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Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
Impact 2
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Impact 2


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Second attempt at this. This time for clinical librarians.

Second attempt at this. This time for clinical librarians.

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  • 1. Impact Assessment: The Ugly Defender Kieran Lamb Fade Library
  • 2. The Ugly Defender
    • Financial Crisis
    • Value for Money?
    • What do you do for the organisation?
    • Impact assessment
      • Our definition based on the concept of what do people do or how do they value the information we supply.
    "it's 0-0 at the start of the game, we've got a point." – Don Howe
  • 3. Where did it come from?
    • For Librarian’s Impact Assessment Toolkit
    • Folio Maxim Course (big thanks to Steve Malloy)
    • Helen Bingham’s Adapted Assessment Toolkit
    • Evaluating the Impact of Your Library Sharon Markless and David Streatfield
    • Raised more questions than answers........
  • 4. The Breakthrough – Tony Adams Scores
    • Presenting impact was the issue
    • Continuing process
    • % the way to go
    • Library Blog
    • Reuse and Recommendation key
  • 5. Web Forms
    • Wufoo forms
    • Simple 5 minute fill in with 2 free text boxes to tell the story
    • Impact check boxes
    • Retrospect Google forms would be better – tie in with google spreadsheet
  • 6. What we collect
    • Document Supply
    • Search
    • Training
    • CAS to be an annual collection
    • Enquiries – deemed too likely to annoy
    • Hardest thing is to get staff to send the link to the form out! Got to be hard core!
  • 7. Where does it go?
    • Line manager
    • LDB Show an interest
    • Library Blog
    • Outcomes Team
    • We wait for the knock on the door!
  • 8. The Story – Document Supply
    • When we exceeded expectations
    • Very fast feedback and successful in finding all articles requested. It saved me loads of time and effort locating the articles myself which I could put into clinical time instead.
    • Actually you did not exceed my expectations because you ALWAYS provide and very efficient and fast service
    • When we only satisfied
    • Most of the articles were emailed in a timely manner
  • 9. The Story - Searches
    • When we exceeded expectations
    • Very quick return, phone call after email meant I felt like an individual rather than an anonymous email.
    • Found relevant articles which I can use to inform service development.
    • When we only satisfied the requestor
    • Quick, appropriate and very very helpful as ever.
  • 10. The Story - Training
    • When we exceeded expectations
    • Enjoyed the research session discussed critiquing a piece of research, explained it well, good discussion.
    • I left able to continue with a piece of work I was struggling with
    • When we only satisfied
    • Too advanced, not sure if ***** discussed in advance - the level of research we wanted to undertake
  • 11. Fallout
    • Value of ILLs as a saving to the Trust – need to look at the benefits of costing!
    • Google form
    • Spreadsheet with staff costs based on costing work
    • Savings calculated by publisher cost
  • 12. Savings in a Week
    • Commissioner £125.94
    • Community Health £454.14
    • Total Saving £580.09
    • Average Saving ILL £18.71
  • 13. Questions
    • ?