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  • 1. Health Calculator – Calculate Your Life from Today Approximately sixty percent of Americans living in the northern region are said tobe closely overweight, which is known to have several health hazards. Similar to otherhealth risks, obesity can lead to serious ailments such as heart and liver diseases, whichultimately places your life at risk. Other life threatening diseases that are known to becaused by obesity are the following: certain types of diabetes, stroke, cardiovascularproblems, osteoarthritis, gout and diseases of the gallbladder and kidney. Also, newstudies have been researching on the possible connection between obesity and severalforms of cancer. In contrast, the condition of being underweight also places an individual at risk forlife threatening diseases. Nutritional problems are the most common illnesses that anunderweight person may encounter. Poor nutrition may lead to the following conditions,which can also have detrimental effects on the normal functions of the human body. • Anemia • Chronic fatigue • Heart Failure & Cardiovascular problems • Dehydration These are some of the most important points on why a person should alwaysmaintain good health. There are several ways on how a person can effectively monitortheir health. Some prefer going to the doctor often while those on a busy schedule opt touse a health calculator. There are several kinds of calculators that an individual can use tomonitor several aspects of their health. Body Fat Calculator First things first, body fat is composed of an individual’s lean body mass and fat,which means that weight is not much of a factor. What is important is to determine howmuch of your weight is comprised of fat. In order to determine the fat percentage in your
  • 2. body, the height and waist size should be entered into the body fat calculator. In order toget a good approximation of your measurements, make sure to use a tape measure. Abetter and more accurate way to take your measurements would be with the use of a fatcalliper that clamps particular areas with fat. Ideal Body Weight Calculator In order to determine your healthy body weight range, input into the ideal bodyweight calculator your height and feet in inches. Remember that your muscles are heaviercompared to fat so for those with a more muscled built, they would fall into a heavierweight range. This can determine if your body weight is within the right range or if youare close to becoming obese. In that way, you can determine whether you need to watchyour weight or to reduce. Body Mass Index Calculator Also known as BMI, is gives the estimate percentage of body fat content, which iscomputed through a person’s weight and height. According to the National Institutes ofHealth, the healthy BMI would range from 18.5 to 24.9. Similar to the Ideal Body WeightCalculator, the BMI would have adjusted weight ranges for people with more musclemass within their body. Those considered overweight are in the 25 to 29.9 range andabove that are already obese. Calorie Calculator This calculator helps you to calculate for the amount of calories you burn when youdo a particular exercise or activity. These calculators already have a set of activitieswithin the menu option that you can choose from and just pick the type of activity youdid to determine the amount of calories you lost.
  • 3. How to Discover Your Health from Health Calculators It is very crucial for an individual to monitor their health. One simple and effectiveway to do so is to make use of Health calculators. As you may know, there are severaldifferent types of health calculators that also have various ways on determining andcalculating whether an individual is in the right shape or not. Of course, the use of healthcalculators should always be taken as an estimation of the actual or accurate measure of aperson’s health so it is still best to visit the doctor for any medical concerns. There are a lot of serious issues concerning health and weight when a personneglects to take a careful watch on their day to day food intake and exercise. Both obesityand under nutrition can cause fatal illnesses that can ultimately lead to death whenmedical attention is not sought. So in order to get a head start on these dreadfulconditions, it is best to have yourself checked and make use of health calculators in orderto monitor your health status. If you are wondering how to discover your health from health calculators, there area lot of self help books and online sites that offer valuable information. These sites on theinternet and books guide people to understand the concepts behind the various kinds ofhealth calculators available nowadays in order to make sure that you are always in yourbest shape. If you are a little bit reluctant on using these books or going online to readthese guides since you are afraid of making a mistake, then the best way to proceedwould be to consult with your family physician. Seeking medical consultation from yourphysician can be the best way to help you understand how these things work and whatparticular aspects of your body are being measured. Health calculators may be a little confusing for those people that are new to the idea.But it only takes a few tries and interpretations to get the whole idea. Of course, theremay be some adjustments to be made in order to compensate for those people withspecial considerations such as the case with body builders who have an increased musclemass within their bodies. This body type can lead to a higher value since the body weightdefinitely increased due to the bigger muscle mass.
  • 4. There are several health calculators available that you can try to use online. Some ofthe common ones are the following: • Body Fat Calculator • Ideal Body Weight Calculator • Body Mass Index Calculator • Calorie Calculator • Smoking Calculator These different health calculators measure your health in very varied aspects so it iscrucial to understand first how these calculators work. It is important to understand theconcepts since without them you would not be able to interpret the result correctly.Hence, it defeats the purpose of knowing whether or not you are healthy and if there areany kinds of adjustments required with your lifestyle, diet and exercise Remember that these health calculators are only an approximation of your actualhealth status. There may still be some disease conditions that these health calculatorscannot determine. It is advisable to seek medical attention or see your physician if youhave any health concerns that need to be addressed.
