5 Big Fab Announcements | April 30, 2013
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5 Big Fab Announcements | April 30, 2013



Fab presents 5 big new developments.

Fab presents 5 big new developments.
April 30, 2013.



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  • Fab is awesome! I enjoyed the Fab history and am definitely a Fab fan. I get their ads sent to my email account because it's so exciting to see what is available that day. I've been able to purchase really unique items for gifts that no one had seen before and made family and friends say 'Wow, where did you find this?'
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  • Gay this and that...hahaha!
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  • Also a 'fabulis' myself. The Fab transformation is pretty awesome. It's one brand story I would love to tell!

    Thanks for sharing.
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  • Awesome...!
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  • Thank you for such inspiration!
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5 Big Fab Announcements | April 30, 2013 5 Big Fab Announcements | April 30, 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • April 30, 20135 AnnouncementsEmbargoed until 8am Eastern Time April 30, 2013
  • Fab Was Born With A
  • January 2011We were like Gay Yelp
  • February 2011We were like Gay Groupon
  • February 15, 2011Realization: This isn’t working!
  • February 20, 2011The Rethink
  • GayFacebookGayYelpGayFourSquareGayGrouponDesign SalesOur team’s passion +Customer Insightsleads to PivotFebruary 26, 2011Board Approval: Massive Pivot
  • Huge Vision:The Global BrandSynonymous With Design.IKEA / Amazon Scale.
  • TheWorld’s #1OnlineDesignRetailer.Most Exciting Products Most Engaging ExperienceTruly GlobalHighly Efficient RetailingFab Ambition & Strategy
  • The 4 Phases of Startups1. Will This Work?2. Are We Gaining Traction?3. How Do We Scale It Up?4. How Big Can It Get?Fab Went Through All 4 Phases in First 6 Months.
  • We Launched Fab June 9, 2011.
  • With A Goal ToBe The World’s #1 Place ForEveryday Design.
  • We Set Out To (Re)Define “Design”As Colorful, Modern, Fun,Functional ProductsAcross All Categories & Price Points.
  • Fab Sold $65K On Our First Day.
  • We Reached 1M Members In LessThan 4 Months.For An E-Commerce Site!
  • We Sold $20M Of Products In OurFirst 6 Months.
  • And Going Into 2012 We Knew WeWould Sell More Than $100M In OurFirst Full Calendar Year.
  • We Began To Realize That TheFab Idea Is So Much Bigger AndDifferentiated Than “Flash Sale”Websites.
  • A Lifestyle.Horizontal.Emotional.Social.Aspirational.Yet, Everyday Accessible.Product Driven, Not Brand Driven.First Run, Not Inventory Liquidation.Good Prices, Not Deep Discounts.A Real Marketplace.A Global Opportunity.Wow!Fab Is:
  • So We Started To Think Big.Really Big.Like IKEA Big.Amazon Big.
  • We Reimagined e-Commerce.From Shopping to Wow Experiences.From Commodity to Emotions.From Mundane to Exciting.From Drab to Fab.From Amazon to Fab.
  • In January 2012 We Embarked OnA 16 Month Plan To Pivot FromThe Top Design Flash Website ToThe World’s #1 Design Store.
  • 22 Months Later.
  • Fab Has 12 MillionRegistered Members.peter.stern@credit-suisse.com
  • Fab Gets 6 MillionUnique Visitors Per Month.
  • Fab Sells In 28 Countries.
  • And 40% Of April’s SalesAre Outside The U.S.
  • More Than 7 Million Items Sold.
  • 1 Product Sold Every 7 Seconds.
  • >33% of Sales Via Mobile.
  • 2/3 of Daily Sales FromRepeat Customers.
  • Fab Will.With Certainty.More Than Double RevenueIn 2013 Over 2012.
  • We’ve Worked With More Than12,000 Designers.
  • Providing Them An UnparalleledPlatform To Show Off (And Sell)Their Designs.And Grow Their Businesses.
