Summary of Why The Beauty Hates Men Commentary Part 1 by Face Lube Candace Chen


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Summary of Why The Beauty Hates Men Commentary Part 1 by Face Lube Candace Chen. This series of slide presentation forms the basis and the reason of the FaceLube Masculine Men's Face Care concept and FaceLube Marketing System. Brought to you by Candace Chen and FaceLube, Home of the Ultra Masculine Anti-Aging Face and Skin Care products for men with everything he needs, nothing he doesn't.

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Summary of Why The Beauty Hates Men Commentary Part 1 by Face Lube Candace Chen

  1. 1. Why the Beauty Industry Hates MenCommentary Part I <br />By Candace Chen<br />February 2011<br />
  2. 2. Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men Slide 1<br />There’s no debate: masculine men aren’t down with artsy fartsy skin care. <br />They don’t have time to finger through dainty jars with exotic names, nor keep track of which lotion goes on before which cream and they don’t want to smell like the tuttifrutti lady. <br />In short, skin care just isn’t what masculine guys are about – and that’s the way they plan on keeping it, despite the beauty industry’s efforts to pitch them girly products and PR campaigns to help men discover their inner feminine side, as if masculinity is a handicap. <br />And that begs the question: why does the Beauty Industry Hate Men so much? Why can’t they connect with the masses of masculine men who don’t want to be feminized and never will? <br />Through my research on this fascinating question, I’ve uncovered two reasons.<br />
  3. 3. Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men Slide 2<br />First, traditional retail venues for quality and better masculine men’s face care and anti-aging products, like department store beauty sections, are not meant to serve masculine men. And that’s because up to 70% of men’s skin care products are purchased by women. So the Beauty Industry tailors its retail locations to women, rather than spend big bucks to remodel it and appease you. <br />Drug stores aren’t much better, even if you’re willing to settle for what the Beauty Industry calls low-end products. The men’s section (if there is one at all) practically fits into a shoe box. <br />You see, when the Beauty Industry figured out that they can get to you by getting to the women in your life instead, you are not important any more. So the packaging, the marketing, and everything else in-between are geared toward women. <br />
  4. 4. Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men Slide 3<br />After all, if she likes what she sees, she’ll buy it, take it home and help the Beauty Industry “nag” you, oops, I meant “convince” you into using it. <br />Which brings us to reason #2 - The beauty industry doesn’t want to admit that masculine men are…men. <br />The Beauty Industry’s female centric tactics perpetuate the stigma attached to a man’s use of skincare and anti-aging products. Beauty and anything related to it is exclusively female – and any man who uses such products is somehow less of a man. This alone is enough to prevent masculine men from going anywhere near so-called “beauty products” in the first place.<br />
  5. 5. Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men Slide 4<br />It’s time for the Beauty Industry to acknowledge that masculine men are powerful and yet staggeringly under-served demographically. It’s time to create masculine face care products that truly work with men’s nature, speak their language, respect their needs, and serve their interests.<br />Masculine men have a right to enjoy all of the benefits that come from taking proper care of the masculine face, for an extra edge in an ultra-competitive workplace. And they have a right to be treated with RESPECT by ALL in the Beauty Industry. <br />
  6. 6. Home of Ultra Masculine Face Care™ For a Man’s Man® <br /><br />