Radvision SCOPIA Gateway for microsoft lync sale presentation by Face to Face Live


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Radvision Microsoft Lync Gateway Sales Presentation

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  • SCOPIA Video Gateway for Microsoft Lync key messagesExtends Microsoft Lync and Office Communicator to Video Conferencing SystemsThe SCOPIA Video Gateway for Microsoft Lync provides Lync and Office Communicator users the ability to seamlessly connect to any standards-based HD video conferencing system, telepresence system or infrastructure device. Through the SCOPIA Video Gateway, users can merge their choice of conferencing systems with the simplicity of Lync and Office Communicator at the desktop.Enhanced Video Experience with Lync’s Familiar InterfaceLync users can enjoy exceptional high quality video, continuous presence to view multiple users simultaneously and telepresence connectivity without compromising their familiar Lync experience. Robust enterprise security is also maintained through TLS and SRTP, while also providing firewall traversal for seamless connectivity across corporate boundaries.Universal Endpoint PresencePresence is displayed in the Lync contact list for any H.323 device, not just Lync enabled devices, allowing users to make smart and efficient communication choices directly from Lync.Investment ProtectionUsers realize the benefits and simplicity of Lync at the desktop in conjunction with their current investments in video conferencing systems and infrastructure. IT managers can have confidence that their existing systems and new investments in video communications will interoperate within the UC environment. Scalable and Affordable ArchitectureThe SCOPIA Video Gateway is based on a new architecture designed for cost effective and high-scale deployment. The Video Gateway is designed to grow with deployment requirements from a small workgroup to an entire enterprise with unlimited scalability and dynamic resource allocation.
  • LifeSize has OCS-R2 certification for some of their endpointsIt is H.263-CIF only, no RTVideo and no HD support
  • Radvision SCOPIA Gateway for microsoft lync sale presentation by Face to Face Live

    1. 1. SCOPIA Video Gateway for Microsoft LyncSales PresentationFace to Face Livewww.facetofacelive.com info@f2fl.com
    2. 2. AgendaValue PropositionProduct Overview & Key FeaturesCompetitive Edge
    3. 3. RADVISIONnow has the first and onlyQualified Gateway forMicrosoft Lync and OCS-R2
    4. 4. Value Proposition Extends Microsoft Lync and OCS to Video Conferencing Systems Enhanced Video Experience with Lync’s Familiar User Interface Universal Endpoint Presence Investment Protection Scalable and Affordable Architecture
    5. 5. Integrating with Microsoft Lync
    6. 6. RADVISION Solution Benefits Preserve Lync user experience Seamless extension of Lync environment to the existing VC install base Investment protection for existing deployments Scalable and affordable architecture
    7. 7. Product Overview & Key Features
    8. 8. Presence Reflection
    9. 9. Point to Point Call – User ExperienceRight Click
    10. 10. Forking – Use Your Personal DeviceRight Click
    11. 11. Data CollaborationPoint to Point and Multipoint
    12. 12. Full Support for Third Party Deployments Full implementation of Cisco VCS API Seamless integration with Cisco deployments Persistent user experience Real-time presence Seamless connectivity
    13. 13. Multipoint Calls – Lync A/V MCU Maintain the Lync user experience Select multiple users and launch the call Call is hosted on the Lync A/V MCU VGA video quality Active speaker video switching H.323 devices are connected through the Gateway
    14. 14. Multipoint Calls – SCOPIA Elite MCU MCU resources are part of the contact list HD Quality for all participants Telepresence Interoperability Displays multiple participants simultaneously My Virtual Room – just one click away
    15. 15. Video Auto Attendant
    16. 16. Scheduled MCU Calls Use Outlook for scheduling Joining information for Lync, H.323 and phone dial in One click to join
    17. 17. Product Capacity & Feature SetCapacity Feature Set 10 x 720p transcoded calls Lync Certification 20 x VGA transcoded calls Presence Reflection 40 x CIF transcoded calls Point to point and Multipoint calls Unlimited Gateways can be stacked RTVideo HD transcoding for large deployments Built-in encryption and firewall traversal support
    18. 18. Bring it All Together
    19. 19. Competitive LandscapeGateway Approach Vs. Native Approach
    20. 20. Cisco – Tandberg Strategic partnership with Microsoft is a key No Lync integration and no future commitment Compatible with OCS R2 only More than double the RADVISION price No encryption, No firewall traversal Mandatory for Microsoft deployments
    21. 21. Polycom Native Lync integration Supported in HDX Series & RMX only Non-HDX endpoints consume 2 RMX MCU ports Partial firewall traversal Requires additional firewall ports opened RMX virtual rooms limited to one MCU
    22. 22. Competitive Edge RADVISION Polycom Cisco-Tandberg H.323 Endpoints presence  HDX only OCS Only Native Telepresence    connectivity (Polycom only) (Using MCU ports) Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize TP Firewall Traversal  Partial  Encryption    Up to 6 Scalability Unlimited N/A GatewaysMCU Virtual rooms presence    (Pool of MCUs) (Specific MCU) (Specific MCU) Auto attendant presence    Virtual MCU support   
    23. 23. Thank You! Face to Face Livewww.facetofacelive.com info@f2fl.com