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The Obesity Cure
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The Obesity Cure


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  • 1. Dr. Scheele’s New Book: The Obesity Cure George A. Scheele, M.D. Roadmap to Metabolic Health and Sustained Weight Control with Power Amino Acids®
  • 2. Meet Dr. Scheele Dr. George A. Scheele, Creator of Factor4 Weight Control®, to combat obesity and metabolic disease: • Board Certified in Internal Medicine • Princeton BA & John Hopkins MD • Professor at Rockefeller University, Yale University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. • Two time Nobel Associate (1974 & 1999) • First to figure out how to separate all the proteins in the human body (est. 20,000) by inventing 2D gel electrophoresis “As a medical doctor with over 30 years of research, my personal mission is to reduce worldwide obesity and metabolic disease. That is why I created Factor4 Weight Control®.” – George A. Scheele, MD
  • 3. The Obesity CureBook Purpose:Call Attention to The Obesity EpidemicSince 1980:• Adult obesity has doubled (2x)• Childhood obesity has tripled (3x)• Morbid obesity has sextupled (6x)Resolve the Long-Standing Diet Wars• High protein/fat diets of Atkins• Low fat diets of national policyProvide a New Approach to Weight-Loss Health AIM: To Resolve the Obesity Epidemic
  • 4. Solid Scientific ResearchEstimated $50 Billion of NIH Support Over 50 Years inDigestive and Metabolic Health: The Basic Science The Cure The Obesity Cure Connects the Dots For the Clinical Breakthrough
  • 5. Dietary Causes of ObesityContributory Factors: • Excess calories in a sedentary society • Excess saturated & trans fat • Excess saltRoot Causes: • Excess refined sugars & carbohydrates • Protein Deficiency Syndrome – New! Weight Loss Paradox Explained
  • 6. Sugar is AddictiveHallmarks of Sugar Addiction:• Dependency• Cravings• Withdrawal symptoms• Yo-Yo metabolism (3 meals & 3-4 snacks per day)Hallmarks of Sugar Pathology• Increased levels of sugar & insulin in blood• Insulin resistance to protect cells• High blood insulin levels shut off fat metabolism• Forever high insulin levels: Fat Forever! The Modern American Diet (MAD)
  • 7. Sugar Consumption Increased Mayor Bloomberg displays the amount of sugar contained in soda drinksIn Higher Dosage Sugar is Toxic:• Over the past 100 years daily sugar consumption has increased more than 10-fold, (from 2 to 22 teaspoons per day)• Sugar soda drinks have increased in size from 8 oz to 12 oz to 20 oz to 64 oz• HFCS is responsible for increasing obesity rates in America since 1980• HFCS & sugar show multiple toxic effects at high concentrations:  Glycation of proteins lead to cross-linked proteins called Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs)  The immune system seeks to destroy these foreign-looking bodies  Resulting inflammation leads to endothelial plaques and arteriosclerosis• In 2011 two fifteen year old girls required liver transplants in UCSF for fatty liver resulting in cirrhosis Sugar: Pure, White & Deadly
  • 8. Sugar AddictionThe Perfect Storm:• Consumers addicted to HFCS• Food Industry addicted to profits• Farmers addicted to government subsidies to grow corn ($3.5 billion a year)Sugar Leads to Fat Stored in 3 Places• Fat depots throughout the body• Fat in the Liver• Fatty plaques throughout the arterial systemResult: Worldwide Obesity & Metabolic Disease
  • 9. Selective Protein Deficiency SyndromeHigh Carb Diets Cause Protein Deficiency2-Dimensional Gel Analysis:A: Health Normal Protein Pattern Normal body weightB: Selective Protein Deficiency Syndrome Positive Charged Proteins Reduced by 90% Within 12 days (gain in body weight)C: CORRECTION with Factor4 Weight Control® Power Amino Acids® correct protein deficiency (Body weight returns to normal) Maintain Your Protein Team To Burn Fat
  • 10. Power Amino AcidsFree Amino Acids Absorbed Early (10-90 minutes):• Essential amino acids• Positive-charged amino acids• Satiety amino acidsProtein-Bound Amino Acids Absorbed Later (1-4 hours)• Essential amino acids (9)• Non-essential amino acids (11)Plus: Amino Acids Enhance Protein Nutrition• Power Amino Acids increase protein digestion & Amino acid absorption 6-fold Early, Sustained & Enhanced Nutrition
  • 11. The SolutionPower Amino Acids® Correct All DietaryCauses of Obesity:• Curb appetite for refined sugars, processed carbs, and fat• Satisfy hunger with minimal calories• Correct deficiencies in positive-charged amino acids, proteins & metabolic pathways to optimize fat metabolism A Weight Loss Strategy That Works!
