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Facebook Customer Support - Case Study AT&T

  1. 1. Advertising Case StudyAT&T Facebook Executive SummaryCompany Background Client:AT&T is one of the world’s leading communicationsservices providers to businesses and operatesthe nation’s fastest mobile broadband network.AT&T is dedicated to providing innovative, reliable,high-quality products and services with excellentcustomer care that help connect people with theirworld. facebook.com/ATTCampaign Objective Objective: Use Facebook to talk directly to itsAT&T created a presence on Facebook to talk customers and build one-to-onedirectly with its customers and to build one-to-one relationshipsrelationships with them. As Jenn Fisher, Directorof Digital and Youth Marketing at AT&T, explains, Solution:“We want to be where our customers are, and our Create a digital leadership councilcustomers are on Facebook en masse. The ability to including marketing, e-commerce,reach 1.4 million people through a Wall post, to us, corporate communications andis extremely valuable.” Facebook also allows AT&T customer care dedicated to fosteringto accomplish its goals across business units. “It the AT&T Facebook communitygives us the opportunity to engage our customers,talk about our products, and help resolve service Key Lessons:issues,” says Jenn. Recognizing the rich dialogue and • Customer service on Facebook feedback on its Page led AT&T to build a customer does not need to requirecare operation dedicated to Facebook. additional development workIn addition, Facebook allows AT&T to bring its brand • Investing in customer service to life in a unique way, the brand says. Chris Baccus, on Facebook can build brandExecutive Director of Digital and Social Media at favorabilityAT&T, says, “Being on Facebook makes us a more • Maximizing return on investment human company in the public space. As a brand, from Facebook ideally requiresyou’re usually just simply a logo, but on Facebook,we can have conversations with our fans in real inter-departmental cooperationtime, with names associated with those responses.”This activity helps AT&T increase brand awareness. “Being on Facebook makes us a more human company in the public space. As a brand, you’re usually just simply a logo, but on Facebook, we can have conversations with our fans in real time, with names associated with those responses.” Chris Baccus Executive Director of Digital and Social Media, AT&T
  2. 2. Advertising Case Study“It’s about surrounding our products, services, Like button “becomes a great enabler to have aand our company with a better light,” says Jenn conversation with your own friends, to help make“Increasing that willingness to recommend has wise, intelligent decisions as a consumer,” Christhe byproduct of increasing market share and says.brand perception.” Customer Care: AT&T is also one of the firstApproach companies to have a fully dedicated customer care team monitoring its Facebook Page. When itAchieving objectives across business units at launched this team, AT&T assigned a group of moreAT&T requires a high level of collaboration, than 20 of its top performing customer serviceAT&T says. Today, AT&T operates with a managers exclusively to social media. Withoutdigital leadership council that meets weekly, building any extra applications, members of thewith an executive representing the various customer care team use their real first names todepartments involved in creating the consumer respond to questions publicly on the Wall. DuringFacebook experience, including: PR, customer regular business hours, they respond withincare, e-commerce and marketing. The council about 15 minutes. If an issue requires privatediscusses best practices and provides a feedback information to be shared, representatives replyloop to the different teams about what is going with their email address and invite the person toon within the community. continue the conversation over email. “One of theMarketing: For marketing, Jenn says, “The onus key aspects for customer care on Facebook is thatis on AT&T to create content that is so valuable we have our seasoned managers on the Page, sothat our fans have to share it with their friends. they are empowered to respond and resolve issuesWhen we get that right, that’s when we can quickly,” says Chris.reach those 150 million additional people.” The Finally, AT&T had created a tightly knitmarketing team is constantly looking for ways communication loop to take in feedback andto make the message more relevant and active. make any necessary changes. The customer care“It’s not just seeing our logo on a billboard, but managers will feed information to the Facebookit’s bringing that to life,” says Jenn. “It’s asking team and visa versa to address the total customerpeople about how they ‘rethink possible’ (AT&T’s care experience. Plus, Jenn says, AT&T is constantlytag line) on a daily basis.” In a recent campaign, striving to answer, “What can we do better?” SheAT&T allowed fans to vote on concert locations explains, “Facebook allows us to get this feedbackfor the singer Drake, who held a private show at directly from our consumers – it is just invaluable;the last tour stop exclusively for AT&T’s Facebook it’s a marketer’s dream.”fans. “It’s not the number that’s the importantpiece for the fans,” Chris says. “It’s really howyou go ahead and activate what’s going on withthe fans who became a fan of your page.”E-commerce: For e-commerce, AT&T leveragesboth Facebook and AT&T’s website to drive sales.“When we do a product launch, we’ll have acustom tab that provides information about thenew product and allows our fans to click throughto learn more about that product and purchaseit on AT&T.com,” Chris says. From its website,AT&T uses Facebook’s Platform tools, such as theLike button, to create word of mouth about itsproducts within the Facebook community. The
