How Joining a Chamber of Commerce as a Student Gets You an 'A' in Life

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Presentation of the benefits for students to join a bi-lateral Chamber of Commerce. Specific benefits include networking, social, experience, language skills, and adaptability

Presentation of the benefits for students to join a bi-lateral Chamber of Commerce. Specific benefits include networking, social, experience, language skills, and adaptability

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  • 1. March 28, 2014, 1:00PM, GSU, Atlanta, Ga CEO You, Inc. Prepared by the Welcome to the Chamber! YOU!
  • 2. Objectives Membership We wish to enthusiastically welcome YOU to the Chamber as an active Member and deliver the following value:! 1.Get Social! Participate in the Chamber’s programming specifically targeting key industries of the Southeast, featuring:! ✤ Industry-specific events consisting of: distinguished speakers, panel discussions, and networking sessions! ✤ Optimal mix of high value partners, potential customers, suppliers, and business opportunities during the events (e.g., Delta Airlines, Air France/KLM, UPS, Coca-Cola, Zodiac Aerospace, etc.)! 2.Advocate! Engage with state and local government that yields positive outcomes and builds relationships.! ✤ FACC initiative to help state and local government representatives to understand France’s economic impact that grows and maintains important jobs and civic life to their constituents! 3.Build your resume! It’s about the company you keep. Rub elbows with some nice companies!
  • 3. Mission of the ChamberMembership Opportunity ✤ The French-American Chamber of Commerce – Southeast & Atlanta Chapter (“FACC-Atlanta”) is a bilateral organization whose mission is to promote, support and enhance business opportunities for its members. The FACC-Atlanta covers all of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and South Carolina. Founded in 1985, the FACC-Atlanta today represents almost 100 corporate members and some 350 Individuals.! ✤ A '3C' effort to:! 1.Nourish Cultural/Community ties! 2.Foster business, government, and economic development Connections! 3.Promote positive Change in Atlanta and the Southeast.
  • 4. Aerospace Agri-Business Bio-Science Energy Logistics Internet&Security Manufacturing The FACC designs programming and events that highlight the Region’s growing industry expertise in Aerospace, Agribusiness, Bioscience, Energy, Internet & Internet Security, Logistics, and Manufacturing Key Industries of Atlanta & the Southeast:Relevant, Targeted Content
  • 5. Targeted Membership Benefits ✤ The 'Distinguished Speakers Series': mutually develop content by inviting a subject matter expert or visiting CEO to any number of excellent venues (e.g., law offices, accounting offices, Club rooms of Buckhead, etc.) for cocktails and appetizers, lunch, or even breakfast, depending on the format. See the Past Events on our website for examples. Great for recruiting.! ✤ Sponsorship of our key fundraising events: The Crystal Peach Awards and Beaujolais Nouveau Fundraiser.  These are major fundraising events for the Chamber’s operations with large attendance by decision makers across industries, universities as well as state, local, and French governments.! ✤ Database and email communications.  The Chamber serves as an additional outlet for press releases announcing new business, accomplishments, or news of upcoming conference appearances, events, etc. Leverage the Chamber Note: Sponsorship budget for Distinguished Speaker and other ad-hoc events are $2000/event
  • 6. La Maison FRANCE Chamber Synergies ✤ The FACC-Atlanta enjoys special relationships with French government agencies including :! ✤ The Trade Office of the The French Consulate in Atlanta , ! ✤ The French Embassy in the US,! ✤ The Invest in France Agency, ! ✤ French domestic Chambers of Commerce. ! ✤ The FACC-Atlanta belongs to the Union des Chambres de Commerce et d’Industries Françaises à L’Etranger (UCIFFE) a huge network (74 countries, 112 Chambers of commerce and 25,000 members worldwide) 

