How cosmetic surgery_can_improve_your_facial_appearance


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Cosmetic surgery involves reconstructive as well as cosmetic treatment to enhance your appearance and self-confidence. It comprises surgical and non-surgical procedures that ensure good results.

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How cosmetic surgery_can_improve_your_facial_appearance

  1. 1.                                                               1­302­656­0214 How Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Facial AppearanceCosmetic surgery involves reconstructive as well ascosmetic treatment to enhance your appearance and self-confidence. It comprises surgical and non-surgicalprocedures that ensure good results.Cosmetic Surgery – Achieve Better Looks Cosmetic surgery today is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime, and involves only minimal scars and bleeding. Don’t make ahasty decision if you are thinking of cosmetic surgery forthe face. Collect all reliable information and consultexperienced surgeons to know how cosmetic surgery canimprove your facial appearance. Then, consider whetherthe cosmetic surgery is affordable and suitable for you.How to Improve Your Facial Appearance by CosmeticSurgery                                                               1­302­656­0214
  2. 2.                                                               1­302­656­0214 A brief description about various cosmetic surgery procedures available follows: • Eye lift is a surgical procedure in which fat and sagging skin around the eye and eyelid areas are removed. The skin is tightened and wrinkles are reduced to a great extent. • Brow lift is an effective cosmetic surgery to eliminate wrinkles and drooping of eyebrows. The procedure also lessens furrows and lines, and removes loose skin from the forehead. • MACS lift is recommended to lift the lower face and jaw line for producing dramatic changes in your facial appearance. Chin, cheek, lip and mouth are also enhanced to complement each other. • Injectable fillers such as Restylane, BOTOX Cosmetic, and Juvederm are used to inject fat into thin and saggy areas to restore volume.                                                               1­302­656­0214
  3. 3.                                                               1­302­656­0214 • Laser skin resurfacing scrapes off dead or unwanted layers of skin. Facial liposuction is an option available to eliminate fat deposits from various parts of the face. • Rhinoplasty is another effective cosmetic surgery to restructure the nose so that it is in harmony with other facial features.Other than these methods, chemical peeling,microdermabrasion, collagen injection and laser liposuctionare performed to improve facial appearance.Cosmetic Surgery – Factors to Consider Firstly, you can make a self-evaluation about why you need cosmetic surgery. Schedule a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon to find out whether you are a candidate forcosmetic surgery. You can also get information regardingrecovery time, treatment costs, risks involved and treatmentprocedures. This will enable you to set a budget fortreatment and other related requirements. Moreover, it is                                                               1­302­656­0214
  4. 4.                                                               1­302­656­0214important to take at least one week rest for avoiding post-operative complications. If you have medicine allergies,severe health problems or inclination to tobacco, alcoholand drugs, then cosmetic surgery might be unsuitable foryou.Associate with the Right Plastic Surgeon Always plan to get the service of a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon working in an AAAASF plastic surgery center. State-of the-art equipment andprofessionalism of trained staff ensure easy recovery andquality results. You can check the testimonials of previouspatients, and available before and after photographs tounderstand how cosmetic surgery can improve yourfacial appearance.                                                               1­302­656­0214