  3. 3. Advertising Case StudyResults impacted the brand, the company says. Fan-specific marketing activities have been• Based on AT&T surveys, AT&T is over a powerful loyalty driver. After the Drake delivering on all customer service measures campaign, Jenn says, “We saw increased positive brand sentiment on the Page, we saw increased• Brand perception is much stronger among sales, and we saw people actually moving the AT&T Facebook community, compared through the marketing funnel right in front of with the general population, according to our eyes.” AT&T When it comes to customer service, Chris• AT&T says its Facebook efforts drive sales says, “We did survey our Page recently and we and consistently show very positive return found that we’re actually exceeding people’s on investment expectations. The richness of really surprising or delighting somebody makes them want to stay• AT&T currently has over 1.4 million fans, engaged with the brand and carries on into what which means it can reach over 145 million their next consideration is. They’ll look at us for friends of those fans through Friend of their next device because they remember that Connections targeting positive experience.”AT&T says it has a rigorous approach to AT&T believes that people talking to their friendsmeasuring success on Facebook and that it is about AT&T, instead of the brand delivering theseeing very positive results. “On a daily basis we message, has contributed to its success. “There’strack every single thing that we do on Facebook,so everything on our Page and all of our postsare tagged,” says Jenn. “We measure all of ourpromotional activities, traffic and e-commerceand we put an ROI to everything we do, so weknow that being on Facebook helps generatesales for us.”The company has integrated Facebook on AT&T.com, so it is also able to monitor actions on itse-commerce site and drive engagement at thepoint of purchase. “It’s really about the ideaof carrying Facebook outside of just Facebook.com and bringing that social share functionalityinto the dotcom property, and then bringingthose actions back to the person’s communityon Facebook,” explains Chris. “Our Facebookactivities have helped sales and adoption in avariety of ways by creating a two-way dialoguebetween different dotcom properties.”In addition to sales, AT&T’s customer serviceand Page engagement initiatives have greatly
  4. 4. Advertising Case Studya great word of mouth aspect that happens with The FutureFacebook because in addition to the communityon the AT&T Page, there’s also the community In thinking about the future Jenn says, “It’s all about testing and scaling, and Facebook allowsthat all of our fans have with their friends, family, us to do that, literally, by the minute. The moreand coworkers,” says Chris. “Our fans also tend relevant content that we get out to our consumers,to have a certain level of influence within their the more positive brand impression will increase,communities, so when they say something about so we rely on Facebook, as part of our media andAT&T, they’re seen as experts.” marketing mix, to reach our customers and talkAT&T says it has also seen unexpected with them in a really meaningful way.” Jenn addsdevelopments on its Page as people have become that, “What I personally love about working onmore engaged with the brand over time. One Facebook, is that you never know what’s next.example is an independent group of AT&T brand This is fantastic, because it’s all about what ourself-identified ambassadors banded together customers are telling us and it’s empowering.”and nicknamed themselves the Wolf Pack. The As Chris looks ahead, he says he sees AT&T ’sgroup has created its own AT&T Page assembling success on Facebook continuing. “We think theenthusiasts for conversations about the brand. conversation is going to keep getting richer,“That ripple effect happens across Facebook, and happen in more and more places across thewhich is fabulous,” says Chris. Internet with Facebook,” Chris says. “Now that weOften, AT&T’s biggest fans will help answer have this instant connective-ness across so muchquestions and support the brand outside of of our daily life, and every single minute, Facebookbusiness hours, AT&T says. “They’ll say, ‘AT&T is really brings our friends, our family, our coworkersnot on right now but they’ll get to your question and our own community all within one simple,early in the morning,’ or they’ll actually answer easy place.” AT&T says it is also excited about thethe question themselves,” says Chris. When AT&T potential for Facebook and mobile. Chris says,staff members return to the office, they post “With integrations like Facebook Places and thethank you notes to these fans on the Wall, Chris popularity of Check-ins, we look forward to seeingsays. how we can bring a lot of what’s happening in real life at that particular moment back into theWhat’s more, the feedback that AT&T receives community.about its products and marketing efforts throughFacebook is invaluable to thebrand, Chris says. “It gives usan opportunity to really goahead and really get to thepulse of what’s happeningwith our company wheneverwe take any kind of action,”says Chris. This feedback helpsAT&T know right away whatpeople think of a new productor what is missing from itsdevice portfolio, he says.