Facts about the planet uranus


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Facts about the planet uranus

  1. 1. The Astrology of Uranus in Aries In astrology, Uranus is considered as the Great Awakener and when it comesto Aries, this is a symbol of new beginnings. This means that things can becomereally lively. While Uranus, the planet of chaos tumbles over the Fire sign of heat,energy and courage, events can really get HOT. The astrology of Uranus in Aries tells us that when something new is createdor manifested, it becomes chaotic and messy. There won’t be any signs that thingscan go smoothly. During this time, it is essential to be smart and to keep focused.New beginnings are the territory of Aries, a time when good things begin. However, in order to start something new, it is a must to leave your pastbehind. This is necessary when welcoming something new into your life. Uranus is considered as a transpersonal planet, which means that it can take you to experiences above your ego-self. It can take you to your higher self or your spirit, whatever you want to call it. Such strong energy can have intense impact on a lot of people and in the whole world in general. It can also have some effects on us individually. As you go through the astrology of Uranus in Aries, remember that it is much simpler for you to work and control these strong energies in yourown life than for the world. This is because the whole world is composed of plentyof individuals who belong to different countries, have different religions, gender,beliefs where all of which lead them to different points of views, visions anddirection in life. Inside yourself, you may have several priorities, wants, needs, dreams – all ofwhich are within your control. The direction and views of the world is directed bymore than just a person. This means that the world depends on an integrating forceto join a lot of different point of views, principles, beliefs, priorities and wants.While you want to know about how to use the intensive energy of Uranus in Aries,begin with what you own and have NOW – your views, fears, hopes, and yourown life. The best way to make a change in the world is to start changing yourself!
  2. 2. Uranus was seen making its first and tentative entrance to Aries last 27th ofMay last year then went back to Pisces lat 13th of August. It then went back intoAries last 11th of March this year. The last time that Uranus went to Aries was during the late 1920s and early1930s. This was when the economy of the world escalated to a false inflated peak;but then, the end came during October 1929. The whole world witnessed the fallof stock markets because of uncontrolled mismanagement. This was what led tothe Great Depression – a time of distressing unemployment. The corporate worldthat served as the supporting column for the economy of the world crushed andwas seen falling down. As Uranus went to Taurus in 1934, the reconstructionprocess started through social welfare programs and the slow healing of economicsystems. The astrology of Uranus in Aries when it happened again on May 2010 waswhen people hoped that the worst things have happened and that it would just healthe wounds that it has left. Although the whole financial meltdown was evaded bythat period, there have been surprising reports when large sums and bonuses weregiven to people and companies whose negligence led to the woeful economy in thefirst place. The Planets – Uranus There’s more to Uranus than just being the 7th planet in the solar system. Thisplanet was discovered by William Herschel during 1781, who first thought that itwas a comet. Another astronomer, John Flamsteed, included Uranus in his maps ofstars and so Flamsteed thought that it was a star. Uranus was soon considered as aplanet when Herschel observed and made calculations about the body’s motion.He also soon discovered Uranus’ two of its many satellites – Titania and Oberon.Uranus was among the first planets that were added to complements identified bythe ancients even though there have been common talks about “the 7 planets”since the moon and the sun were also included in that group (but the earth was not)by Aristotelian believers. The discovery of the planet was then celebrated bypolitical satire by letting go of an air balloon, which signifies the journey of manfrom the earth towards the newly discovered planet. The planet, however, was notgiven much attention from most 19th century space explorations.
