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Our Satire using Pokemon

By Nicole and Monica

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Author’s note: This is based on a combination of Mario 64 and Pokémon. In Mario 64,  you try to collect all the stars in the different courses. In Pokémon, you try to catch various Pokémon. So, in our satire, the Stars are the Pokémon and the Game Boy Star is <br /> the Pokédex, and when Mario steals Peach’s star, that is when Ash breaks Misty’s bike.<br />
  2. 2. Mario: “I’m-a leaving now, Luigi! I’m-a getting some Stars!”Luigi: Mario, you always go off and do stuff by yourself. I want to come today!Mario: You had your chance in your Luigi’s Mansion.Luigi: Mario! Let-a me come!Mario: All right, I’ll let you come. Today we’re going to Bomb-omb BattlefieldBoth: LET’S-A GO!Jump into pipeArriveMario and Luigi search for Stars; Luigi is a klutzMario: LUIGI! Be quiet, or we won’t get any Stars!Luigi: I’m-a trying! Mario sees the tall grass move around.Mario: Could it be...?<br />
  3. 3.
  4. 4. A star comes out!Mario: Mamma Mia! Grabs “Star Ball” Mario throws aimlessly trying to catch the Star, but it keeps running away.Luigi: Mario! Did you find one?Mario: Yes!<br />
  5. 5. BOWSER COMES AND STEALS THE STARMario: Mamma-Mia!!! Bowser’s Kooplaings stick their tounges out at Mario and LuigiLuigi: We were so close...Mario: How does Peach do it?Luigi: I don’t know.Mario: I know! I’ll “borrow” one of her stars!Luigi: Yeah! Okey-dokey!Mario: Tonight, okay?Luigi: Okey-dokey!<br />
  6. 6. NighttimeAt Peach’s CastleLuigi: Mario! I’m-a scared! What if we get caught? clutches to MarioMario: You said you would do it, you can’t back out now!Luigi: But I’m-a scared!!Mario: Fine, no star for you!Luigi: Fine, I’ll come in...Inside CastleLuigi: You’re lucky you know your way around...Mario: All we have to do is steal one of her Stars.Luigi: Okay! This is easy!Mario and Luigi manage to steal a Star<br />
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The next morning<br />Peach has her Toads check on the castle<br />Toad: Princess! Princess!<br />Peach: What is it, Toad?<br />Toad: One of our Stars is missing! <br />Peach: What?!<br />Toad drags Peach to Bomb-omb Battlefield<br />Peach: But... how? starts to cry<br />Toad: I’m sorry, Princess!<br />Mario and Luigi’s house<br />Mario and Luigi are having a huge party because of their new Star<br />Mario: Finally! Finally!<br />POUND POUNDPOUND!<br />Mario: Oh... What? We’re in the middle of something.<br />Mario answers the door<br />Peach is sobbing<br />Peach: Oh, Mario, one of our Stars is missing! <br />Mario: Eh.... What?<br />Mario: Mamma mia! What am I going to do?!<br />Mario: I’m-a sorry. I’m sure Bowser took it.<br />Peach: Oh, stop him then! I can’t get to Bomb-omb Battlefield! Hey, weren’t you there the other day?<br />Mario: …. Yes, we were. <br />Peach: Did you happen to see... Bowser?<br />Mario: Uh....<br />Luigi: Yes, we did! Uh, he was, um... in the grass, that’s it!<br />Peach: Mario, stop him! I need that Star back! Promise me you’ll stop him!<br />Mario: All right, I guess I will.<br />Peach leaves<br />Mario: Oh, Luigi, what are we going to do?<br />Luigi: I don't know…<br />Luigi: Let's catch another Star and give back the old one! <br />Mario: Great idea!<br />
  9. 9. Bomb-omb Battlefield<br />Mario: I hope we can catch one…<br />Luigi sees something in the grass.<br />Luigi: Mario! Did you see that?<br />Mario: Yes! Just wait quietly.<br />Holds Star Ball out to Star<br />ZTAR!<br />Mario: Oh, no! It's a Ztar! Run!<br />Luigi: Mamma Mia!!!<br />The Ztar catches up to them and steals the Star away<br />Mario: Oh….<br />Luigi: Now what are going to do?<br />Mario: We'll-a just have to tell Peach. You do it.<br />Luigi: Why? It was your idea.<br />Mario: Oh, fine…<br />
  10. 10. Peach's castle<br />Mario: Ahem, Princess Toadstool…<br />Peach: Oh, Mario! Did you find Bowser?<br />Mario: No… I came for a different reason.<br />Peach: Yes?<br />Mario: Well… me and Luigi are collecting Stars, right? Well…<br />Peach: You wouldn't…. Did you?<br />Mario: Let-a me finish! We missed a Star, so then Luigi decided to "borrow" a star from you. I said no, but he wouldn't listen! I'm-a sorry, Princess.<br />Peach: Mario… I can't believe it.<br />Mario: Then, after you came over, he tried to catch another Star, but caught a Ztar instead.<br />Peach: That Luigi is such a klutz! Oh Mario, can't you please go back to Bomb-omb Battlefield and get me a Star?<br />Mario: Luigi should do it, it's his fault! But… okay.<br />Peach: Thank you, Mario!<br />Mario and Luigi's house<br />Mario: Luigi, we're-a getting another Star for Peach!<br />Luigi: Aw, Mamma-Mia….<br />
  11. 11. GameBoySTAR<br />