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Why The Beauty Industry Hates Men Part 4 - A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up! By Face Lube Candace Chen
Why The Beauty Industry Hates Men Part 4 - A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up! By Face Lube Candace Chen
Why The Beauty Industry Hates Men Part 4 - A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up! By Face Lube Candace Chen
Why The Beauty Industry Hates Men Part 4 - A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up! By Face Lube Candace Chen
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Why The Beauty Industry Hates Men Part 4 - A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up! By Face Lube Candace Chen


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Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men Part 4 - A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up! By Face Lube Candace Chen is part of the Masculine Men’s Anti-Aging Face Care Series. These articles form the …

Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men Part 4 - A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up! By Face Lube Candace Chen is part of the Masculine Men’s Anti-Aging Face Care Series. These articles form the basis of Face Lube Marketing System and Face Lube Masculine Anti-Aging, Face and Skin Care Brands. Mens face skin care, face skin care mens, face skin care for men, men’s anti-aging skin care products, masculine men face skin care, facelube, face lube, anti-aging face skin care, male face skin care, men face skin care, Candace Chen.

Brought to you by Candace Chen and FaceLube, Home of the Ultra Masculine Anti-Aging Face and Skin Care products for men with everything he needs, nothing he doesn't.

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  • 1. Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men (Part IV): A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up!A Challenge to the Beauty Industry to Man-Up!Industry Story: Default or Design?The story of an industry is often a tale more of default than design. That is, whenwe step back and trace the evolution of an industry, we typically see that things‘are the way they are’, because that’s just how the dominoes have fallen. Therewas no sophisticated Master Plan, no conscious effort to steer things one way, oranother - the pieces just seemingly fell into place.This phenomenon – and a very common one at that – is, quite frankly, not alwaysa problem. Not when the default design continues to run on sound businessfundamentals of delivering customer value and generating worthwhile profit (inthat order).But when it’s not working - when the default design ends up harming an entireindustry and its customers instead of helping it, then it’s more than a problem, it’sa Systemic Disaster! It not only deprives established industry players of theopportunity to excel and profit to their full potential, but at the same time, it forcesnew industry entrants to adopt the dysfunctional habits, strategies andphilosophies of those already operating in that space.In short: when the default approach to business isn’t working, it robs everyoneinvolved - from those who sell, to those who buy. We’ve heard of win winscenarios. Well, this is a lose lose scenario. And one of the costliest places thatthis systemic problem rears its ugly head, is none other than the Beauty Industry.The Beauty Industry’s Multi-Billion Dollar Broken Promise to MenThe Beauty Industry is, at least in theory, all about delivering value and improvingthe lives of its customers. It’s about helping customers look and feel morevibrant, attractive, and confident. It’s also about protecting their health,diminishing, or preventing the signs of aging, thwarting environmental damageand more. Indeed, when it comes to the promises that various industries make toits customer base, it’s not an exaggeration to say that few make pledges as bold,as sophisticated, and as seductive, as the Beauty Industry.The promise that Masculine Men deserve from the Beauty Industry shouldsay:“We, the Beauty Industry, care about and respect the billions of MEN who makeup approximately 50% of the global population. To demonstrate this care, we willdesign Masculine Men’s Face Care (men’s skin care and men’s anti-aging)
  • 2. products exclusively for them, and then we will deliver those products in amanner, and in a location, that align with their masculine preferences and nature.When we accomplish this, we will deliver on our promise to provide value to ourcustomers, and as a result, we will succeed and profit independently as individualcompanies, and together as an industry.”Unfortunately – and by default rather than design - the Beauty Industry didn’t onlyfail to deliver on these promises, it never bothered to make them in the firstplace! In fact, the Beauty Industry didn’t just give up on men, it actually DeclaredWar on Masculinity - which is an even greater gaffe.And those of you who work within the Beauty Industry know this awful truth.Instead, the very limited attention that the Beauty Industry pays to masculinemen is geared towards women. That’s why up to 70% of men’s skincare productsare bought by women for their men.And again – it’s by default, not by design. It’s just ‘the way things are’ in theBeauty Industry. It’s how they’ve always