  • 5. Online Health Calculator – Free Sport & FitnessCalculators to Use If you are dedicated to your sport and wanting to make sure that you maintain yourfit body, there are several ways to monitor the intensity of your exercise and still givesyou the necessary “burn” that your body requires. There are some online sites that offerthese kinds of health calculators that cater to sports oriented individuals. Some of these calculators may have a general purpose such as the BMI (Body MassIndex) that gives an approximate idea on how much calories you may be burning for aparticular activity. Similarly, the Metabolism calculator gives somewhat comparablefunction. While there are other health calculators that help aid an athlete with regard totheir body’s physiological performance. A good example would be the Target Heart RateCalculator. Target Heart Rate Calculator This type of health calculator may also be found on the internet for free. Its conceptrevolves around the fact that exercise speeds up the body’s normal functions. Thishappens alongside the heart, which means that during exercise your heart works doubletime to keep up with your current activity and this now leads to an increase in energyusage. The use of the target heart rate calculator is to determine how much speed andintensity the body can take in. This can tell an individual if the amount of exercise andtheir heart rate are still within a safe range. This is use in order to maximize the benefits of exercise. Also, it prevents theoccurrence of certain heart conditions since we all know that conditions relating to theheart may have fatal or detrimental effects on our overall health. Other Types of Fitness Calculators There are various kinds of fitness health calculators, most of which can be accessedonline and can be used for free in order to guide your exercise routines. Here are someother examples: • FitWise Fitness Calculator
  • 6. This type of health and fitness calculator measures several elements such as anindividuals blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), heart rate zone, ideal weight, actualheart rate, optimum weight, percent body fat (circumferential and otherwise) and possiblerisks from chronic conditions. • Daily Calorie Calculator This helps to guide the user to determine whether the amount of calories they intakeare still healthy. An intake of less than 1,200 calories per day should not be done withoutfirst seeking professional medical advice since it can have some seriously dangerouseffects on the health. Also with calorie counters, you can know the safe amount of calories that youshould be burning. This can also act as a guide on which types of activities are the best. • Body Fat Calculator For this type of online health calculator, certain considerations have to be made forthose people that have a bigger body type. Meaning, there is a higher muscle masscontent. Since this factor can cause some alterations in terms of the computation. The body fat calculator helps to guide an individual with their fitness routine in thesense that they would be able to know how much percent of their body weight iscomposed of fat. That way, they can correlate the values they got from this healthcalculator with another in order to determine the right diet and exercise routine toeffectively burn the right amount of calories.
  • 7. How to Lose Weight Quick with Health Calculators Certain fatal condition may arise from having poor health. A good way to determineyour health status and make sure that you are not falling into the obese category would bewith the use of health calculators. So if you are one of those individuals who arewondering how to lose weight quick with health calculators then you have come to theright place. There are various types of health calculators, most of which can be seen and triedonline. This is the advantage of the 21st century. The advancement of technology hasenabled us to determine our approximate health status with just a click of a mouse. Withthat, here are some of the common health calculators you may encounter online and howthey can help to make you lose weight faster. • Breakfast Calculator Most nutritionist suggests that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It isbest to pack up those nutrients at the start of your day. Also, since this is the biggest mealand not to mention it is also your first meal, the calories you ate would be burned by theend of the day. In comparison to packing calories in the evening which is closer to yourtime of sleep. This type of health calculator helps you to determine the number of calories,carbohydrates, proteins and fats that you intake for a particular meal. Also, it helps toassist the user in determining how much of a serving they should take in. • Metabolism Calculator This type of health calculator helps you to measure the resting metabolism rate andyour activity level. When combined, these two elements will give a rough estimate ofhow many calories you are burning within a day. This way, if you are not satisfied withthe amount of calories you are burning within a particular type of activity, you mayincrease the intensity of your workout or change to another exercise routine which givesyour better results.
  • 8. The use of a metabolism calculator gives you a good guide on how much you aregetting in return with your day to day activities. Doing extra active exercises increasesyour metabolic rate. Remember that in order to burn your body fat, you should reduceabout 500 calories from what your body requires but always maintain your calories toabout 1,200 or above. Below that value, you should first consult with your doctor. In thatway, you can maintain a good body weight and not go over or under the ideal weight andnot worry with some health hazards. • BMI Calculator The Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator is considered as one of the most accurateforms of health calculators. It gives a good measurement of the appropriate healthyweight range. It can indicate through the weight and height to show a person’s body fatand determine if you are possible at risk for any diseases. Also, this can determine if yourweight is within the normal range. If it is going above the normal, you can increase yourexercise routines in order to reduce your weight effectively. All these different health calculators can definitely help to guide an individual tolose weight quickly. These can help by guiding them to determine their weight status andthe various nutrient contents of the food they intake. But always remember that medicalattention and advice should always be taken into consideration before making any drasticchanges with your lifestyle.