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The Best Kept Secret To Dominate Global Men’s Skin Care Anti-Aging Market by Face Lube Candace Chen
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The Best Kept Secret To Dominate Global Men’s Skin Care Anti-Aging Market by Face Lube Candace Chen


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Do you men's anti-aging, face care and skin care brand have these problems? …

Do you men's anti-aging, face care and skin care brand have these problems?

Difficulty competing for floor space and shelf space at major department stores, mass merchandise retailers and specialty beauty chains;

Difficulty distinguishing your brand from thousands of competing brands on-line;

Absolutely No name recognition in domestic and/or foreign markets;

Consumer ad campaigns cost prohibitive due to few retail outlets.

Check out this critical proposal your Brand needs to implement in order to stay competitive in 2011 and beyond.

This video presentation will help your brand growth by overcoming these seemingly impossible barriers easily.

By Candace Chen and Face Lube Masculine Anti-Aging Face Care.

Brought to you by Candace Chen and FaceLube, Home of the Ultra Masculine Anti-Aging Face and Skin Care products for men with everything he needs, nothing he doesn't.

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. How to Dominate Global Men’s Skin Care and Men’s Anti-Aging Market:U.S. Market Case Study
    By Candace Chen
    February 2011
  • 2. Do these Sound Familiar to Your Brand?
    Having a very tough time competing for shelf space at major department stores, mass merchandise retailers and specialty beauty chains?
    Impossible to distinguish your brand from of Thousands of competing brands On-Line?
    No name recognition in domestic and/or foreign markets?
    Consumer ad campaigns cost prohibitive due to few retail outlets?
  • 3. Would You Believe Me?
    If someone told you that Your Men’s Skin Care and Men’s Anti-Aging brand could gain Immediate access to:
    More than 1.5 Million potential US buyers Per Day within the most coveted target market – the population of age 25 and older with disposable income
  • 4. Show Me the Money
    Did You Know Men’s Skin Care sector is the fastest growing segment (40% in 5 years) in the Beauty Industry despite the start of the global recession in 2008*
    Did You Know P&G paid $60 million in 2009 to snatch up Art of Shaving with 640+ retail locations in the US**
    Did You Know P&G also paid $40 million in 2009 for Zirh with 600+ retail locations in the US***
    Art of Shaving and Zirh are high-end Men’s Skin Care brands
    *Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine (2009)
  • 5. Show Me The Opportunity
    Did You Know
    There are only about 2,000 retail locations in the US that sell high-end and better Men’s Skin Care & Anti-Aging products?
    Barneys New York = 10 stores
    Bergdorf Goodman = 2 stores
    Bloomingdales = 40 stores
    Dillard’s = 330 stores
    Macy’s = 810 stores
    Neiman Marcus = 42 stores
    Nordstrom = 115 stores
    Saks Fifth Avenue = 47 stores
    Sephora = 200 stores + 155 booths (inside JC Penney)
    ULTA Beauty = 384 stores
    Sears/Kohls/JC Penney not listed above because men’s skincare are not available at these retailers.
  • 6. Show Me The Problem
    Do You Know
    How DIFFICULT and EXPENSIVE it is for the over-whelming majorityof any Men’s Skin Care brand to compete for limited floor/shelf space at these retail stores?
    And how many YEARS it could take before they even get through a few dozen doors, let alone anywhere near 2,000 locations?
  • 7. Show Me The Solution
    Do You Know
    How many Main-Stream Retail Stores in the US Can Be Made Available Immediatelyto YOUR Men’s Skin Care and Anti-Aging brand?
  • 8. Try 50,000+
    Retail Stores
  • 9. 9
    There are Patented Marketing Systems available to help
    Your Brand capture 50,000+ Main-Stream Retail Stores and access more than 1.5 million Potential USBuyers Per Day
  • 10. •50,000 first tier Main-Stream retail stores •100,000 second tier retail stores• Each with its own retail floor/shelf space*******
    In this ExclusiveNewDistribution Channel For Your
    Men’s Skin Care and Men’s Anti-Aging Brand!
  • 11. 11
    What are the Retail Stores Exclusive to these Patented Marketing Systems?
    • PremiumMain-Streamretail stores with
    • 12. Powerful, World-Class brands and
    • 13. Household Names well known to consumers in North America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, European Union and Africa
    • 14. And the Rare Opportunity to Cross-Promote and Associate with these World-Class brands
  • 12
    Do the Math:
    If P&G paid $60 million for
    Art of Shaving (640+ stores) and
    $40 million for Zirh (600+ stores), how much is Your Men’s Skin Care & Anti-Aging Brand worth with its 150,000+ retail stores in US?
  • 15. “Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men” Article Series is Your 1st Step & Key to the insight of these Patented Marketing Systems:
    This ground breaking series of articles take an in-depth and candid look at the Beauty Industry's Multi-Billion Dollar ’Man’ Problem
    Resulting from its decades-long misguided approach on the marketing of Men’s Skin Care and Men’s Anti-Aging products to the General Male Population
  • 16. “Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men”Article Series
    Check it out for FREE at:
  • 17. Expect a Revolutionary Solution Later in the Series…
    To Turn the Beauty Industry’s Multi-Billion Dollar’Man’ Problem into …
    Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for YOU: the Progressive Beauty Company
  • 18. “Fortune Favors the Bold”Alexander the Great
  • 19. Remember the Visionary Pioneers of …
    Apple®, IBM®
    Amazon®, eBay®, Facebook®,
    Google®, Microsoft®, Groupon®
    and L’Oreal®
    Just to name a few…
    When they were just Start-Up’s Gathering Momentum?
  • 20. Wouldn’t You like to Get Ahead of the Competition and Get Started Before Your Competitors secure the rights to this Exclusive New Distribution Channel?
  • 21. 19
    This is NOT Hype
    This is NOT Multi-Level Marketing
    There is NO Catch, and
    This is FOR REAL
    For more information, please visit:
  • 22. Re-Cap
    Art of Shaving (2009):
    640+ Stores = USD $ 60 million
    Zirh (2009):
    600+ Stores = USD $ 40 million
    Your Men’s Skin Care Brand (2011):
    50,000+ 1st Tier and 100,000+ 2nd Tier Stores =How Much $$$$$?
  • 23. Home of Ultra Masculine Face Care™ For a Man’s Man®
    Music by Professor Klig