukat Baig Psychology328 08050611-008 Syeda Sidra Tirmazi Syed Zulqarnain Shah Psychology273 10050618-002 Umar Manzoor Manzoor Ahmad Sociology176 09050613-018 Sumra Saleem Muhammad Saleem Statistics177 09050613-003 Sidra Toqeer Basharat Maqsood Statistics178 09050613-002 Arwa Ramzan Muhammad Ramzan Statistics274 10060613-004 Neelam Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz Statistics275 10060613-002 Naveeda Kousar Munnawer Hussan Statistics329 08040613-007 Marium Saleem Muhammad Saleem Statistics330 08040613-006 Syeda Takdees Fatima Syed Sibat-Ul-Hassan Statistics24 10040814-004 Seerat Nazir Muhammad Nazir Zoology179 09040614-047 Maira Aftab Aftab Ahmed Zoology180 09040614-043 Asma Latif Muhammad Latif Zoology181 09040614-036 Shabnam Noreen Mushtaq Ahmed Zoology182 09040614-031 Nida Khalid Khalid Mehmood Zoology183 09040614-027 Saba Asghar Muhammad Asghar Zoology184 09040614-024 Nosheen Munwar Munwar Hussain Zoology185 09040614-019 Samman Fatima Nasar Ullah Khan Zoology186 09040614-016 Shamsa Naseer Naseer Ahmed Zoology187 09040614-015 Syeda Tanzeela Qamar Syed Chan Pir Zoology188 09040614-014 Samia Arif Muhammad Arif Zoology189 09040614-008 Anila Rafique Haji Muhammad Rafique Zoology276 10050614-103 Ayesha Dar Abdul Maroof Dar Zoology
  • 9. 277 10050614-067 Ammara Arooj Shabeer Ahmad Zoology278 10050614-059 Kashaf Zafar Zafar Hassan Zoology279 10050614-038 Mahmoona Ayaz Syed Ayaz-Ud-Din Zoology280 10050614-010 Syeda Narjis Batool Syed Zahid Hussain Shah Zoology331 08030614-024 Faria Riasat Riasat Ali Lone Zoology332 08030614-010 Madeeha Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Zoology333 08030614-003 Ayesha Mobeen Nasir Iqbal Zoology