How Flat Will A Tummy Tuck Make Your Stomach


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A tummy tuck is ideal for individuals who have failed to lose abdominal fat through exercise or diet control. In any case, anyone considering the procedure should have realistic goals.

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How Flat Will A Tummy Tuck Make Your Stomach

  1. 1. Ph - 3026560214 How Flat Will A Tummy Tuck Make Your StomachA tummy tuck is ideal for individuals who have failed to loseabdominal fat through exercise or diet control. In any case,anyone considering the procedure should have realistic goals. If you are looking for the answer to the question “how flat will a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) make your stomach,” read on. Many people resort to an abdominoplasty (as the procedure is also called)because vigorous exercise and dieting have failed to solve the issueof a protruding or bulging tummy.An unattractive tummy or waistline could be due to variousreasons. People who have experienced a high degree of weight lossor gain could end up with saggy, wrinkled, flabby, or droopy skin.Pregnancy is another factor. It results in the development of Ph - 3026560214
  2. 2. Ph - 3026560214stubborn fat pockets in the abdominal region, which could bedifficult to get rid of with dieting or exercise. Even if the woman isable to come down to her pre-pregnancy weight, the sagging lookand wrinkles caused by stretching of the abdominal skin wouldpersist. These are issues that can be effectively resolved with atummy tuckRight CandidateThe ideal candidate for the abdominoplasty is a person who hasfailed to tone down abdominal fat with diet and exercise. Theresults of the procedure would vary with the individual person andas such, the best thing is to first talk to your doctor about yourexpectations from the procedure. It is important to have realisticexpectations.The ProcedureThe abdominoplasty is cosmetic surgery intended to tone or sculptan individual’s abdominal areas. The surgery involves tighteningthe abdominal wall muscles and securing them in place. Following Ph - 3026560214
  3. 3. Ph - 3026560214this, excess abdominal skin is removed to yield the desired result -a flatter, firmer abdomen.The mini tummy tuck is scarless as it involves only a smallerincision than its traditional counterpart. Further, in this procedure,only a smaller portion of the abdominal wall is exposed. Generally,the treatment area begins from the point of incision and continuesup to the navel. The size of the incision required for this miniprocedure would vary with the degree of skin that needs to beremoved. There is no need to reposition the navel in thisprocedure. Skilled plastic surgeons position the incision in such away that the scars are hardly visible. In most cases, the surgicalscars are not visible with an ordinary bathing suit.ResultsThe tummy tuck surgery has proved quite effective in achievingits goal. However, the effectiveness of the procedure will alsodepend on your efforts to sustain the results.Following an abdominoplasty, you should be ready to work tomaintain your figure through a regular exercise and diet regime.Getting the surgery done by a skilled plastic surgeon is alsoimportant. Ph - 3026560214
  4. 4. Ph - 3026560214Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,Wilmington, Delaware 19806Phone - 3026560214http://www.facesandfigures.com Ph - 3026560214