  • 7. FOCUS AREAS GENERAL AUDIT OBJECTIVES OBSTACLES/BARRIERS STRATEGIES FUTURE STATE 1) MEMBERSHIP FACC-Atlanta membership is primarily based on referrals. Factors that may improve membership retention and acquisition include: 1. Lack of membership acquisition plan 2. Lack of process for capturing data provided in member applications 3. Unclear member benefits and no surveys conducted in recent years to request feedbackfrom members 4. Outdated member packet 5. Language/grammar in materials 1.Increase membership acquisition to 25 new members by 2011. 2.Solicit feedback from members and implement suggested changes to increase member satisfaction. 3.Streamline/amend member application and rely on gathered information to enhance marketing efforts. 4.Improve New Member, Renew ed Member, and Lapsed Member letters and processes, including billing cycle. 1. Limited staff 2. Budget 3. No current member acquisition plan in place 1. Improve member application using FACC-New York as example and including fields for SIC industry categories; create electronic version using PDF form, and update all relevant forms (member packet and website). Utilize this industry category data to create target marketing and content. 2. Conduct semi-annual overall needs assessment survey of members 3. Create a data driven member acquisition campaign based on analysis using information obtained from member surveys. 4. Enhance FACC-Atlanta Website to illustrate clear member benefits. 5. Research how other chambers handle events, databases, recruit/retain members; create process for each. An active, engaged, and grow ing membership base. Additional services added that focus on member needs including robust calendar and enhanced networking and educational activities. Consider introducing enhanced social media and netw orking as additional member benefit/networking opportunity. 2 ) T E C H NO L O G Y FACC-Atlanta relies on the follow ing technology to facilitate all processes: 1. FACC Website 2. Constant Contact (event marketing) 3. Access database (member contact information) 4. Gmail (FACC email platform) All databases contain duplicates, errors and discrepancies. 1. Update w ebsite to eliminate errors and include FACC- Atlanta, Southeastern states, and other chamber events 2. Databases:  Begin  “scrub”  of  contacts  in  Constant  Contact,   Access and Gmail to eliminate duplicates and discrepancies. Create contact lists in Access and sync to Constant Contact to eliminate future duplication. Document process for intern training manual. 1. Limited staff 2. Budget 1. Compile list of website errors and discrepancies, including those listed on UCCIFE and FACCw ebsites. Create process for interns to follow daily to gather and disseminate all event information. Create easy one-click process for new members. 2. Create master contact list in Access, update distribution lists, and linkw ith Constant Contact. Include process for updating member information in the Intern Manual to avoid future duplication. The FACC-Atlanta w ebsite is transformed into a portal focused on the consistent delivery of timely and relevant content and information in alignment w ith its mission statement of facilitating information sharing, networking and business development. 3) OPERATIONS FACC-Atlanta daily operations lack current, updated processes to ensure accurate and consistent execution of policies and procedures. They are also in need of a clear job description for current staff. 1.Create intern manual and update Processes binder with all relevant documents. 2.Set up system to properly prepare Board and committee minutes, including documenting motions and action items. 3.Streamline organization of electronic documents on network to ensure ease of access and version control. 1. Limited historical documents 1. Compile notes from previous interns, samples of allwork product, lists of committee contact information, and FAQfor member inquiries and sponsor calls to create Intern Manual. 2. Train intern(s) and Executive Director to follow new procedures for the process of approving minutes and follow ing up on action items. 3. Reorganize documents on network by subject and year, rather than author. Document locations of all finalversions to ensure ease of access for future use. 4. Create job description for Executive Director. 5. Conduct By-Law Review. The FACC-Atlanta Board and Committee meetings w ill be increasingly productive through consistent follow up of action items and therefore develop and enhance member benefits in a more timely manner. Clear processes will ensure a smooth transition of outgoing and incoming interns, resulting in a more positive experience for the interns and a more efficient office overall. 4) EVENTS FACC-Atlanta conferences are the primary means of providing education and networking opportunities to members and non-members. Conferences are perceived as the primary member benefit. Marketing pieces are written by interns, created using Constant Contact templates, and consistently include formatting, spelling and grammatical errors. Sponsorships are pursued for each individual event and sales processes and documentation are recreated year to year. 1. Enhance marketing effort quality, consistency and accuracy to bolster attendance. 2. Analyze recent event turnout, registration process, and post-event follow up feedbackfor improvements. Evaluate attendee patterns, which events might appeal to specific new members, and new incentives (such as raffling free memberships or items). 3. Evaluate sponsorship benefits and opportunities, such as higher quality signage and visibility. Streamline process of recruiting and retaining sponsors. 4. Create events with focus beyond networking, such as education. 1. Budget 2. Economy 3. Limited historical documents 1. Create process for accurate, high quality marketing emails to be used via Constant Contact. Provide examples to interns aswell as a manual. 2. Review other chamber offerings and develop educational events to supplement socialfocus. 3. Create annual sponsorship prospect list and benefits. Begin marketing to new and existing sponsors. Implement universal tracking spreadsheet for staff use. 4. Conduct evaluation follow ing every event to ensure member and sponsor satisfaction. The FACC-Atlanta holds well-attended and profitable quarterly educational and networking events. These events serve as a valuable benefit to the FACC community. Presentations from these events are made available through the FACC-Atlanta web site for those whowere unable to attend. SEGMENT ONE SEGMENT TWO SEGMENT THREE Strategic Plan & Development Framework 5-Year Strategic Plan
  • 8. Organized by the Inbound Investment Honoree: Outbound Investment Honoree: Innovation, Small Business Honoree:
  • 9. ! Welcome to the Chamber!