  • 12. Bottom LineScientific Research Reveals a New & Better Approachto Weight Control and Metabolic Health: Power Amino Acids® Exploit nature’s feedback mechanisms to: • Suppress appetite to avoid food cravings • Burn fat to reduce excess body weight • Build muscle to improve body definition • Boost energy to tackle life Power Amino Acids® Essential for Weight Control!
  • 13. The Product * Claims have not been reviewed by the FDAHealth & Wellness Innovation at its Best
  • 14. Timeline of Weight Loss Success• “Sweet tooth” lost within the first few days• Appetite suppression (comfort, satisfaction and well-being) recognized within a few days• Body rebuilt with pep, energy, activity, stamina & endurance during the first month• Body fat begins to decrease in the first week but initially offset by increase in muscle mass• Clothes fit better within weeks• Body scale weight begins to decline shortly thereafter• Weight loss adjusts when normal body weight achieved Just a Matter of TimeBefore You Meet Your Weight Loss Goals!
  • 15. F4 Shake & Smoothie StrategiesDaily Routine for Weight Loss Strategies:• 3 to 4 shakes per day to optimize weight loss:  Meal replacement strategy for breakfast (smoothie)  Portion control for lunch (Half lunch with shake)  Snack control (shakes in lieu of snacks, particularly at night)• Normal dinner with protein source & 2 vegetables• Replace sugar drinks with Factor4 shakes• Lose 5 to 10 pounds per month• Some lose 10 to 20 pounds per monthMaintenance Strategy:• 2 shakes per day to sustain weight control Bon Voyage to Good Health
  • 16. Optimize Weight Loss HealthFour Simple Tips to Normalize Weight:• Avoid sugar, processed carbs and excess salt• Boycott cellophane foods made by the Food Industry• Boycott HFCS drinks made by the beverage industry (soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices)• Drink Factor4 shakes to tame appetite, satisfy cravings, boost energy, normalize body weight, and ensure nutritional health Your Weight Loss Goals Achieved!
  • 17. Weight Loss StudyConducted in 2007:• History: 25 subjects with Chronic overweight disorders for 20-30 yrs. (historical controls)• Within 3 months 96% of subjects lost weight• Weight loss results: Endpoints 3 months 6 months 12 months Weight loss in 8.4 lbs 16.2 lbs 33.4 lbs pounds % body weight 4.5% 8.2% 16% loss Weight Loss Significance:FDA Requires a 5% Loss in Body Weight in 12 Months
  • 18. Weight Loss PerformanceFactor4™ Outperforms Popular Diet Plans: Diet Plan Weight Loss Factor4 Weight 33 lbs Control®1 Factor4 Weight 16 lbs Control®2 Atkins3 10 lbs National 6 lbs Guidelines3 Dean Ornish3 5 lbs Zone3 3.5 lbs 112 month results 26 month results 312month results NovaLife NovaLife JAMA, March, 2007
  • 19. Obesity & Metabolic SyndromeOverweight Disorders are Part of theMetabolic Syndrome:• Selective protein deficiency leads to a wide variety of chronic degenerative disease• Overweight disorders & obesity exist in a spectrum of metabolic diseases associated with Metabolic Syndrome• Includes chronic degenerative diseases that are responsible for accelerated aging and early death• Obesity is the most obvious manifestation of Metabolic Syndrome Two Epidemics: Obesity & Metabolic Disease
  • 20. Epidemic of Metabolic DiseaseNumber of Cases in the US alone: Disease Incidence Overweight disorders 150 million Obesity 75 million High blood pressure 34 million High cholesterol & TGL 30 million High blood sugar 90 million Type 2 Diabetes 30 million Cardiovascular disease 57 million Autoimmune disease 50 million Cancer 18 million Osteoarthritis 20 million Gallstones 19 millionAmerica Challenged with Chronic Degenerative Disease!
  • 21. The Conclusion Bon Voyage to Normal Body Weight,Metabolic Health, and Anti-Aging Health with Power Shakes & Smoothies Containing Power Amino Acids® Look Younger, Live Longer & Feel Better With Power Amino Acids®
  • 22. The Scientific EvidencePower Amino Acids®:• Suppress appetite centers in brain & stomach• Correct the food-chain deficiencies in essential and positive-charged amino acids• Close the food chain gap to increase metabolism• Rebalance protein health between positive- charged and negative-charged proteins (selective protein deficiency syndrome corrected)• Reset metabolic pathways to burn fat Power Amino Acids® Stimulate Weight Loss and Sustained Weight Control