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We Are The Web NVFM Farmadag 021107_Jacqueline Fackeldey
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We Are The Web NVFM Farmadag 021107_Jacqueline Fackeldey



Published in Marketing , Business , Technology
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  • 1. we are the web jacqueline fackeldey@NVFM FARMADAG 2 november 2007
  • 2. agenda • introduction jff • shift happens • we are the web • do’s & don’ts jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 3. this is me… business inspirator & innovator philips ing feel-the-future online oxygen bijenkorf klantropoloog vinder zwitserland linkedin witte oordopjes technology-makes-it-possible- people-make-it-happen human being ipv human buying ov verkopen = gunnen lovemark persoonlijke postbankpas connector iets > niets boerenverstand mac fackeldeyfinds. frankwatching molblog jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 4. shift happens • ? views on YouTube in 1 year • 2000 pictures uploaded to flickr every ? • 2.700.000.000 searches on Google every ? • 250.000 send and received emails and chats by ? th birthday jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 5. shift happens • views on YouTube in 1 year • 2000 pictures uploaded to flickr every minute • 2.700.000.000 searches on Google every month • 250.000 send and received emails and chats by 21th birthday jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 6. today!s and tomorrow!s customer jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 7. web 2.0 passion tiranny of transparancy share we love to judge read & write peer to peer webbased prosumer open source participation co-creation customization public beta mash-up word of mouth(wom) social networking buzz the longtail jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 8. we are the web jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 9. we are on online oxygen jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 10. we generate content jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 11. we love to converge jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 12. we talk about you jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 13. we love to judge and share jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 14. we search to find jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 15. we love to meet jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 16. we make mashups jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 17. we love to customize jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 18. we make our own mediamix jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 19. we trust our peers jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 20. and we don!t trust you anymore jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 21. so what should you do... jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 22. it should be – easy to use with your – interactive website? it should have – an ’outside in’ mentality – a review-functionality jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 23. • easy to use search functionality on your own website with search? • searchengine-marketing: – lead generation – ‘branding’ – Google and beyond jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 24. • make your pr- and communicationdepartment ready for blogs • monitoring relevant blogs with blogs? • advertisements on relevant blogs • participate in relevant blogs • start blogging yourself jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 25. • faciltate users to participate in your products or services • make your content available to be shared on YouTube, in ugc and co- communities, portals, blogs • think ‘open source’ and be happy creation? with mashups • consider your users as valuable to your business and ‘pay’ them if are actively particiapting in it • surprise your users every once in a while with a new tool or functionality jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 26. no control so, it’s no pushing marketing me selling proposition with facilitate and not listen, try & learn at the be authentic, customer honest be human jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 27. inspired by wired (thoughts) didyouknow (stats) cluetrain manifesto (thoughts) logic and emotion (visuals) futurelab (visual) threadless (visual) jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com
  • 28. any questions? you can find me here jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com www.fackeldeyfinds.com +31 (0)6 146 77 496 skype: fackeldeyfinds twitter.com/fackeldeyfinds del icio us: macjfan jacqueline@fackeldeyfinds.com