been - It’s how they’ll always be. Unlesssomeone boldly stands up, points a finger at this gaping problem, and states loudenough for those with the foresight and courage to hear: Masculine Men Matterto the Beauty Industry!Why Masculine Men Matter to the Beauty IndustryFundamentally, there are two answers to this:Reason #1: The Men’s grooming segment consistently out-performs all others inthe personal care category, with particularly high growth in the men’s skincareand men’s anti-aging segment. As such, it’s not as if the Beauty Industry has tocreate momentum in the marketplace, it’s already there despite the industry’ssystemic neglect.Make no mistake – this growth isn’t the result of the Beauty Industry’s efforts torespond to the needs of masculine men. In fact, the Beauty Industry routinelyattributes this upward trend to the perceived success of its campaigns (orschemes, some might say) to feminize men, in addition to recruiting women todo its bidding.Reason #2: This niche market segment is astonishingly untapped and under-served. There are millions of masculine men out there with billions of dollars thatthey want to, or would want to spend and in turn boost the profits of BeautyIndustry players of all sizes.But they can’t – because the Beauty Industry is so hell bent on feminizing men,no one’s paying attention to the willing and able pool of masculine men who
  • 3. REFUSE to be ‘feminized’ and who are ready to pledge their allegiance to anindustry player that respects their masculinity, by taking his nature, his needs andhis preferences to heart and manifesting them into reality - IF that player wouldonly present itself!As bizarre as this all sounds: a phenomenally huge untapped market worthbillions of dollars, an entire industry that shrugs its shoulders with indifference,and Not One beauty industry player with the foresight and courage tochallenge the status quo. It’s critical to remember that we’re talking about defaultrather than design. It’s not as if there is an organized conspiracy within theBeauty Industry against men. It’s not that dramatic.Beauty Industry to Masculine Men: You Will Be Assimilated Into the FemaleCollective. Resistance is Futile.Really, the truth is strangely ordinary. For decades, the Beauty Industry hastargeted everything, from product to design to marketing to distribution topromotions, to one gender only: women – previous issues of this article seriesexamined the financial aspects behind this practice. And now that there’s amassive untapped market of masculine men, it’s struggling mightily to turn theship around and focus on them.So what does it do? By default, it keeps heading in the same direction – towardswomen – and tries to fit men into that picture, either by selling men’s products towomen, or by forcing men to concede (out of the lack of truly masculinealternatives) to the Beauty Industry’s Pollyanna ideal of ‘male friendly’ products.Men have little choice, but to settle for products that are philosophically andfundamentally female, despite the For Men statement on the label and malecentric color palettes.Yet the most egregious offense of all – is the Beauty Industry’s systematicassault on masculinity. The Beauty Industry’s belief in the effectiveness ofcampaigns that blatantly go against men’s nature, by seeking to change men andfeminize men – continues to this day with no signs of relenting. Indeed, this is theBeauty Industry’s Multi-Billion Dollar ‘Man’ Problem, and one that will neverbe solved if things continue heading in the default direction. A fresh, bold andprogressive solution must be sought.A Challenge to the Beauty Industry: MAN UP!It all boils down to this: it’s time for the Beauty Industry to wake up, open its eyes,and MAN UP by fulfilling its promise to the millions of masculine men out therewho expect and deserve more. It’s time to look men in the eye and unequivocallypledge:
  • 4. “Yes, we, the Beauty Industry, hear you, we respect you, and we are willing toinvest – financially, in your needs and do what it takes to rise to the challenge!And we won’t just pay lip service – we’re taking action and proving it by offeringmen, products that complement, celebrate and enhance your masculinity - andwe’re making sure that you have the Masculine Men’s Face Care products youwant, where you want them”.It’s time for the Beauty Industry to STOP its Assault on Masculinity. And, it’salso time for the Beauty Industry to stop using women to do its ‘heavy lifting’ -mothball campaigns that cleverly and deceptively attempt to get at men throughwomen. It’s time to come out from those safe hiding places behind women’sskirts and interact with masculine men – Directly and On Their Terms.Why such a BOLD challenge? Because all worthy challenges are BOLD – That’swhat makes them worth fighting for. This is the 21st century clarion call to theBeauty Industry. MAN-UP and engage men as ‘men’.Beauty Industry Players who rise to this challenge and see it through will enjoythe fruits of victory: the loyalties of millions of masculine men – brand newcustomers with billions of dollars to spend.Beauty companies who ignore this challenge, or worse, bury its head in the sandwill taste the bitterness of defeat and watch feebly as they’re pushed aside bysmarter, stronger and successful visionaries who know a game changer whenthey see one.###