  • We Proved That You Can SellArt Online.Art Is 10% Of Our Sales.
  • We Proved That You Can SellJewelry Online.Jewelry Is 10% Of Our Sales.
  • We Made a Market For Design Apparel.Not Designer.Just Good Design.Wearables Are Now 20% Of Our Sales.
  • And We Created The LargestMarketplace For Modern,Everyday Exciting Home Products.Everyday Designs For HomeAre 50% Of Our Sales.
  • Nearly 5% Of Fab’s CustomersHave Already Purchased Furniture.
  • We took on operations like noother e-commerce 2.0 company.We invested in warehousingand logistics.Most Fab orders now ship within24 hours of purchase.And we haven’t even scratched thesurface of our team’s operationalambitions.
  • Throughout 2012 we introducedenhancements that took Fab moreand more in the direction of beingthe world’s most exciting designstore.Persistent merchandise.Departments.Search.Discovery-based navigation.Mobile-first development.
  • On January 1, 2012 There Were2,000 Products On Fab.We Ended 2012 With 15,000 UniqueProducts On Fab. Every Day.
  • That Makes Fab The World’sLargest Design Store. Period.
  • There Are 33% More ProductsOn Fab Than IKEA Sells.
  • And Now, Even Before Today’sAnnouncements, 2/3 Of Fab’sDaily Revenue Is Not From NewFlash Events.We Sell More From Search AndBrowsing Than We Do From Flash.
  • And We Continue To Reinvent AndReimagine Online Shopping.We Are Never, Ever, Complacent.This Is Just The Beginning Of A VeryLong Fab Journey.
  • PivotAnnouncement #1
  • Again
  • Redesign
  • IntroducingTheWorld’s#1DesignStore.
  • A Whole New Fab.Reimagined from the Ground Up.
  • Everyday Design.Made Easier Than Ever Before.
  • Here’s Just Some Of What’s New:Unified Experience Across Web, Smartphone, & Tablet.More Visual.Better Search.New Discovery Experiences.Simple Filtering & Sorting.Fab Departments.Designer Pages.Exclusively Fab.More Social Than Ever.The Fab Outlet.Fab Marketplace.All Designed to Help YouLove What You Love.
  • The New Fab iPad App.
  • The New Fab iPad App.
  • The New Fab iPhone App.
  • The New Fab Web Experience.
  • The New Fab Homepage.
  • Interactive Sub-Navigation.
  • New Search.
  • Now Trending. Real-Time Social Shopping Ticker.
  • Department Page.
  • Designer Pages.
  • Exclusively Fab Collaborations
  • The Fab Outlet
  • Fullscreen Fab.
  • Announcement #2Exclusively Fab
  • Designedby Fab
  • DesignerCollabs
  • Foundby Fab
  • Announcement #3France
  • Prior to Today,Fab Served 85%of EU Countries.
  • Starting Today,Fab Also SellsIn France. nowreaching 99%of the EU.
  • Announcement #4DesignedBy You
  • Fab has acquired MASSIVKONZEPTof Hamburg Germany.The leader in online custom furniture.
  • 30 Person Team.$10M Revenue Run-Rate.Profitable.High Quality Furniture.Hand-Crafted In Europe.100% Customizable.Designed By You.
  • MK By The Numbers:7000 Customers.$1000 average shopping cart, with largestcustomization orders reaching up to $100,000.Over 10% sales are B2B: office owners,architects and carpenters.900,000 people have used the configurationtools online.10% of sales in 2 years are from repeat buyers.
  • DesignedBy You
  • The New Fab Designed By You. dby.fab.com
  • Customize Your Own Furniture.
  • Choose Your Own Materials.
  • Live The Fab Life.
  • Announcement #5Stores
  • On Your Desktop
  • And Now, Fab’s First Retail Store. Hamburg, Germany.
  • The Fab Store. Hamburg, Germany.
  • The Fab Store. Hamburg, Germany.
  • The Fab Store. Hamburg, Germany.
  • The Fab Store. Hamburg, Germany.
  • Fab will test physical retailenvironments and different typesof retail formats in Hamburg andin other markets.Our approach to physical retailis the same as online. Reimagine.Reinvent. Disrupt. When we feellike we are able to achieve that,we will expand further.
  • Discover What You Love.
  • Find What You Love.
  • Love What You Love.
  • #lovewhatyoulove