Guide To Secrets Of Airbrush Self Tan


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Guide To Secrets Of Airbrush Self Tan

  1. 1. Skin tanning can be done in various different ways, bothnatural and unnatural. Natural ways of consists of natural sunlight which is also known as sun bathing. Unnatural ways of skin tanning includes use of lotions, gels, creams, powders, sprays and wipes, use of tanning beds, use of airbrush self tan and other such procedures.
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  3. 3. There are many advantages of tanning that includes but not limited to getting a bronze skin color, appearing slimmer, feeling healthier, looking more good in certaincolors. But with advantages comes some disadvantages as well. The main disadvantages are skin damage, dehydration and wrinkling of skin, sun burn and even cancer.
  4. 4. Sun tanning may cause harm to skin even if it is done in anatural way. Sunlight contains ultra violet rays that can beharmful for skin and body. Unnatural ways of skin tanning also cause harm such as pigmentation, dark spots, and pimples because creams and lotions contains chemicals are harmful. But airbrush skin tan is a much safer and better way without any disadvantages.
  5. 5. Airbrush body tanning will give you long lasting result. These options are available for full body or only certain parts. It removes dark spots while at the same time it moisturizes it. The skin is tanned evenly throughout thearea. The resulting color of skin appears real and flawless. The process has no side effects on skin and body. The chemicals used are safe. The only flaw is the high cost of such a tan.
  6. 6. This self tanning method is also known as sunless tanning or fake tanning method. In this skin tanning method, a professional person applies some chemical on the skin surface. The result is a tanned skin. If you want theairbrush tan done, then read further and follow the tips.
  7. 7. Never use any type of products on skin a day beforetanning session. The procedure starts by first cleansing theskin, then exfoliating the skin especially the legs, arms andother dark regions. Vaseline is applied on your finger nails.Under eye cream is applied for the under eye area. Tanner and moisturizer is mixed equally and applied on the bodyand it is left to remain there for three hours. Then bronzer is applied. Finally the sunscreen is applied on face and a body shimmer on the body.
  8. 8. To conclude, get the airbrush self tan done perfectly well by visiting a salon. This way you will have a flawlessly done tanned skin. Follow instructions that need to be done before and after a tan. When you get a tanned skin, then you are ready to display it everywhere.
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