  3. 3. Here are some facts about th the 7 planet of our solar system. • Uranus is a giant ball of gas. Although its diameter is lesser than one-half of Saturn’s diameter, it is still considered as a gas giant. According to theories, Uranus could have been made of a solid silicate core that is enclosed by a deep layer of liquid. • Its rotation on its axiswas considered highly strange, with the axis almost parallel to the plane of itselliptical orbit. • Another scientist, William Lassell, discovered two more of its satellites –Umbriel and Ariel in 1851 and one more, Miranda, by astronomer G. W. Kuiper inthe year 1948. In 1986, during the exploration of Voyager 2, thirteen moresatellites were discovered and another 2 by the Hubble Space Telescope. • The first five satellites of Uranus were named from characters ofShakespeare and were given by John Herschel. However, the scientists naming themoons or 13 satellites found by Voyager 2 averted from the scheme and insertednames taken from the book The Rape of Lock by Alexander Pope. • During the year 1977, scientists observing the occultation (concealment ofone celestial body by another) of a star by the planet Uranus discovered someirregularities, making them believe of the presence of a ring system similar toSaturn’s. This observation was validated by other astronomers observing the planeteven before Voyager 2 sent out photographs of its rings. • The location of planet Uranus also made it somehow popular withspeculative fiction. It was featured in The Planet of Doubt by Stanley Weinbaumwherein he outfitted it with an ecosphere which is almost the same with othersatellites and planets. It was also showcased in Clouds over Uranus by R. R.Winterbotham and The Long Winter by Raymond Gallun. • Not only did the planet remain popular in speculative fiction; for soon, itssatellites were also featured in different works. Evolution Satellite by J. HarveyHaggard featured Uranus’ Ariel. The planet Uranus made a sensational comebackduring the last phase of the 20th century in stories like Dies Irae by Charles
  4. 4. Sheffield and Into the Blue Abyss by Geoffrey Landis. It was also featured in Intothe Miranda Rift by G. David Nordley and Mustardseed in the year 1999. Uranus – Named for a Greek God Uranus was among the first planets to be discovered in the recent times. Theplanet was named after a Greek god, as opposed to other planets named afterRoman gods. Uranus was named after the god of the sky and is the 3rd biggestplanet in the solar system. It is a planet of high interest and in this article come plenty of fun facts about Uranus. Uranus is a gigantic ball of liquid and gas. It is considered as the farthest planet which can be seen without the aid of the telescope. Uranus is considered as the seventh farthest planet from the sun. The single spacecraft that has gone to Uranus is Voyager 2 in 1986. Uranus also has rings on its surface, which is similar to Saturn. Uranus’ axis of rotation isconsidered as highly strange since its axis is almost in the same level as itselliptical orbit. Here are some more interesting facts about our 7th planet. • On the 13th of March 1781, a British scientist named William Herscheldiscovered Uranus but initially thought that it was a comet. • The distance from the Sun to Uranus is almost the same as twice thedistance between the Sun and Saturn. • Uranus emits a light blue color due to the methane gases in its atmospherewhich blocks out red light. • Uranus revolves around the sun on its side. Its axis is tilted at 98°, with itssouth pole tilted towards the earth. • Just like Saturn, this planet also has rings around it which are made ofsmall rock particles and ice. They are so faint such that they seem to look as blacklike charcoal. Uranus is said to have 11 of these rings.
  5. 5. • Uranus spins on its axis from east to west, opposite to Earth’s direction ofspin and the same as with Venus. • Uranus has 21 satellites, 5 of them are large and the rest are much smaller.The moons revolve around the planet like a Giant Wheel in a carnival. The moonswould go alternately above and under Uranus. • Uranus moves around the sun once in 84 Earth years. However, days onUranus are shorter than Earth days since one day on that planet is 17 Earth hourslong. • The seasons in Uranus are extreme because of its peculiar axial tilt. Whenthe sun rises at its north pole, it stays up there for 42 Earth years. When it sets, thenorthern part of the planet remains in total darkness for the remaining 42 Earthyears. • Uranus’ atmosphere is composed of methane, helium and hydrogen. • The gravitational force at Uranus’ surface is just 90% of the Earth’sgravitational force. This means that if an object has a weight of 10 lbs on Earth, itwould just weigh 9 lbs on Uranus’ surface. • From mythology, this planet was named after the god of the skies and alsothe husband of Earth. According to mythology, Uranus was the King of Gods whowas overthrown his Saturn. • Astrologers think that Uranus could have a large body of waterunderneath the clouds. It also contains a huge rocky core and because of too muchpressure, it could possibly hold millions of huge diamonds. • The diameter of Uranus is four times than that of our Earth - 31, 763miles or 51, 118 km.